A Whack on the Side of the Head

How You Can Be More Creative


By Roger von Oech

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This is the 25th anniversary edition of the creativity classic by Dr. Roger von Oech.

Over the years, A WHACK ON THE SIDE OF THE HEAD has been praised by business people, educators, scientists, homemakers, artists, youth leaders, and many more. The book has been stimulating creativity in millions of readers, translated into eleven languages, and used in seminars around the world.

Now Roger von Oech’s fully illustrated and updated volume is filled with even more provocative puzzles, anecdotes, exercises, metaphors, cartoons, questions, quotations, stories, and tips designed to systematically break through your mental blocks and unlock your mind for creative thinking. This new edition will attract an entire new generation of readers with updated and mind-stretching material.


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May 5, 2008
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256 pages

Roger von Oech

About the Author

Roger von Oech’s products and seminars have enhanced the creativity of many millions around the world. His clients have ranged from Apple, NASA, and Google to Disney, Visa, and Sony. He is the author of four books on creativity, and the popular Creative Whack Pack. He’s also the inventor/designer of the Ball of Whacks line of geometric toys. He earned his PhD from Stanford in the History of Ideas. He lives with his wife, Wendy, near Palo Alto, California.

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