Viva Vegan!

200 Authentic and Fabulous Recipes for Latin Food Lovers


By Terry Hope Romero

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As coauthor of the phenomenally successful cookbooks Veganomicon and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, Terry Hope Romero has long been one of the most popular vegan chefs around. Now, in her first solo cookbook, Romero opens the world of Latin flavor to vegans and foodies alike. Viva Vegan! expands the palates of anyone looking for a way to add fresh, seasonal ingredients and authentic spice to their meals without relying on animal products. A proud Venezuelan-American, Romero’s enthusiasm for her culture shines through every recipe.Viva Vegan! covers every aspect of Latin cooking across the Americas: refreshing bebidas (drinks), vibrant ensaladas, hearty empanadas, nourishing stews, and one-dish wonders. Learn the basics-how to make the perfect tamale, salsa to complement any dish, and beans from scratch-plus special treats like flan, churros, and more.Complete with gorgeous color photos, Viva Vegan! is the ultimate guide to authentic and inspired new Latin cuisine.


  • 4/30/10
    # 10 on Tucson Weekly’s bestseller list for the week, 5/24/10

    “[Romero] comes to the rescue of cooks whose imagination limits their vegan output, and vegans who would like more Latin dishes on their menus. There are 200 recipes in this colorful book; among favorites like tacos, burritos, and tamales (and everything else you’ll find in popular Mexican, Cuban, Costa Rican, South American and Spanish restaurants), there are wonderful desserts, salads, stews, snacks, sweets, casseroles, and…ooooh, those creamy corn-filled empanadas!...There is a great selection of dishes that everyone will enjoy…’Crepes with Un-Dulce de Leche and Sweet Plantains’ are swoon-worthy…Bottom Line: Would I buy Viva Vegan!? Sí.”, 5/27/10

    “Crepes with Plantains…[is] one of the best vegan breakfast ideas I’ve come across…A good cookbook for novice cooks as well as for those more experienced cooks who want to add a little variety to their culinary repertoire. It works well as an introduction to preparing Latin foods.”
  •, 6/2/10
    “[An] insanely creative cookbook.”

    The Electric Review, May/June/July 2010 issue

    “As Terry Hope Romero shows in Viva Vegan!, it's entirely possible for diners to get big flavor with organic ingredients that fore-go all-things-animal. Here, Romero takes a fresh approach to vegan cooking,…introducing an assortment of recipes that simultaneously pay homage to vegan principles and the saucy-flair of traditional Latin cuisine…Viva Vegan!, which speaks with equal precision to both the professional chef and the novice, contains a complete course in how to apply vegan principles to Latin cooking…Noted for its clear narrative that educates without intimidating.”

    Bergen Record, 6/14/10
    “Two-hundred festive recipes fly off the pages of this Latin-American book, each sacrificing meat and dairy but not authentic techniques.”

    Deseret News, 6/15/10
    “Romero blends her Venezuelan roots with her experience working in a New York Latino-operated restaurant to create Latin American vegan recipes.”
  •, 6/18/10
    “Flipping through this book was both fun and jaw-dropping. Not only was it beautifully written, I also don’t think I’d have predicted that so many classic Latin dishes would lend themselves so well to going meat and cheese-less. The recipes were compelling–and all looked fresh and perfect for summer.”

    Miss Eco Glam Blog, 4/28/10
    “Inside the book are recipes for every aspect of Latin Cooking… You will learn the basics of Latin cooking, how to make beans from scratch, how to perfect a Tamale, and how to make authentic desserts. This book will keep you busy in the kitchen for as long or as short as you like, the variety of recipes in here are fabulous!... It’s the kind of recipe book you read and start drooling because each dish sounds so exotic and sooo yummy!” VegNews, July/August 2010Viva Vegan! hits the mark. Celebrating her Venezuelan roots—and Latin culture as a whole—the NYC-based chef has not simply veganized Latin-food favorites…Instead, she presents unique dishes infused with Latin flavors…Thirteen well-organized chapters of recipes cover everything from quintessential condiments to more versions of rice and beans than you ever thought possible.” Bookviews, July 2010
  • “Finally a recipe book that offers vegan recipes that are a familiar take on Mexican and South American foods. Viva Vegan would even appeal to people who think all vegan eating is just grains and veggies and soy products with no taste. The book is very creative with its recipes…Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or an omnivore, this book would be a great addition to your cookbook library.” Curled Up With a Good Book“Romero has opened my eyes to a whole new world of vegetable possibilities with her book…Romero’s book makes it so simple…[to] whip up meals…One bite and I was converted…Romero includes helpful tips, friendly encouragement, and snippets of beginner Spanish that let us gringas pretend we’ve got Latin flair in the kitchen...Viva Vegan is a perfect way for the not-quite-committed to make the transition to a vegan lifestyle without giving up the flavors we love…Romero’s approach is chatty and light-hearted, suggesting that whipping up these recipes is equally breezy. I can tell you that this particular kitchen-illiterate reviewer found it to be just that, and produced easy, tasty dishes that even the family carnivores wolfed down.” Midwest Book Review, August 2010
  • “In Romero's kitchen, firm tofu is turned into a chewy, smoky pan-fried ‘vegan stunt-double’ for chicharrón, the fried pork rinds popular in the Caribbean, while ceviche is reimagined with mushrooms or heart of palms.” Sacramento Book Review, August 2010“No matter what your dietary persuasion, Viva Vegan! is a cookbook everyone needs to bite into. Sassy and exploding with flavor, this book includes both joyful reading and happy eating…I imagine I’ll be turning to Viva Vegan!...frequently. And I’m not even vegan…What sets Romero’s recipes apart from other vegan fare is her reliance on standard kitchen ingredients—not creepy faux meats…Her recipes ultimately rely on fresh ingredients, creating healthier, lighter versions of otherwise traditionally heavy meals…Fresh, fun, and enticing, recipes from Viva Vegan! are certain to become staples in your family meals.”, 7/29/10
    “Latin-style food has been hugely underrepresented in vegan cookbooks, but this new book sets everything right.”
     Fresno Book Review, 8/8/10
  • “Loaded with attitude to show that vegan cooking can be an absolute blast and doesn't have to rely on faux meats and pretend cheeses to taste good…This being summer, it's time for easy-to-make salads, and Romero offers a wonderful selection, including Black Bean and Corn Salsa Salad, where most of the energy goes into creating its gazpacho-style dressing, turning simple black beans and roasted corn kernels into something special.” Metro New York, 7/20/10Viva Vegan! audaciously ventures meat-and-cheese-lessly into the heart of Latin American cooking—and brings you 200 vibrant recipes that don’t skimp on taste or authenticity.” The Hippo, 7/15/10“These are some of the best kinds of vegan recipes because they present fun foodie twists that will be interesting no matter what your diet is.” Munster Times, 7/17/10“The author leaves no frijole overturned, giving step-by-step directions for Chili Rellenos, Red Chile-Seitan Tamales and other meatless entrees. We’d need a lot more pages to list her fabuloso suggestions for sides, soups and sweets.” New York Daily News, 8/4/10
  • Books and Chocolate blog, 11/24/10“Covers every aspect of Latin cooking such as bebidas (drinks), ensaladas, empanadas, nourishing stews, and one-dish meals, while teaching the reader the basics of Latin cooking—how to make the perfect tamale, salsa to complement any dish, and beans from scratch—plus treats like flan and churros…A great resource.” Natural Solutions, January 2011“[One of the] 12 Favorite Cookbooks from 2010”
    Natural Solutions
    , January 2011
    “Romero, a Venezuelan-American and celebrated vegan chef, makes classic Latin recipes (from empanadas to churros) meat-and-dairy free.” Vegan Mainstream, 1/8/11“[Romero is] a knowledgeable and passionate foodie who sheds a different light—and even some Latin heat—on veganism.” Vegetarian Journal, Vol. 30, Issue 2, 2011
    “Romero shows you just how festive and inventive Latin cuisines can be…Helpful tips throughout.”
    Metapsychology Online Reviews, 4/10/11
  • “This book is wonderful for vegetarians and vegans alike, but the recipes can be prepared and enjoyed by anyone with an appreciation for Latin food.”, 9/21/10
    “Terry successfully provides the vegan world with Latin-based vegan delights. The naturally-fresh nature of some Latin recipes greatly aid in her delicious new creations.” VegNews, December 2010“Cookbook of the Year.”
    , December 2010
    “A gorgeous, comprehensive guide to tackling everything from crispy plantains to rich dulce de leche…While the book features some meat-free substitutes…it focuses more on beans, grains, and vegetables, highlighting the healthy side of traditional dishes…Helpful how-to illustrations pepper the book, teaching beginners the secrets…Provide[s] the perfect foundation for eager amateur chefs, while foodies will surely appreciate the creative vegan twists…There’s no doubt that Viva Vegan! marks a milestone for vegan cookbooks.” Eco Mama’s Guide to Green Living, 11/17/10Viva Vegan is for those who like a little spice…A great holiday gift for that person who likes Latin American cuisine.” 
  • “[Romero] has collected 200 authentic recipes for Latin food lovers that will make you drool as you read how diverse herbs, spices, vegetable, legumes and fruits come together as enchiladas, green tomatillo sauce, taquitos, and flans.” (UK), 6/30/10Viva Vegan! is the ultimate guide for anyone looking for a new way to add fresh, seasonal ingredients and authentic Latino spice to their meals without relying on animal products.” Tucson Citizen, 7/2/10Romero draws on her Venezuelan roots and her experience as a cook in an New York City Latino-operated restaurant to concoct delightful new takes on old favorites…This is a marvelous collection, especially for the hot summer months. The salads and beverages are wonderful choices when the temperature climbs above the century mark.” Portland Oregonian, 7/13/10
  • “[This book] comes as a nice surprise to those who think Latin American food consists primarily of…meaty dishes. Viva Vegan! contains easy, creative recipes for vegans who love Latin American cuisine…[It] is one of the greatest ethnic additions to a vegan's cooking library, with recipes that require a minimum level of culinary skill and taste as delicious as they look.”, 4/1/11
    “Romero’s tasty and easy-to-follow recipes will tempt even hard-core carnivores.”, 4/14/11
    “A decadent romp with things like chocolate mole tamales, mushroom ceviche, and sweet coconut corn pudding, with a good dose of educational cooking and ingredients information.”Big City Vegan, 7/7/11“The volume and expanse of recipes in this book is impressive…This vegan cookbook is one big fiesta! Vegan food is not just for vegans anymore and this cookbook proves it.”, 10/19/12

  • The Feminist Texican, 8/26/10
    “If you think meat-free Latin food is not a possibility, prepare to have your mind blown…As for the recipes themselves? Delicioso!...This cookbook is extremely hard not to like. She is knowledgeable and easygoing, and the book itself is easy to navigate.  I love that the book has recipes from a variety of Latin-American countries; it’s fun to see the variations inspired by different cultures. The book does not disappoint!” January, 8/29/10“Most surprising…[Romero] delivers.” Z-Life, Fall 2010
    “You can have your Latin food and eat it, too…Romero takes a fresh, healthier approach to Latin cuisine while expanding the vegan repertoire beyond the basics of tofu, seaweed and brown rice…Easy-to-follow recipes.”, 8/16Viva Vegan! has made it fun and easy to take the vegan plunge while still staying true to your Latino roots in the kitchen…[It] will have your cupboards ready to handle any meal—without hurting our furry friends!” Taste for Life, October 2010
  • Basil and Spice, 4/29/10
    “[Romero] offers a dynamic intro to Latin food ways with her latest cookbook, Viva Vegan! that even the most staunch omnivore will salivate over…Newcomers to Latin food and plant-based dishes will appreciate Romero’s primer on the Latin pantry and how to source these ingredients.”
  • “Provides an outstanding collection of dishes…Using the basic spices of Latin cooking, this takes vegan dishes to a new level, offering professional chefs and beginners a fine set of vegan choices. Every vegan library should acquire this as an unusual addition to the collection!” The Vegetarian (UK), September 2010“This book introduces us to the incredible tastes and diversity of South American cooking…[It] features lots of useful hints and tips…It’s well worth hunting out all the authentic ingredients for this book but you won’t be disappointed with the recipes with more accessible items. Definitely one of my favourite books of the year.” The Vegan (UK), September 2010“An innovative new book that incorporates exciting new recipes with delicious traditional Latino favourites. Romero shows you how to transform vegan ingredients into wonderful dishes for you to enjoy…Whether you are looking for a comforting feast or have a specific dietary requirement Viva Vegan has something for you…[It] will definitely keep you cooking with passion every time.”
  • "Covers really helpful kitchen basics from start-to-finish and makes what might seem too involved at first glance easy through its excellent instruction."
    Whalebone, "Essential Vegan Cookbooks"

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Terry Hope Romero

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Terry Hope Romero is the author of several bestselling and award-winning cookbooks. Named Favorite Cookbook Author by VegNews, Terry lives, cooks, and eats in Queens, NYC.

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