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Revel in the art of lovemaking, in every position and every combination, crossing every barrier and defying every taboo. Thanks to the bold editors of Penthouse and its famously uninhibited readers, here is the sex you weren’t meant to see-with all the excitement, amazement, and satisfaction you weren’t supposed to feel. With two classic editions of Letters to Penthouse combined in this volume, you’ll fall right into step as the sexual revolution marches on. Join the party!


Part One contains the text of Letters to Penthouse IX copyright © 1999 by General Media Communications, Inc.

Part Two contains the text of Letters to Penthouse X copyright © 2000 by General Media Communications, Inc.

Copyright © 2004 by General Media Communications, Inc.

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First eBook Edition: December 2004

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Part One

Letters to Penthouse IX


My wife Lori and I have been married for almost seventeen years, and at thirty-seven she's still a hot-looking lady. At five feet seven inches tall and a hundred and eighteen, she's still in good shape. Do the numbers 35-27-36 mean anything to you?

Recently, to make a little extra cash, she took a job in a titty bar. Last night was her first night.

We left the house and got to the club when they were opening the doors for business. Lori was nervous but wildly excited. I sat at the bar as the other girls showed my wife the dressing room and told her the rules. She could keep as much of her clothes on or get as naked as she wanted. She could do whatever she wanted for the guys, but she couldn't allow them to touch her.

I sat and talked to the barmaid and had a drink as Lori went to get ready. My cock was already hard, and there wasn't another soul in the place yet.

After several guys came in, the music started playing. The first dancer was a pretty girl who did an excellent job dancing. I was watching her when I noticed my wife come out of the dressing room. She was dressed in a skimpy little outfit that showed a lot of skin. It had a thong bikini that let her ass-cheeks show. She walked up to the bar and played like she didn't know me, ordering herself a drink. We'd decided to act this way all night, to add to the fun.

A couple of guys started talking to her, and I was excited with this arrangement, because I could watch as if I weren't her husband.

When it was her turn to dance, she went up on the stage. She danced to about six guys sitting in the front row. She was smiling, and one could tell she was having fun. On the second song, her top came off. I was hard! My wife was topless in front of half a dozen guys, onstage, stripping for the first time in her life. She was bending over in front of strangers who were giving her dollar bills. Her hands rubbed her tits and pinched her nipples. The second song wasn't even over before she was removing her bottoms, throwing them to the side and dancing completely naked (except for her heels) in front of guys with money in front of them. She was having so much fun, she'd have danced to them even if they hadn't been giving her money.

She came over to the end of the stage and smiled at me, giving me a very sultry look. Her pussy was completely shaved. I almost came.

She turned and went back to the guys in the front row, lay down on the stage and spread her legs. She struck many poses while rolling on the floor, most all of them showing her pussy. She looked especially good when she got on all fours, facing the guys on the other side of the stage. Her ass pointed toward those behind her, and her pussy was spread open for all to see.

The guys only a couple of feet from her cunt were leaning forward to get the best look they could. All too soon, her set of songs ended and she was off to the dressing room.

After she changed and came back out, she came to the bar. I started talking to her like we'd just met. It was fun role-playing. She was very excited about what she was doing. Her new outfit was just as sexy as the last.

When it was her turn to dance again, I went to the stage and put my dollars up. She was one hot number! I was so proud of her! She danced for me like she had for everyone else, squatting and spreading her legs. Her big clit poked out of her sexy lips. I stayed there as she went to the next guys, four of them celebrating a birthday. They mentioned this to her, and she did a special dance for the birthday boy.

Facing him and squatting with her knees on both sides of his head, she positioned her pussy just inches from his face. The guys sitting by his side were leaning to look at her cunt. She took the guy's hands and pointed both his index fingers up, then guided them down her tits to her nipples. One of the bouncers came over and motioned no to her, but she didn't care and continued for a few more seconds.

After she was done dancing this set and went to change, I went back to the bar and sat. She appeared later in another outfit and came to the bar to get a drink. Acting as if she was making small talk, she suggested I come downstairs and watch her. The birthday boy's buddies had bought him a lap dance.

I went downstairs and sat at the bar as she went to get him. I ordered a drink and waited. She showed up with him and I watched. She got topless as he sat on the couch. She danced and rubbed her tits over his body. According to the rules, his hands were on the couch back and he wasn't touching her. I would have enjoyed watching him feel her up.

I spent the rest of the evening watching her dance buck naked on the stage and give private dances on the downstairs couches.

One particular guy seemed to get her attention. He bought her a couple of drinks and she danced for him for three songs. I could tell she liked him. I went and sat at the stage to watch and listen.

They were making small talk and he was giving her a lot of dollar bills. He was telling her how much he liked her shaved pussy and her big clit. She just smiled and spread her legs, even going so far as to rub her clit with her fingers and spreading her pussy lips for him to see. I could tell she was getting off on what she was doing. It was highly erotic sitting two seats away, listening to a stranger telling my wife how hot she was and seeing her get sexually charged.

After changing again and coming out of the dressing room, she had on one of my favorite outfits: a one-piece, patent leather, crotchless teddy that's cut out around her tits, leaving them exposed. After more dancing, mainly to this one guy, her set was over.

She got dressed and went downstairs with this guy to give him a lap dance. I followed them about ten minutes later. Except for me at the bar and the bartender, they were the only ones downstairs. The couch they were in was at an angle, facing away from the bar. The guy was sitting with his arms on the couch back, Lori's knees straddling his legs.

She would take each tit in her hands and place a nipple on his nose before sliding it down into his mouth. He would eagerly suck it. I was surprised she was doing this. She whispered into his ear and he looked around the room and said something back. I could make out Lori saying, "He's okay," as she looked my way.

My wife's hands were in front of her as they continued to talk. As she motioned with her head for me to come over, her hands grabbed her tits again and she resumed sliding her nipples over the guy's face and in his mouth. As I walked up to them, Lori asked me to put some quarters into the jukebox. I walked around in front of the couch to the jukebox and, as I put coins in, I turned and looked at them. My heart leaped into my throat! I had a perfect view of a huge cock splitting my wife's crotchless outfit wide open, stretching her cunt lips as she had impaled herself on him. As she would raise herself to put her tit in the guy's mouth, his cock would slide partway out before she plunged back down onto it.

Her movements were so sporadic that you couldn't tell they were fucking. I sat down on a couch next to the jukebox so I could watch. When a song ended, they'd just sit still so some of the others who had come downstairs wouldn't know what they were doing. One of the other dancers entered the room just as Lori was coming, and hollered toward her that it was her turn to dance on stage. Lori bit her lip and nodded her head okay.

Then the guy tensed, and I watched as his dick slid out of my wife's stretched-wide cunt lips as she got up, his come shooting onto the floor. Lori gave him a quick kiss and ran upstairs.— Name and address withheld


The area was finally given a break from the scorching summer heat, perfect for lying outside and getting a tan. My house is surrounded by woods; the nearest neighbor is two hundred feet away, barely visible through the trees, allowing me to lose any inhibitions about sunbathing in the nude.

After covering my body with oil, I lay upon the blanket, enjoying the soft breeze, and started massaging my thighs and breasts, rolling my fingers over my nipples, which were quite taut by that time. Suddenly, I felt that hot surge coming up from my loins, and I knew right away that I was going to be a naughty girl.

I found myself rubbing my pussy and in quite a horny state of mind. In the distance I could hear the construction of a new high-rise apartment building, and I noticed that the voices of the workmen were a little clearer than usual as they echoed off the trees around me. Upon looking in the direction of the site, I saw that the building had now reached above the tops of the trees that surround my pleasure dome.

I could see the workers at the top of the structure, setting up the beams for the next story. Maybe that would be the penthouse floor, from where you could see for miles around all the homes below with their manicured lawns and glamorous swimming pools. One could even see my house, for instance. I grimaced at the thought of losing my privacy. On the other hand, this could lead to a new sexual intrigue. The idea of masturbating with my toys on my lawn, knowing that someone from afar could actually see me, was pretty exciting! So I went in to get my playthings to start practicing.

I returned to my playground, but before I resettled onto the blanket, I dove into my pool to completely refresh myself. The cool water felt so good as it reduced my horny fever and cleansed me of the body oil and sweat. I walked out feeling my long hair cling to my back as it dripped water down the crack of my ass. My nipples were so erect they ached at my touch. I left my skin glistening with the water as I nestled onto my blanket, placing my vibrators beside me. I glanced up to check that the workers were still in sight, and I thought to myself, Boys, I'm going to tease the fuck out of you!

I reached for my vibrator with the tingling fingers and held it against my pussy. I thought of the time I screwed my husband's boss right here beside this very pool. I acted like he was coming on all suave as hell, and I gave him the indication that I had no idea he was seducing me. But I knew it, and I didn't mind, because I'd wanted to screw him ever since we were transferred here.

I opened my eyes to see if my construction friends were keeping an eye on me, and I was pleased to see that half of them actually had binoculars. They must have been waiting for this day for a long time.

Back in my memory, I remember that while Dick's boss was talking to me about stock options and surreptitiously (he thought) staring at my tits, I just reached forward and cupped his nuts through his pants. He acted surprised, but he wasn't so surprised that he couldn't follow my lead and get undressed as fast as I did. While I remembered this, I stuck my vibrator halfway into my pussy, hearing muffled whoops and hollers from my distant audience.

Laying me back on a poolside chair, my husband's boss mashed my knees into my tits and slipped his huge cock into my tight hole. I must admit, it hurt a little at first (kinda like this dildo was doing now), but that only made the payoff that much more special. Once I got good and wet, his rod was slamming so deeply into me that I thought I was going to catch on fire from the friction.

I pushed my vibrator all the way into my hole, letting the little fingers explore every space there was inside me. Remembering my husband's face when he discovered me boning his boss brought me to a very loud climax. It turns out he'd been watching too.—Name and address withheld


My wife and I have been married for seventeen years. Although we are still very much in love, I must admit that our sex life is not what it used to be. Jackie is as attractive today as she was the day I married her. She is five two and weighs just over a hundred pounds. She has a gorgeous set of legs, her ass and bush are perfect and her tits are firm.

Needless to say, she still turns me on very much, but she has pretty much lost interest in fucking me. We tried doing different things in the bedroom, and these experiments served to rekindle her interest a bit, but soon her fire would fade again.

This has obviously left me very frustrated. The new things we tried turned me on so much that being denied them just added to my frustrations. I masturbated more often, relying on my fantasies for arousal. One of the things we did to add spice to our sex life was to take pictures and videos of ourselves. When I would be taking pictures of her posing in provocative ways, I would be thinking about her posing like this for other men and even screwing other people. The thought of Jackie fucking some good-looking guy while I watch became a very big turn-on for me. It was the main thing I fantasized about when I beat off. Before long, it was the only thing I thought of, and I started to think of ways to make it actually happen.

One night, while we were lying in bed, I decided to tell Jackie what was on my mind. I told her I'd had a dream about her fucking a friend of ours named Mark while I watched, and I let her know how much just thinking of it turned me on. At first she said I was sick, but as I told her the details of the dream, how big his cock was and how wild she became while riding it and sucking it, she became hotter and hotter.

I started massaging her pussy as we talked about it. Her snatch was so wet and hot it soaked her panties. She started asking me questions about the dream, and when I filled her in on the details, she moaned and got even hornier. I reached for a ten-inch vibrator, and as I held it up, I said, "This is how big Mark's cock is."

She pulled her panties off and in a sexy voice loaded with desire she said, "Fuck me with that big cock of yours, Mark. Let Phil see how much I love your big, hard dick."

I slowly pushed the vibrator into her, and she went wild and started thrusting her hips, screaming, "Give me all of it, Mark, I want to feel your hard cock all the way up my cunt. I want Phil to see you fill me with your come."

I fucked her hard with the vibrator. She squirmed with pleasure as she neared orgasm. "Oh, yes, come for me Mark. Oh, Stubbly (Jackie's nickname for me), he's coming inside of me. I'm going to come too."

As she came, she reached down and pushed my hand to get the vibrator in as far as it would go. It all but disappeared into her hot box. Watching my wife come as she yelled another man's name drove me nuts, and my cock was ready to explode. I moved around so my dick would be near her mouth. She grabbed it and pulled it into her waiting lips, sucking me off like she had never done before. I was still working the dildo in and out of her, and I asked her what she was thinking about as she sucked my cock. She stopped long enough to say she was thinking about sucking off Mark while I watched.

Before wrapping her lips back around my cock, she asked me what I was thinking about. I told her the same thing, only with another well-hung guy who was fucking her as she sucked.

She moved her ass so it was above my face. We were now in a 69 position, with her on top. As I removed the vibrator, she lowered herself so I could lick her clit. In no time she was coming again, and as she did I exploded with the most intense orgasm I ever had. Jackie sucked my cock and swallowed every last drop of my come—something she had never done before.

After we regained our composure, I turned around and held her as we talked about what had just happened. She agreed that that was the best sex we had in a while. She said that the thought of her fucking someone else, not only with my approval but with me there watching drove her wild. She admitted that she often fantasized about men with extremely large cocks. (My own dick is barely five inches hard.) We discussed doing this for real, about how we would set it up, etc. As we talked about it, my dick began to rise again. Seeing this, Jackie mounted it and started to slowly fuck me while we talked. We both came again and fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next day at work all I could think about was what had happened the night before. I couldn't wait to get home and start making plans for our adventure. To my disappointment, when I got home Jackie did not want to talk about it. She said that what we'd done was okay as a fantasy, but she could never do it for real.

"But you were more turned on last night than I've ever seen you before," I said.

"I don't want to talk about it anymore," she said.

When we went to bed, I pulled out the vibrator again and started to rub it against her cunt. She told me to stop.

I rolled over and spent the rest of the night confused. Why was it that every time we found something we both enjoyed when it came to sex, she would refuse to do it anymore? I couldn't figure it out.

For the next three or four months, I kept trying to figure it out. Was the fact that she liked big cocks and that mine was not very large the reason our sex life was dying? I convinced myself that I just could not satisfy her. Maybe she had a lover. Although I wanted to see her fuck another man, the thought of her doing it behind my back made me mad. I became obsessed with the thought of watching her fuck some guy with a big cock. I wanted to see how she would really act. I wanted my wife to be sexually satisfied, and if I couldn't do it with my small dick, then I wanted her to have the big cock that she craved.

Still, I could only be happy if it was something we did together, not something she looked for on her own. I tried to be honest with her and tell her how I felt, but when I did she would say forget about it and quickly change the subject. This only helped to damage our sex life more. The few times we did attempt to make love, I started to have performance problems. This just compounded the frustrations.

Then there was a breakthrough. One night when we went to bed, she snuggled up close to me and asked, "If I were to tell you that I wanted to fuck someone while you watched, who would you want it to be?" My dick sprang alive and I didn't ask any questions. I just started to name a few of our friends that I thought she would like to screw. Although she agreed with some of the names I rattled off, she said she didn't think she could go through with it with someone she knew. I then suggested that we go out to a bar, pick someone up and bring him home and fuck him. She liked this idea but was worried that if she chickened out at the last minute it wouldn't be fair to the guy she brought home.

"I would feel bad getting some guy all turned on and then leaving him hanging," she said.

"Well," I said, "I guess you could always use your hand or your mouth to finish him off. Do you think you could do that?" I asked.

She thought a minute and said, "I guess."

We were getting horny now and I said, "We can always hire someone."

"Hire someone, eh." The thought of paying someone to fuck her seemed to make her even hotter. "That's right," I quickly added, "we wouldn't have to worry about how he felt with having me be there or anything."

"Where does one hire such a person?" she asked. I had no idea, but I told her, "There are several male escort services around. I heard that that is what they are for. We'll have to call a few."

"Not we. You," she replied. "Wouldn't you want to pick out the guy?" I inquired. She was now stroking my cock with her hand as she moved her mouth down to it.

"If this is going to happen," she said, "you will have to make all the arrangements. You know what I want. I'm not going to mention it again. You just tell me when," and then she slurped my rock-hard dick into her mouth. We made fantastic love all night.

For the next couple of days I racked my brain on how to set this up. I had no idea where to find a male prostitute, and I was too embarrassed to ask anyone.

One Wednesday evening, as I was getting out of the shower at the health club I go to, another guy that I'd seen but never met was just going in. He was about thirty-two years old, five eleven with a muscular build and a cock that hung about six inches— soft! I estimated that it had to be at least eight or nine inches erect. I remembered having thought on many occasions how much Jackie would love that cock. I'd been thinking so hard about finding a male prostitute, and the solution was right here in front of me. Jackie would love this guy. Now all I had to do was get him to like the idea.

I hung around the club awhile until Alex came out. I said hello to him as I approached, and he said hello back. He asked me what I was doing and I explained I was waiting for some people, but that I didn't think they were going to show. He said he was going to a bar he usually goes to after his workouts and asked if I wanted to join him. I said yes.

Once we were in the bar we started to talking, and eventually the conversation turned to sex. I asked him if he had a girlfriend, and he said, "I've been out of circulation for so long that I don't know how to meet women anymore. Besides, I don't need a relationship, just some wild sex."


I took advantage of the opportunity and started telling him of my wife and our plan. He sat there in shock as this practically total stranger told him of how he was supposed to hire a man to bring home and fuck his wife.

"Since you're looking for wild sex and I'm looking for someone to satisfy my wife, maybe we could help each other out," I told him. "Interested?"

Not knowing what to say, he said, "It depends. What does she look like?"

I pulled out a picture of her taken at the beach and showed it to him. When he saw the picture of my wife, he exclaimed, "Wow, what a fox. You're serious, aren't you?"

I assured him I was and that if it wasn't him, it would be someone else. He eagerly agreed and we set it up for the following Saturday. He would come to our house and pretend he was a hired gun, so to speak.

I didn't say anything to Jackie until Saturday afternoon. When she got back from her weekly errands, I helped her with the bags and then kissed her. "Tonight's the night," I said, out of the blue.

At first she was unsure of my drift, but then a look of panic came over her face. "Tonight? Oh, my gosh. When? Where? I don't know if I'm ready," she blurted out.

I kissed her again and smiled reassuringly. "You have until eight o'clock to get ready. He's coming here."

I went out to buy some booze, and when I returned she was in the bathtub getting ready. I went into the bathroom and she was trimming her pussy. "Why are you doing that?" I asked.

"I want everything to be perfect. But I have to keep stopping because when I put my fingers near my snatch I start to come," she explained.

"Well, I'll let you get ready," I said, and I left the room. When she came out, she started asking me all sorts of questions about the guy. I just assured her she wouldn't be disappointed. We picked out what she was going to wear. Sheer black G-string panties that barely covered her pussy lips, thigh-high stockings and black high heels. Over this she wore a white polka-dot sun-dress that was very short and low-cut in front and clung to her perfect hourglass figure. She was gorgeous.

"I'm nervous. What am I supposed to do?" she asked. I lit a joint and said, "That's easy. Relax, fuck him any way you want and have the time of your life."

It was seven o'clock. An hour to go and I couldn't wait.

The bell rang at eight on the head. I answered it and Jackie went to the living room and waited. She had smoked a couple of joints and downed a few drinks to loosen up, and she was glowing. I walked Alex into the living room and introduced them. It was obvious from the look on her face that she liked what she saw. They sat down on the couch making small talk.

I excused myself to go and make drinks. I went into the kitchen and made them, then lit a joint and smoked it. I wanted to give them some time alone to relax. When I brought the drinks back they were sitting right next to each other. Jackie was asking him about his line of work. I was worried that Alex might blow it and give away that he wasn't a pro, but he handled it well and played right along.

"When I have the opportunity to be with a woman as beautiful as you, I don't consider it work," he told her. "Believe me, the pleasure is all mine."

"Let's hope not," she teased as she moved toward him and they locked lips in a deep French kiss.

It was started and there was no turning back. As their tongues worked, their hands were exploring each other's body. Alex pulled my wife's dress aside and cupped her breasts. He kissed his way down her neck and took her hard nipples into his mouth. His hand found her thigh, and he slid under her dress and found her wet bush. Jackie was totally into it now, and she let out soft moans as Alex fingered her through her panties and sucked her tits.


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