In the vein of I Really Needed This Today by Hoda Kotb, a book of inspirational quotes, prayers, and stories collected by the beloved host of Good Morning America and New York Times bestselling author Robin Roberts to infuse readers’ daily lives with positivity and encouragement.

Over the last 16 years as the esteemed anchor of Good Morning America, Robin Roberts has helped millions of people across the country greet each new morning, gracing our screens with heart and humility. She has sought to bring a bit of positivity into each day, even in the most trying of times. Now, she shares with readers the inspirational stories, quotes, and memories that have helped her find the good in the world and usher in light—even on the darkest days.
With words of encouragement found in history, prayers, conversations with loved ones, literature, psalms, and speeches that reach out across the national divide, Robin offers a window into how she feeds her own mind, spirit, and soul and invites readers to do the same. With a deeply personal touch, she explains why these passages have had a profound impact on her and how we can shift our mindsets and give ourselves permission to let our best intentions take root and be true.
Full of wisdom and insight and beautifully designed, this collection of carefully curated quotes will be a breath of fresh air for daily reflection.

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