Spirit Riding Free: Pru's Diary


By Stacia Deutsch

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Explore the world of DreamWorks Animation’s Spirit Riding Free with this new series, written in diary format, featuring the innermost thoughts of Pru Granger as she adventures with her best friends, Lucky and Abigail!

Dear Diary,

Can you believe Lucky, Abigail and I are traveling to a circus exhibition with El Circo dos Grillos? It’s supposed to be the most spectacular event, with tons of circuses performing their best acts and sharing in amazing traditions. I’ll even get do my clown act…but I’m feeling a bit nervous about it. I wish Dad and Mom were here to help me out. Especially now, since this girl Catalina keeps acting like her clown performance is going to be better than mine. I know it’s not a competition, but it’s sure starting to feel that way. It’ll just have to be my best performance EVER!

Here goes nothing!


Diary Entry

Dear New Diary,

It’s been almost four weeks that I’ve been on the road with Lucky and Abigail and El Circo Dos Grillos. The time has flown by. This is the most amazing adventure of my whole life. When Abigail and I went to Lucky’s house and discovered that she’d run away to join the circus, I couldn’t have imagined that I’d join the circus, too.

Who’d have guessed?! Me! A clown?! I used to have terrible stage fright, and now, it’s pretty easy for me to perform with Boomerang. As Abigail says (over and over), “Who’d’ve thunk it?”

I know… all this clowning around should be impossible for someone like me, but Boomerang makes it easy. That horse has been a clown his whole life, even if he didn’t know it. The first time we were in the ring together, the performance was an accident. He got away from me, I tried to catch him… after a few bumps and falls… ta-da—we were a clown show. Now we’re professionals, with costumes and decorations and a fan club, real live applauding and cheering fans. WOW!

Abigail and Lucky are so supportive that they gave me this book to write down my creative ideas for the show… but I think I’ll use it for something more. I have a secret to share, and I figure a diary can’t tell anyone else… right? I’m not complaining or anything. I mean, I really love it here, and being with Abigail and Lucky all the time is the best thing in the world. The work is hard—setting up shows and breaking them down makes my muscles ache—but it’s also really fun, and seeing the circus come together is amazing. The food off the chuck wagon is good. I love seeing new parts of the frontier and have been to beautiful places I never even imagined. Every day is new and exciting, but the thing is…

And this is hard to admit….


I miss home. I mean, when Abigail and I discovered fluffy pillows, instead of Lucky, in Lucky’s bed, we left Miradero that very same day. We didn’t pack our own clothes or say good-bye to anyone. I left some notes, but it’s not the same as giving someone a big hug when you go away and saying, “See you later…. ”

My mom and dad know where I am, and we send letters, but it’s not like being in Miradero, sleeping in my own room or working in the stable, mucking out Chica Linda’s very own stall.

I have a letter from my dad that always cheers me up. Since this is the first entry in my new diary, I am going to put it here to read it whenever I want. The letter is a little torn and dirty, since I’ve read it a million times already, but it makes me super happy.


Your mother and I understand that you’re out on the range, helping your friends on an adventure. We were worried at first… and might have grounded you for a year, if we’d only known your plans. But since we didn’t get that chance, we’re satisfied with knowing we raised you well and trust that you know how to make it for a while on your own.

Thanks for letting us know you arrived safely at the circus. We want you to know how very proud we are of you.

Your mom and I agree that every foal needs to learn to walk on his own legs. You’ve seen how it happens in the stable or in the field. The newborn babe stumbles as he tries to stand for the first time. He takes a few wobbly steps. Then he rises to his full height and joins the herd.

You’re not a babe anymore, but you’re still like the foal. You may stumble, but know this, Pruyour friends and family are behind you to help steady your legs. Rise up, Pru Granger, and walk tall in that circus of yours.

We look forward to the day you come back home. We’ll build a campfire and gather round to hear your wild stories from the frontier. Maybe you can show us your clown act? We’d all like that.

You should also know, Pru, that I hired Turo to do some of your chores while you’re gone. He wants you and Abigail and Lucky to know he built you all a surprise in the horse stalls for when you get back.


That’s all from Miradero.


PS: Your mom says, “Eat your vegetables.”

My dad’s not a super-emotional guy, but he sure does write a nice letter! And I wonder what Turo did in the horses’ stalls. I’m sure Spirit, Boomerang, and Chica Linda will love it—whatever it is.

Okay, Diary, that’s enough for today.

Lucky and Abigail are waiting for me. We gotta get ready for our next stop—Durango City! I can’t wait to show off what Boomerang and I have planned. This show’s going to be the best one yet.

Durango City was a small town in a valley between two large mountains. Pru had seen mountains before; there were several high peaks around Miradero, but none as high as these. She had to shield her eyes against the sunlight to look up, and even then, she could barely see the snowcapped tops.

“Wow,” Pru said on a long breath. She was thrilled they’d have a few days in town. Sunset against those peaks might be a highlight of this whole trip. She could only imagine what kind of wild horses lived—

“Stop daydreaming, Pru.” Abigail’s voice jolted Pru back to reality.

“How did you know that I was daydreaming?” Pru asked, looking over at Abigail, who was loading boxes onto a small cart. Boomerang was tied to the cart, ready to pull the supplies.

Abigail laughed. “Glazed-over eyes. Blank expression. Bit of drool. I invented that face.” She pointed at the tall stacks of boxes sitting nearby. “I can’t wait to get these cartons delivered so I can stare at those mountains, too! Did you try to imagine what kind of horses lived on the peaks?”

Pru laughed. “You know me too well.”

“Mustangs, of course,” Lucky said, coming up to her friends and joining the conversation. She was riding bareback on Spirit. Looking down at her friends, she said, “Wild mustangs. Are there any other options?”

“I was thinking unicorns,” Abigail replied. “I mean, if I were a unicorn and didn’t want anyone to see me, I’d find a home high up on a mountain where no one would ever catch me.” She added, “See the way the sun sparkles against the snow? You can see bright-colored flecks. Those are definitely the outlines of pink unicorns with purple horns. They’re flickering because they are playing.”

“Unicorns? I’m pretty sure they don’t exist, Abigail,” Pru said, moving closer to Boomerang to rub his nose.

“And if they did, are unicorns even horses?” Lucky asked.

“Of course they’re horses, silly.” Abigail put her hands on her hips. “Everyone knows they’re horses. Aren’t they, Boomerang?” she asked her own horse, who pulled back against the rope she was holding and seemed to nod his head.

“See?” Abigail told her friends. “Boomerang knows I’m right.” She pointed to the mountain. “I bet there is an amazing unicorn herd up there. We should explore—”

“Señoritas!” It was Fito. He owned El Circo Dos Grillos with his wife, Estrella. “Less chatting. More working.”

“I’ll help them,” Solana said. She was a circus performer and good friends with Pru, Abigail, and Lucky.

Pru sighed. She was certain there were no unicorns on the mountain, but still, she’d have liked an adventure. Unfortunately, there’d be no time to explore those beautiful mountains. Not on this trip. These few days in Durango City were packed with things to do: They had to set up for all the performances fast because the circus had its first show that very same night. The next day there was an afternoon and an evening show. And the day after that, they’d pack it up to move on.


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