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The Liar in Your Life

The Liar in Your Life

The Way to Truthful Relationships

Deception is a central feature of everyday life. We hear it not only from Presidents (“I did not have sexual relations with that woman”), the dean of admissions of M.I.T. (“I have three college degrees”), or the sleazy sales associate at the local car dealership (“This SUV gets terrific mileage!”); we also hear lies from the people we meet and interact with on a daily basis, including our family, friends, colleagues-and yes, the woman ahead of us in line at Starbucks.

The issue confronting us is not whether people lie to us-they do-but how much and why. Just as importantly, we need to consider why we’re so prone to believe the deception we hear from others, as well as the lies we tell ourselves. Finally, we need to explore why we view certain lies as harmless, while rejecting others as manipulative and shameful. Robert Feldman has unique knowledge of how deeply dishonesty is engrained in our everyday lives and broader culture.
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Genre: Nonfiction / Psychology / Developmental

On Sale: August 3rd 2009

Price: $34.98

ISBN-13: 9781600246531

What's Inside

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"Bob Walter adds his own pizzazz in his narration. With an approach that is arresting but not alarming, you can feel the drama as he delivers examples of lies that occur in personal, government, media, and business arenas. His vocal centeredness helps him engage with the book's exposé approach and make listeners pay attention without making them feel manipulated."—AudioFile