It’s late 2017, Trump has been president one year, and this aging, late-20s fuccboi is broke, bitter, and washed. Having already done did and failed at everything he set out in life to do—cross-country walker, SoundCloud rapper, weed grower—he now finds himself back in his college city, scrapping, tryna write, doing stimulant-fueled bike deliveries to eat. In thirsty pursuit of his ex, unable to accept that she has dropped him. And yet, still engaging in all the same fuckery—skrt-ing decisions, being coy and spineless, maintaining a rotation of baes—that led to her leaving in the first place. But how sustainable is this mode. How much fuckery is too much fuckery? Fuccboi finna find out.


What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


“Got under my skin in the way the best writing can.”—SHEILA HETI
“Blazes a sonic trail through the tangles of experience. A contemporary künstleroman—a coming of age of an artist. So much about the struggle to find a nourishing and communally beneficial but still honest and not self-suppressing way to be a man.”—SAM LIPSYTE, author of HARK
“A completely unique voice . . . sounds like no one I know.”—SCOTT MCCLANAHAN, author of THE SARAH BOOK
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