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Do good girls do it? Do they ever! And month after month, women who love making love tell how they take every pleasure and shatter every taboo in their very own letters to Penthouse-America’s premier forum for thrill-seekers of all sexes. From the first time to the wildest time, from bedroom bouts to public performances, from torrid threesomes to lesbian liaisons, from wedding nights to sinful trysts-men (and sometimes women!) everywhere meet their match in wives, bachelorettes, and the girls next door who shamelessly ride the first tremor of desire to an explosion that rocks their world.


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Love Thy Neighbor

I his year being my first away from home, I never imagined moving into an apartment building near someone like Donald. As soon as I saw him, I could feel my animal-like desire pushing toward the surface. Several days later, I saw him again, and I knew I couldn't hold back. I wanted to uncover the bulge that I had been dreaming about.

I felt my pussy tingling with excitement and wanted to have his cock pounding deep inside me. My imagination was driving me wild. I was getting wetter and wetter, thinking about his throbbing unit fucking me like an animal. We went out that night, but it ended with only a little childish foreplay. I needed more than that. I needed to be fucked—fucked like a beast.

About a month into our relationship, we began talking about anal sex, which I found repulsive and inhuman. But if he wanted to try it, I would do it for his pleasure. I wanted him in me, but needed to be teased. My nipples were rock-hard, and he wasn't gonna let that stop. He licked, nibbled, and sucked until my cunt was begging him to touch it. He roughly threw me on my back and put his hard cock directly on my slit, driving me almost to an orgasm. Rotating his hips and stimulating my clit, he caused me to quiver with excitement. I needed him in me. Finally, he drove the head, then the shaft, deeper and deeper inside me. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass, which was wanting some attention, also. Almost instantly, I had an orgasm, thrusting and rotating.

I stopped and threw him on his back. Now I was in control. I placed the head of his rock-hard dick into my dripping cunt, teasing him until I could no longer stand it. I pounded away until I felt the intense quiver of an orgasm coming on. My pussy cried out for more, but I still craved the dual teasing that kept us both enthralled. I stopped and began rotating my hips until I felt his dick on my G-spot. I needed to feed my hungry pussy with his cock, but I didn't want to be selfish. My mind wandered to our earlier conversation on anal sex.

I needed to make him happy, drive him crazy. I removed his hot throbbing rod and gently placed it next to my ass. Teasing him, I spread my cheeks apart and put the tip of his dick in. Getting excited, I slowly eased down, yelping with pleasure and excitement. Donald didn't know what to think. Feeling him throbbing inside my ass made my pussy drip. I wanted him in both holes at once. Thankfully, he began fingering my clit, which caused an almost spontaneous orgasm. I bounced wildly on his dick, carefully watching every expression on his face. Closing his eyes, he moaned louder and louder, causing me to come again. This time was more intense than any other.

We showered and cleaned up. I still needed him in my pussy, and I knew that he wanted it there. I placed his luscious prick in my hot, wet cunt. He came almost immediately, as did I. Our bodies cried for each other. Since that night, we haven't tried it again, but my mind is constantly next door, in his room, wondering if we ever will. God, I hope so.

—J. I., Illinois

Movin' In

I am a college student, and last year a few friends and I decided to rent a house together. I arrived at the house a few weeks before school began, expecting to be the first there, so that I could move in more easily. To my surprise, I found one of my roommates, Peter, already there. After he helped me carry my boxes into the house, he gave me the grand tour. We noticed that parts of the house needed some new paint, so we decided not to waste any time.

On the way to the hardware store, he couldn't stop staring at my 38D breasts, and I couldn't help but notice the large bulge growing in his cutoffs. Just watching him change the gears was making me wetter by the second. By the time we got back to the house, I was so horny I was about to burst. But I didn't think I should start off my relationship with my new room-mate with sex.

I went to my bedroom and changed into a baggy white T-shirt and cutoffs. When I got back to the living room, Peter had already covered the floor with news papers and begun to paint. I admired his beautiful, muscular back, but I knew I had to control myself so I picked up a paint brush and began on the opposite wall.

After a few minutes, I felt his strong hands from behind me, sliding around my hips and up my shirt. By the time he found my breasts, my nipples were already rock-hard, so he let his hands roam down into my shorts where he found my dripping-wet pussy. He slid his finger into my warm slit, and the instant he touched my clitoris I exploded in orgasm and drenched his hand.

He turned me around and pressed me up against the wall (into wet paint), where he gave me the hardest kiss I had ever had. Then he pulled off my shirt and sucked my nipples until my pussy began to ache for his hard cock. He slowly moved down, dropped my shorts to the floor, and began flicking his masterful tongue in and out of my pulsating cunt until I came again.

Then he stood up and dropped his shorts to reveal his beautifully engorged member. He pressed my hands against the wall, and I wrapped my legs around him so that he could slide his dick into my waiting pussy. His hard, deep thrusts were almost more than I could handle, but kept me wanting more. We fell to the floor and fucked on the newspapers, in more positions than I ever knew existed. Each position we tried seemed to allow his rod to go farther and farther inside me until it felt like one continuous, euphoric orgasm. When he finally reached his plateau of ecstasy and exploded inside me, we were both so exhausted we just lay in the pool of spilled paint, sweat, and mingling love juices.

Later we took a long, relaxing bath together and fell asleep in each other's arms. All I could dream about was painting the bedrooms the next day.

—A. P., Alabama

Feels Like the First Time

The first time I made love was about two years ago, when I was twenty-two. One of the guys who took the same bus to college as I did was looking at me. One day I smiled back, and his face went all red. He was sitting to the rear of me; but when the bus reached our stop, I just sat there and let him walk past me. He was holding his books in his lap, and I could see that he was trying to hide a real bulge in his pants. My physical reaction was odd. My forehead got warm and my pubic region got quite wet. It gave me quite a bit to think about. As soon as I got into the building, I went to the ladies' room and had to wipe the moisture. The guy's name was Darryl. Later, one of my girlfriends told me he was asking about me.

I play tennis. I really love the game. The next day he showed up at the courts and asked me to play with him. After the game he had to go home. This was a Friday night. Early Saturday, he phoned me and asked me if I'd come to his house for a swim. It turns out his parents are loaded, and they had left for the weekend. Of course, he didn't tell me that.

At about two in the afternoon I arrived at his house. When he opened the door, he was wearing racing-type swimming trunks. You know, the skintight type. Well, you could see everything. And when he turned around, he had the cutest butt I had ever seen. Well, I went wet again and had to go to the bathroom. While I was in there, I changed into my bathing suit. When I came out, he had opened a bottle of champagne. I tasted it; it was good. About halfway through the bottle, we went to the pool and sat on the steps in the shallow end. He kissed me on the lips, then tried to put his tongue in my mouth. After three tries, I let him. I looked down at his swimsuit, and saw that he had a very big hard-on. My body temperature must have jumped twenty degrees. I was shocked at myself, because I wanted desperately to put my hands down in his trunks. But I resisted.

He began to lick my ears and blow in them. I thought I was going to die. He was hugging and kissing me, and, as he squeezed me to him, I could feel that huge organ of his pulsating against me. He tried to put his finger inside my suit, but I kept moving away. He would always come back, and I felt that giant tool of his pulsating against me.

Finally, I got out of the pool and sat on the edge. He was still in the water. He came over and began massaging my feet. Then he worked his way up to my knees and began kissing my upper legs and thighs. My pussy got so wet, and I got so hot, that I thought I was going to explode. He began to work his tongue under my swimming trunks, but I slipped back into the water. I don't think I could have stood that.

He had slipped his trunks off. He was so cute I again thought I was going to die. He squeezed me, and I put my hands around his neck, then slid them down until I had my hands on the cheeks of his gorgeous butt.

The suit I had on was one of those two-piece things, and he had the bottoms off before I knew it was happening. He began nudging his dick between my legs. The contrast between the cool water and his hot throbbing dick made his equipment feel even more exciting. Frankly, I knew I wanted that thing inside me. We moved up to a pad on the pool deck and he began licking my pussy. He was in a sixty-nine position, so I had a good look at his throbbing, red, shiny dick. I blew hot air on the end of it, and a strange-looking fluid appeared on the very end. I touched it, and it was slick. I ran my fingers around the head, using that fluid as a lubricant. My God, it got even bigger.

He pulled the top of my suit off so my bazooms were pointing straight up. He moved his equipment between them, holding them together, slipping his penis back and forth. Then he slid farther down and began trying to enter me. I was very small, and I guess he was really average in size, but it seemed like it was the size of the space shuttle. It was really tight, but there was something compelling about it. I really wanted that big thing inside me. I put my legs around him, tightened my teeth, and pulled him all the way in. It felt like my insides had caught fire. I let out a groan that the neighbors could've heard. Within a few minutes, the difficulty had gone away, and we began that dance of love. It felt s-o-o-o good. We must have been screwing for about a half hour when all of a sudden he tensed up, pulled out of my vagina, and came all over my stomach.

We went swimming, and then into his bedroom for at least another hour of lovemaking before I had to go home

—S. S., Online

Morning Jog

I like hot, steamy, sweaty sex. I also like relaxing, quiet sex after some long, sexy foreplay. I like surprising quickies. I like . . . you name it.

When it comes to the steamy-and-sweaty type of sex, I've found the perfect partner. Twice a week I do some gardening in our front yard. Some months ago, a jogger started to pass by, huffing and puffing and groaning a painful hello. He wore a T-shirt and skintight bicycle shorts. The second time he passed by, I noticed a tremendous bulge up front, and I began to wonder. His efforts made him sweat profusely. His shirt clung to his muscular chest, and his shorts showed wet spots in the crotch. He looked outright sexy and appetizing.

I smiled, and he stopped. While we exchanged pleasantries, I could not keep my eyes off his crotch. He noticed, because he started to survey my body. I felt he was undressing me. I asked him in for some fruit juice, and as soon as I closed the door, I fell into his arms.

I kissed his sweaty face and smelled the primeval scent of the male. All my senses reacted at once. I felt weak at the knees, my skin yearned to be touched, and my pussy started to moisten. My desire made me almost delirious as I sank to the floor and stripped off his shorts on my way down. My heart almost stopped when I saw his tool. It was huge! I've had an eight-and-a-half-incher, and my husband is a respectable seven and three-quarters, but this one was nine and three-quarters, as I later measured. And it was thick, very thick and roughly veined. I almost swooned, and I rapturously held it in both hands. Clear precome lubricant oozed out copiously. I touched it to my face, and then I couldn't wait. "Let me have it. Fill me up with this wonderful cock," I moaned, spreading my legs wide.

Then I felt the great monster split me apart. The pleasurable sensation was so intense, I started to orgasm immediately, and it lasted and lasted—longer than I had ever experienced before. "Do it hard," I whimpered, and he started to work in and out—slowly at first, then increasing the speed until he finally banged so hard, I almost lost consciousness. Only the joy and the pleasure kept me aware. I reached the highest level of pleasure and just stayed there. My lover's sweat dripped on me, our bodies smoothly gliding against each other as the wetness served as the lubricant. Then he fiercely fucked me, until he shouted, "My God, I'm bursting!" I felt him melt inside me, and the swishing and slurping sounds became more intense as much of his come had filled me and squished out. What a sweet mess it all was. The smell of raw sex filled the room.

I held on to him, and he stayed inside me and did not wither. I slid my hands down to his buttocks and into the crack of his ass. He responded and resumed fucking. I met his thrusts, and we worked ourselves into another frenzy. Since our bodies were covered with sweat and my mouth was dry, I licked the salty moisture from his face, neck, chest, and arms.

He went wild, and it took a deliciously long time until he collapsed on top of me, spilling his second load into me. I was in an unbelievable state of arousal, and finally simmered down to sweet reality.

He rolled off me, then he looked at me and said, "Oh boy, if my wife knew." I told him that my husband and I have been happily married for more than twenty years, due to the fact that we have had an open marriage for several of those years. The more juicy stories I told him, the more interested he became, until, finally, he rose to the occasion again. Rock-hard, he entered my wet, swollen pussy and did some more powerful fucking. We both reached that beautiful plateau of pleasurable release again.

Two weeks and four more visits later, he asked me to meet his wife and talk to her about our lifestyle. Well, I did, and we have become good friends and bed-room partners.

—T. W., California

Personal I.D.

We sat in the restaurant and talked for well over an hour. I felt an incredible attraction to this man. I wanted to touch him, to kiss him, to have him kiss me—I wanted him! After he excused himself and left, I noticed he'd left his wallet behind with his driver's license in it. I smiled . . . this would be the perfect excuse for a reason to see him again.

The next evening I did just that. I explained to him that I had gotten his address from his license and I was in the area and decided to return it quickly, in case he was in need of it. He invited me in for a drink. The next thing I knew, he was standing only inches away, with one hand behind my head and the other on my breast. He bent his head and kissed me gently, trailing smaller kisses across my cheek, then whispered softly, "I left my wallet in hopes that you would return it personally."

That was all it took to make me melt in his arms. His kisses were long and deep, his hand was gently caressing my breast, kneading its tip, while the other skillfully unbuttoned my dress, letting it fall to the floor. Soon after, my bra and panties followed. He stopped for a moment, looking into my eyes as if to ask if he should continue. I reached for the buttons of his shirt and was stopped short when he scooped me into his arms and carried me to his bedroom.

A brief flash of guilt crossed my mind, but it was soon forgotten when the kisses commenced once again. His lips were warm on my skin, and when they reached my breasts, I shivered. A slight moan escaped me. The kisses he bestowed on my body sent my senses reeling. They traveled to the junction between my legs. My first instinct was to stop him. I reached down, only to have him grab my wrists and hold them firmly at my side.

When at first his hot tongue touched my most private spot, I thought I would lose my mind. All sanity was removed. The only thing that mattered was the gentle assault this man was making on me with his tongue. My breathing became erratic. I could feel the perspiration forming on my brow. The ache between my legs became overwhelming. I wanted to explode! Never had I thought I would have such overpowering sensations.

Just then, he left me. A sigh of protest escaped my lips. He stood at the edge of the bed, smiling down at me, and removed his clothes. Soon he was naked before me. His body was exquisite and well-defined. His penis was extremely large compared to my husband's, and for a moment I thought it might be difficult to get this man inside me.

The look of worry must have crossed my face, for a second later he was lying next to me, whispering words of comfort in my ear, followed by more soft kisses.

His fingers worked their magic on my mound, massaging little circles on my clit, then diving deep inside me. Soon the twinges came. I closed my eyes, wanting only to revel in the ecstasy. He stopped, and when I opened my eyes, he was poised above me. In that instant, he entered me. It only took my body a moment to adjust to his size as he moved slowly inside me. His penis filled me completely. I could feel its tip reach deep inside me with each stroke, as an intense urge for fulfillment came over me. My hips swayed, matching each plunge. I held his buttocks, pulling him deeper. When his fingers reached between us and found my clit, the explosion began, a shudder coursed through my body, and spasms gripped his penis like pulses. I held him fast as my back arched and my body convulsed beneath him. I soared through clouds, then fell back to earth. He moved more rapidly now, his muscles tense, and with one last thrust, he collapsed on top of me.

"You're a wildcat," he said, looking into my eyes. I hadn't realized that I'd left marks down his back until he got dressed. I said I was sorry. He bent and kissed me. "It was worth it."

—V. B., Utah

Little Drummer Boy

After reading Penthouse recently, I knew I had to share my story from a few months ago—my encounter with a very talented musician.

After a long day of business seminars, I sat in the lounge of the hotel where I was staying. As I sipped my margarita, I noticed the drummer of the band that was playing—I was looking at him, looking at me. By the time the last set was finished, I knew what he wanted.

His kisses were so passionate, I was instantly wet and ready for him. He licked and kissed me all over, then softly whispered, "You taste so good." We began to undress, and I saw his manhood in all its glory. As I sucked his cock, he moaned with pleasure. When he asked me if I wanted to be eaten, I quickly said yes and sat on his face. He put his tongue in my aching pussy, licking and sucking furiously until I almost came, then he entered me. I could feel him ramming his rod into my cunt. It was sheer ecstasy! For hours we experimented with several different positions until we both collapsed from exhaustion. This "little drummer boy" had given me the most enjoyable evening of my life.

—M. H., Louisiana

Marital Bliss

The sky was dark, the water in the hot tub boiling and steamy. The mist swirled in the air around us. My naked breasts rubbed against his chest. His hand touched my sensitive clit. He rubbed it between his fingers, causing me to moan softly. My hips rose to meet his probing rhythm. My pussy became wet with desire, and his huge cock sprang to life. I straddled his lap and slowly lowered my slippery pussy onto his pole, my breasts bouncing in the cold air and making my nipples hard. I moved faster as I felt my pussy pulsating around his cock, and began to feel an orgasm coming on. My pussy tightly grasped his cock as my body shuddered with a shattering orgasm.

We decided to move to the bedroom and resume our activities. Once there he lay back on the bed. I knelt between his legs, gently took his balls in my mouth, and sucked and licked until he moaned with pleasure. My tongue moved up to the head of his slippery cock while my fingers tickled and stroked his balls. I kept sucking until he was almost ready to explode—tempting as it was to have him shoot on my face so I could taste his hot come, he grabbed me, pulled me on top of him, and rammed his cock deep into my wet hole.

He shoved his cock in so deep I thought I would split—he felt even longer and harder than usual. He rolled me over to the edge of the bed and pulled my legs over his head. While he pumped me with his massive cock, he rubbed my clit with his finger until we both exploded in a massive orgasm. Another awesome night with my sweet, loving, and incredibly sexy husband.

—J. K., Ohio

What a Muscle!

I proceeded to remove Alex's tank top, khaki shorts, and briefs. I was pleased to discover the largest penis I'd seen in my four years of exploring. It was about nine inches long and thicker than my ankle, and I wondered if he'd be able to fit it all inside me. When I giggled, Alex asked me what was funny. I told him I'd been hoping he was well hung. I quickly took off my shorts and blouse, and let him do the honors with my bra and panties. After getting me naked, he gently went down on me, running his fingers and tongue through my soft blonde hairs until he found my clit. I needed no foreplay, but Alex worked me into a frenzy anyway. My wetness was spilling onto his face and hands.

I rolled over onto my stomach, and Alex began rubbing his dick along my slit to pick up some lubrication for the task ahead. He pulled me up onto my hands and knees and prepared to enter me from behind. His large cockhead nestled inside my lips, and I relaxed my vaginal muscles. I opened them as much as I could as Alex began his entry. I can't describe how wonderful it felt to have his huge, warm organ sliding into me for the first time, although it hurt a little. It felt as if someone was pouring a hot mold inside me, as his cock was filling every available space in my cunt. His rod finally reached the back of my pussy after about a minute of positioning. I looked underneath me and saw his balls resting up against my now sopping mound. Knowing that I could fully accommodate his large member, I asked Alex to fuck me hard with his beautiful prick. He began to thrust, and after three or four minutes of furious fucking, he shot a healthy load of come deep inside me. I needed no further servicing—my crotch was completely drenched, and my body was tickling all over. We lay there for about ten minutes—I just wanted to enjoy the feeling of being so filled up. When Alex finally withdrew, my insides had to completely reposition themselves.

He cleaned up and left me to myself—my energy and arousal completely spent.

—C. S., Texas


My roommate's boyfriend came over, so my date Jerry and I went into my bedroom to listen to some music. We sat on my bed—drinking beer, talking, and listening to some powerfully sexy music that I had selected especially for the occasion. Eventually, we began to kiss, and things started to get very hot. All of a sudden, he stopped and said he didn't feel right having sex with me on our first date. I had no intention of letting him get away after he had gotten me so horny, so I apologized and excused myself to get another beer.

I went to my roommate and asked if I could borrow something sexy to wear. She gave me a short blue-silk nightshirt that buttoned up the front. I quickly went to the guest bathroom and changed into the nightshirt, making sure I left enough buttons undone so Jerry would be able to see my breasts when I bent over to hand him his beer. I got the beer and went back into my room. The look on his face when I bent over was one of sheer longing. He took a sip of his beer, and I kissed him again. A moment later he mumbled something about my not playing fair and kissed me passionately, pressing his hard cock against my stomach as he did so. When I felt his cock, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I had it inside my hot pussy.

He unbuttoned my shirt and began kissing his way down my body, beginning at my neck, which drives me crazy. I stopped him when he got to my breasts and helped him out of his clothes. When I saw his beautiful, rock-hard dick I was delirious. Then he resumed kissing and sucking my body, beginning at my hard nipples and slowly working his way down to my hot pussy. When his warm, wet tongue reached my clit, I began to writhe on the bed. He was moaning as well, and I could tell that his cock was aching to be caressed. I told him to turn around so I could suck that nice organ, which he gratefully did.

I began to gently lick the slit of his cock to the rhythm of his licking of my pussy, knowing that I couldn't hold out for very long. I began to suck his tool in earnest, gently circling the head with my tongue as I did so. I came explosively as he moaned his own approaching orgasm. When he came he bucked so hard that I had a hard time keeping him in my mouth. His come dribbled down my chin, and when he pulled himself from my mouth, I licked my lips to make sure I got all of his tasty sperm.

We lay there for a while, exhausted and elated. We fell asleep in each other's arms and awoke a short time later. He kissed me gently, and I could feel him hardening again. I stroked him while he fingered my clit. Then he turned me over, put a pillow under me, and entered me from behind. It felt so good; and I started gently squeezing and tugging at his balls while telling him to fuck me harder. I came quickly, but he held back. He started fucking me faster, and once again the feeling of his cock and balls sent me into the best orgasm I ever had. My moans must have pushed him over, too, because I could feel his cock swell. The warm jet of his come followed. It was the most incredible sexual experience I ever had, and I hoped it would lead to many more similar encounters.

Since that night we have tried almost every position known to man, and I can honestly say that I have the most perfect lover in the land.

—J. L., Oregon

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