Teen Titans Go! (TM): to the Movies: The Junior Novel


By Steve Korté

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This exciting junior novel tells the story of the Teen Titans as they try their hardest to break into the big time with their very first movie! The book is based on the upcoming feature film Teen Titans Go! to the Movies and features a full-color insert with stills from the movie.

TM & © DC Comics & WBEI. (s18)


It was a gorgeous summer afternoon in Jump City. Happy citizens were strolling down sidewalks, shopping in stores, and eating in restaurants. It was one of those perfect days when it seemed that nothing could possibly go wrong.


In the distance, thunderously loud footsteps could be heard. From the sound of them, the footsteps were moving toward downtown Jump City.


The people on the street started to panic as the noises grew louder.

Suddenly, a terrifying sight came stomping around the corner. It was a giant pink monster! The creature stood several stories tall, and it waved its puffy arms menacingly in the air. As the sun reflected off its shiny body, the citizens saw the truth: The monster was made up entirely of bright-pink balloons!

“Prepare to cower under the inflated might of Balloon Man!” the monster roared.

The crowd screamed in horror.

Balloon Man moved toward the Jump City Bank and said, “It’s time to inflate my bank account!”


Balloon Man smashed a fist against the door of the bank and entered the building. A few minutes later, he emerged carrying the bank’s safe.

The Jump City police force quickly formed a barricade of cars and police officers to block Balloon Man.


The creature easily lifted its giant feet and kicked the police officers away. It looked like no one could stop Balloon Man!

Just then, the five costumed crime fighters known as the Teen Titans arrived on the scene. Robin, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy stood heroically in the middle of street. They glared at the rampaging villain.

“We’s about to light this fool up!” chuckled Beast Boy. He could transform into any animal he could think of.

The alien princess warrior Starfire soared into the air and wiggled her fingers. She could fly and shoot starbolts from her eyes and hands.

Ooo, I call the belly!” she said as she joyfully imagined poking her fingers into Balloon Man’s pink stomach. “Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop!”

Robin, the leader of the group, took a step forward and pointed toward Balloon Man.

“Titans, GO!” he shouted.

“Grrr!” growled Balloon Man, facing the Teen Titans. “Time to play!”

With an evil chuckle, the monster transformed part of his balloon body into balloon versions of a litter of pink newborn kittens.

Starfire stopped flying toward Balloon Man. Instead, she hovered in midair and smiled with delight. She loved kittens.

Oooooh, kitties!” she squealed, and reached out to cuddle one of the kitten balloons.

“Starfire, no!” called out Raven, who was using her demonic powers to float nearby.

Because her father was a powerful demon, Raven had access to all kinds of spells.


One of the kitten balloons deflated.

“Awwww,” said a disappointed Starfire. Then she reached for another kitten balloon. “Yay!”


“Awwww,” she said, even more dejected, as this kitten deflated, too.

But down on the ground, Beast Boy had a plan.


Using his superpower to change into any kind of animal he could think of, he transformed himself into a spiky green hedgehog.

“I’m gonna pop you, fool!” yelled hedgehog–Beast Boy.


Beast Boy launched a dozen hedgehog needles into the air. Direct hit! The attack poked the top of Balloon Man’s round pink butt. The needles popped a huge hole on Balloon Man’s right butt cheek.


A long and loud explosion of air blasted out of the hole.

Beast Boy rolled on the ground in laughter.

“Ha-ha!” he called out. “Big Balloon Dude farted!”

“That wasn’t a fart!” said Balloon Man with a stern frown. “That was just air… leaving my butt!”

“Which is a fart,” replied Raven with a smug chuckle.

The five Teen Titans started to chant.

“Balloon Man farted!” they shouted. “Balloon Man farted!”

With a sigh, Balloon Man glared at the Titans.

“You guys are awfully immature for the Justice League,” he said.

The heroes glanced at one another with confused looks on their faces.

“Man, hold on!” said the half-man, half-robot known as Cyborg. “Do we look like the Justice League to you?”

“I don’t know,” replied Balloon Man with a shrug. “I thought maybe you were some of the lesser-known members.”

The Titans frowned and stared at their opponent.

“I am the insulted!” added Starfire.

“All right, all right,” said Balloon Man with a weary sigh. “Then who are you guys?”

Beast Boy turned to his best friend, Cyborg, and said, “Yo, Cy. This guy don’t know who we is!”

“Oh, really?” replied Cyborg. “Then I think it’s time we tell him!”

The Teen Titans quickly gathered together on the sidewalk. With smiles on their faces, they started singing “Teen Titans GO!,” their insanely awesome theme song.

They had been practicing it for ages, and were really proud of it. Cyborg dropped a beat. Beast Boy transformed himself into a tiny green cat as he sang. It was a great dramatic effect. As Robin started his solo, the other Titans exchanged gleeful looks and quickly sang about Robin’s baby hands. Robin was self-conscious, but he really did have tiny hands. As Robin sulked, Raven raised her hands to cast a magic spell for the finale: Azarath, Metrion, Zan-zan-zan. The Titans jumped into the air to finish their song with a rousing chant. It was a really physically taxing song and dance routine they had come up with.

Their performance was over, and as they caught their breath the Titans looked around them. Balloon Man was nowhere to be seen.

Aww, yeah!” shouted Beast Boy happily. “We are so tough!”

“Our jams are so sick that they blew up Balloon Man!” said Robin.

Just then, the Titans noticed that three more heroes had arrived on the scene. It was the world-famous members of the Justice League: Wonder Woman, Superman, and Green Lantern.

Robin smiled at the adult super heroes and said, “Sorry, guys, but you’re too late! We already took down Balloon Man!”

Wonder Woman cast an annoyed look at the Titans and then glanced down the street to see Balloon Man running away.

“Yeah, right,” said Wonder Woman, rolling her eyes. “Sure you did.”

Robin ignored her sarcastic remark and asked, “Since you came all this way, you guys wanna hang?”

“Yeah, well…” said Green Lantern. “You know, we would love to. But we have to get to Batman’s movie premiere.”

Beast Boy jumped in the air and said happily, “Yeah! Another Batman movie!”

“Batman is so cool!” added Cyborg excitedly.

Robin sighed. “It’s always been my dream to have my own movie.”

Superman looked down at Robin with surprise and said, “Well, it is important to have dreams, I guess.”

“What do you mean by that?” asked Raven.

“Well… you know,” said Wonder Woman hesitantly, wanting to spare Robin’s feelings at least a little bit, “they only make movies about real heroes.”

“Yeah!” agreed Green Lantern. “And Robin’s just a sidekick with no superpowers.…”

Robin frowned and said, “I’m not a sidekick anymore! I left Batman years ago and started my own super hero team!”

Green Lantern smiled condescendingly and said, “Yeah, a team that’s more interested in singing songs than fighting crime?”

“You guys are”—Superman searched for just the right word—“goofsters.”

“You know, with the farts?” added Wonder Woman.

“And always crackin’ your jokes?” said Green Lantern.

Robin shook his head in disbelief and said, “You mean people think we’re jokes?”

“Why do you think there’s never been a movie made about you?” replied Superman.

Starfire looked up at the members of the Justice League and asked, “Well, has there been the movie about you?”

“Oh, so many,” said Superman. “And more to come!”

“It took a while, but yes, I have my own now,” replied Wonder Woman.

Superman faced the Titans and said, “The problem is that you guys are never actually doing anything heroic.”

Cyborg looked offended and said, “Man, please! That ain’t true! What about that time we discovered that sweet diner? And they had that food?”

The other Titans nodded their heads happily, remembering the awesomeness of the diner and its food.

“That wasn’t even a crime!” said Superman. “You didn’t save anything!”

“This guy thinks we didn’t save anything,” said Cyborg with disbelief. “We saved room for dessert!”

The other Titans were again momentarily lost in thoughts of the awesomeness of the diner’s dessert.

Superman frowned and said, “Listen to me, Titans. If you keep playing the fool, only as jokes—”

Before Superman could finish his sentence, Beast Boy farted loudly.

The other Titans tried to hold it back, but they all started to giggle.

Superman sighed and turned to the other members of the Justice League.

“Anyway, we gotta get going or we’ll be late for the premiere,” he said.

Seconds later, the three Justice League heroes soared into the air and disappeared over the Jump City skyline.

A worried look filled Starfire’s face. She turned to the other Titans.


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Jun 26, 2018
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128 pages

Steve Korté

About the Author

Steve Korté is the author of more than 50 books, including Wonder Woman: Chronicles of the Amazon Princess. As a former editor at DC Comics, he worked on hundreds of titles, including 75 Years of DC Comics, winner of the 2011 Eisner Award; Wonder Woman: The Complete History, winner of the 2001 Eisner Award; and Jack Cole and Plastic Man, winner of the 2002 Harvey Award. Korté lives in New York City.

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