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Tap Into Greatness

Tap Into Greatness

How to Stop Managing, Start Leading, and Drive Bigger Impact

At some point, every single one of us has reached a point of frustration. A situation where we knew that we were having impact that was far less than what we were capable of. Large organizations are filled with smart people who have great ideas. Unfortunately, most of these people find themselves stymied in their ability to bring people to their full potential and ideas to fruition
It doesn’t have to be that way.
In Tap Into Greatness, noted performance coach and educator Sarah Singer-Nourie reveals the key truths of having outsized impact, influence and power. It turns out that most of us aren’t leading. We’re simply managing. We’re getting things done, but we’re not inspiring others to excel beyond what’s expected. Great leaders know better. They know leadership isn’t magic. It’s not just something you’re born with. Leadership is learnable.
In this engaging and hands-on book, Singer-Nourie provides tools that have been developed over the last twenty years in her work with leaders and teams in corporate America, Silicon Valley startups, schools and non-profit organizations. The methodology is based on how people actually learn, rather than how most of us were taught in school. It leverages the insights of human motivation and the latest research in neuroscience to give leaders a roadmap for having impact.
Track 1… True Source Acknowledgement
Track 2… Moving The Dial (Foreword by Blair Singer)
Track 3… Chapter 0: Let’s Go
Track 4… Chapter 1: The Third Who
Track 5… Chapter 2: WIIFM, The Everpresent Guide
Track 6… Chapter 3: Your Process
Track 7… Chapter 4: Your Options
Track 8… Chapter 5: Impact Is All You
Track 9… Chapter 6: Setting Yourself Up
Track 10… Chapter 7: Coaching Them to Impact
Track 11… Chapter 8: Playing Bigger
Track 12… Chapter 9: State
Track 13… Chapter 10: VAK
Track 14… Chapter 11: More Power Than You Know
Track 15… Chapter 12: The Three Ingredients
Track 16… Chapter 13: Pyramid of Perspective
Track 17… Chapter 14: Making It Stick
Track 18… Chapter 15: Above the Line
Track 19… Chapter 16: The Beginning
Track 20… Chapter Resources
Track 21… Acknowledgements
Track 22… A Bit About Me
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Genre: Nonfiction / Business & Economics / Motivational

On Sale: January 19th 2016

Price: $19.98 / $21.98 (CAD)

ISBN-13: 9781478935438

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