When I Start My Business I’ll Be Happy

A Practical, No-BS Guide to Successful Online Entrepreneurship


By Sam Vander Wielen

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You read Two Week’s Notice and Don’t Keep Your Day Job…you ditched the briefcase and now you're ready to nurture (and legally secure) your online business. You need this practical guide from Sam Vander Wielen, the force behind Sam Vander Wielen LLC and host of the On Your Terms podcast.  

Sam Vander Wielen started her career as a lawyer. It made her miserable. So she pivoted from barrister to food blogger…but, that didn't work out either. The blogger became a health coach, and while that allowed her to finally quit the law firm, it turned out to be an unsustainable business. Dedicated to online entrepreneurship and the freedom it allowed her to live life in her own way, Vander Wielen leaned into her existing skill set and created Sam Vander Wielen LLC, creating DIY legal templates for new online business owners who are ready to legally protect their livelihoods. 

When I Start My Business I'll Be Happy does so much more than offer new entrepreneurs a way to establish the legal foundations of their businesses. Vander Wielen has developed a necessary resource for those who are new to doing business online, or who are ready to take their existing business to the next level. Having walked the entrepreneurial path many times before–and now that it's led to a 7-figure income– Vander Wielen presents practical, easy-to-implement business ideas and advice that covers all the ages and stages of entrepreneurship, such as:
  • how to anticipate (or avoid) the common early entrepreneurship pitfalls
  • how to juggle  personal life with a business that is often dependent on what’s happening in one’s life
  • how to find and build on your unique gifts, and, once your business is established
  • how to keep growing it–without losing yourself in the process
The most important lesson is that your business won't fix your life, much in the same way that the perfect job won't make you completely happy. Entrepreneurship can be deeply rewarding, but not at the cost of your own self-care and well-being. When I Start My Business I'll Be Happy teaches readers that even when life doesn’t go perfectly smoothly as a business owner, you can still build and grow your own business. In fact, it can make your business even stronger. 

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Apr 15, 2025
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Sam Vander Wielen

About the Author

Sam Vander Wielen is an attorney-turned-entrepreneur and legal educator who helps coaches and service providers legally protect and grow their online brands through her legal templates, her podcast “On Your Terms”, and her signature program, the Ultimate Bundle™️. Sam lives on Long Island, NY with her husband Ryan, bernedoodle Hudson, lots of plants and her ever-growing stack of favorite books. If you’ve always associated attorneys with words like “shark,” “intense,” and “cutthroat,” you’re in for a down-to-earth breath of legal fresh air from Sam.

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