A Dangerous Book


By S.M. Masood

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A Dangerous Book introduces the indelible Irfan Mirza, a Desi Muslim with a dark past who is the ideal hero for a brand-new series that puts a fresh spin on the thriller genre. 

After being temporarily unreachable for a deep‑deniability protection job for a Saudi prince, Irfan boots up his phone to discover a series of messages from his estranged wife, an academic who appears to have stumbled upon an incredibly dangerous secret that has landed her in police “protection” in Karachi, Pakistan—not a place you want to be jailed as an American accused of blasphemy.

Irfan leaps into action only to realize that freeing his wife is more complex than a simple jailbreak—and soon both her life and his daughter’s lie in the balance, as well as the fate of a potentially explosive secret.


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Mar 19, 2024
Page Count
304 pages

S.M. Masood

About the Author

S.M. Masood grew up in Karachi, Pakistan. A first-generation immigrant twice over, he has been a citizen of three different countries and nine different cities. He currently lives nowhere and does nothing. He is the author of THE BAD MUSLIM DISCOUNT. A DANGEROUS BOOK is his first thriller.

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