Don't Quit in the Dip

Stay Focused on God's Promises for You


By Shaun Nepstad

Foreword by John C. Maxwell

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Heal from yesterday’s pain and find hope for tomorrow with this inspirational guide — and learn how God’s faithfulness is working for your good, even when times are tough.

If we are truly blessed to be a blessing, then we can take the lessons we learn in hardships and turn them around to help others navigate through their seasons of struggle. Hope and healing are the two words God has given us. Hope for tomorrow and healing from yesterday. Shaun Nepstad believes God wants to use our stories to bring hope and healing to others.

When it comes to life, we’ve all asked, “Is there more?” We want to believe there’s more to life than what we’re currently experiencing. But the problem is, so much in life promises more but doesn’t deliver. There’s actually only One who can deliver the “more” we need, and that is Jesus. He delivers more than what we ask for or can even imagine. Consistently. Without fail. No matter what our situation looks like. Don’t Quit in the Dip inspires us to keep fighting. To keep believing. And to keep helping us experience God’s full blessing.

  • I didn't even realize how much I needed this book. Within just the first few pages I found myself nodding, highlighting, and telling all my friends about it. Shaun understands how incredibly hard it is to believe there's more for you when nothing seems to be working. He will help you see that the dip isn't the end. It's actually the place where incredible momentum begins.
    Lysa TerKeurst, president of Proverbs 31 Ministries and #1 New York Times bestselling author
  • God has a way of bringing good things out of every situation. If you feel like you've made a wrong turn or you're stuck in a difficult season, "Don't Quit in the Dip" will give you the encouragement and the tools to climb out. Shaun's humor and unique insight makes this book fun to read, all the while challenging you to higher ground.
    ? Craig Groeschel, Pastor of Life.Church and New York Times Best Selling Author
  • More than ever God needs His Church to press in and move forward into a destiny that is above and take back what the enemy has stolen. This doesn't happen when you sit in the dip. You were never created to live there! Don't Quit in The Dip is the resource that will help you to step out of the "dips" in your life and move into the fullness of the champion God has called you to be!
    ?Christine Caine, Activist, International Speaker and Bestselling Author of Undaunted, Unexpected, and more.
  • Shaun brings a powerful mixture of encouragement, inspiration, and practical tools to help you lower the volume on the nagging voice that is telling you to fold. Don't Quit in the Dip will help you hold on through hardship and hold out for victory.
    ? Levi Lusko, Pastor, Fresh Life Church and Bestselling Author of I Declare War and Swipe Right.
  • If you're determined to reach your highest potential, then quitting should never be an option. In Don't Quit in the Dip, my friend, Shaun Nepstad, reminds us all that even in life's lows, we can find the purpose and strength to keep moving forward
    ? John Bevere, Minister, Co-founder of Messenger International and Bestselling author of Honor?s Reward and many more.
  • In this amazing work, my friend Shaun Nepstad teaches the necessity of a life skill that is extremely important but often overlooked. The skill I'm referring to is resilience. This book, Don't Quit in the Dip, is an amazing example of the power of perseverance and a blueprint to do more than endure hard times, but to also overcome them.
    - Dr. Dharius Daniels, author, relational intelligence, lead pastor of Change Church.
  • Founded on the truth of God's Word and forged through his own setbacks, this book is more than a spiritual pep talk to keep going-it's an indispensable guide to why and how we persevere as we walk by faith.
    ? Chris Hodges, Senior Pastor, Church of the Highlands, Bestsellling Author of The Daniel Dilemma and What?s Next?
  • Over the years, I've talked to literally thousands of pastors and other church leaders who feel at least frustrated, and many are genuinely discouraged and are thinking about quitting. They need more than simple answers to the complex challenges they face. They need understanding, a large dose of hope, and a clear path forward out of the "miry clay" of despair. In Don't Quit in the Dip, Shaun Nepstad provides exactly these necessary resources. I recommend this book to those who are struggling, and I also recommend it to those who aren't, because sooner or later, all of us will find ourselves in the dip.
    ?Tommy Barnett, Co-Pastor of Dream City Church and Chancellor of Southeastern University.
  • Shaun's message of confident hope in a dark time is timely and full of wisdom, a fresh voice of understanding and courage that we all need. Right now.
    ?Rick Bezet, author and Lead Pastor of New Life Church of Arkansas
  • Pastor Shaun Nepstad carries a contagious joy and inspiring faith for people around the world. This important message, Don't Quit in the Dip, is the common denominator for effective leadership, sustainable success, and living a significant life. Internalize this truth and your world will expand.
    - Dominic Russo, founder of Missions.Me and 1Nation1Day
  • If you feel like you're stuck, overwhelmed, or simply believe that you have missed out on all that your life could be this book is for you! Shaun does a brilliant job building the case that if you still have breath in your lungs and blood in your veins then it's not over and your situation is not final.
    ?Jedidiah Thurner, executive director for Missions.Me / 1Nation1Day
  • Shaun has become one of my greatest friends and personal heroes. He truly exemplifies what perseverance is all about. He's been through it... walked through some tough valleys. But instead of giving up, he's stuck it out and experienced the breakthrough God has for him on the other side of "the dip". No one better to speak this message than him. Everyone needs to read this one.
    ? Dino Rizzo, author of Servolution, speaker, Associate Pastor at Church of the Highlands.

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Shaun Nepstad and his wife, Dianna, founded Fellowship Church in Antioch, California, in 2002. Over the past nine years, the church has grown from 350 to over 5,000 in weekly attendance and expanded to two campuses, and it was recognized by Outreach magazine as #25 on its 2018 list of 100 Fastest Growing Churches. He and his wife, along with their four daughters, live in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

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