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Here are two sultry volumes in one book. Readers can rest assured that these sex tales, which are recounted detail for erotic detail, will undoubtedly please and satisfy them. From fantasies come true to forbidden affairs to wanton desires, these steamy accounts of sexual escapades will send readers off looking to fulfill some of their own pleasures.



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Part One


My wife and I have now been married for twenty years. Betty is in her forties and I've just passed my fiftieth birthday.

Our adventure began on a hot Saturday afternoon in the summer. We had been working in the yard and were hot and tired. Around half past four, we went indoors and I mixed us a couple of gin and tonics. As we relaxed with our drinks and talked, Betty suddenly remarked that she did not know why, but she was getting horny. She asked what I could suggest to ease her longing. I told her to get into something sexy and we would go to a nice restaurant for dinner. She thought that was a great idea, so we showered and got dressed. She wore a tight, sheer blouse with no bra. Her breasts are not truly big, but they are a nice handful, with nice nipples, and they looked very interesting under her blouse. She also wore a full skirt with no panties or slip. I gave her a big kiss and rubbed her titties a bit. I could tell she was getting very excited about the evening ahead.

While we drove to the restaurant I rubbed the insides of her legs so she wouldn't forget we were out for fun. Arriving at our destination, we were told there would be a half-hour wait for a table, so we went into the lounge and sat at the bar. As the bartender took our order, his eyes almost popped upon seeing Betty's breasts pressed against her tight blouse. When he finally went to get our drinks, the other bartender came over with water and napkins so he could get a good look, too. Betty was getting hot from knowing that both guys were turned on by the sight of her.

The bar was not solid in front. It was latticed, with holes about a foot square. Apparently, whenever a sexy female sat at the bar, these guys took advantage of the situation. With my wife there, they kept ducking down behind the bar, as if to look for something. But what they really were doing was looking up her dress. When Betty realized this, she put her feet up on the rung of her stool and pulled her skirt above her knees. When one of the fellows ducked down, she slowly spread her legs apart. Since she wasn't wearing panties, the sight must have been most stimulating.

Deciding to join her game, I reached over and ran my hand slowly up the inside of her thigh to her pussy, which was pretty wet. I slipped one finger, then a second one, into her cunt and soon was having fun frigging her. Then I noticed that one of the bartenders had reached through the bar and had his hand on her leg. I moved mine away and he slid his up all the way to Betty's pussy and slipped two fingers in as I had done.

I don't know if Betty was aware of who was finger-fucking her, but she certainly did enjoy it, getting hotter with every passing moment. Soon she was moving with the motion of his fingers and I knew she would climax shortly. Her breathing became faster and her complexion reddened. All of a sudden she covered her face with her hands. "No," she murmured. "Oh no." And then she came, with just enough fuss for the couples on either side of us to realize what was happening. Fortunately, the hostess came over and told us that our table was ready. As we left the bar, Betty's face was still flushed with excitement.

After dinner, since it was still hot outdoors, I rolled down the car windows so there would be plenty of fresh air. Before starting the engine to drive home, I slid over close to Betty, put my arm around her and gave her a big kiss. I started to play with her titties, too, and I could tell this pleased her greatly. I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled each side of it around her back, where I tucked the tails into the waistband of her skirt. Now the whole front of her torso was naked. I played with her breasts, massaging them and gently squeezing the nipples. Then, with my left hand, I pushed her skirt up above her waist. Her pussy was exposed. I slid my hand up her thigh. She opened her legs wider and then put her right foot up on the seat. This caused her pussy to be pulled wide open. I put two fingers inside and slid them in and out and around her hole. With my right hand I was still feeling her titties and nipples.

She was so passionate by now that I thought someone else ought to enjoy watching her. We drove from the parking lot and headed toward home. The road, a four-lane highway with a center divider, was not crowded. I drove in the left lane so that the other cars would be on my right and, at stoplights, the people in them could get a good look at Betty, who had pulled down her skirt to where it belonged but left her blouse wide open and her breasts fully exposed.

At the first red light we encountered, a small van stopped alongside us. The driver, a nice-looking young man, was watching as I rubbed Betty's breasts. His eyes opened wide. Betty just looked at him and smiled.

The light changed to green and I started for the next one, about four blocks ahead. I was lucky because it changed to red just as I drew up to it. Again I put my right arm around Betty and played with her titties and nipples, but I also put my left hand between her legs and slid it up to her cunt, raising the skirt as I did so. The van had stayed with us and pulled up alongside. Since his seat was a bit higher than ours, the driver had a clear view of Betty being played with. His girlfriend, whom I hadn't seen before, was sitting next to him, enjoying the sight of everything I was doing to Betty.

The light turned green and off we went again, with the van right beside us. The next stop was a long one, because there was a four-road intersection. As we slowed to a halt, Betty turned to face the window and put her right leg up on the seat. When I'd stopped the car, I pulled her skirt up above her waist, so both her pussy and her titties were now completely in view of the couple in the van. I knew I would have more than three minutes at this light, so I began more leisurely to finger Betty's pussy with my left hand and rub her titties with my right. In the meantime, the girl in the van pulled her sweater up to expose a beautiful pair of breasts, which her boyfriend was busy feeling.

By now I had Betty so hot that she couldn't sit still. The pace of my finger-fucking was getting faster and faster and she was doing her best to engulf my fingers in her cunt. With words of encouragement from the couple in the van, Betty moved against my fingers as if they were my cock. Then, suddenly, she excitedly cried out and came right there in front of us all. I continued working my fingers in her and she kept having orgasms for a while longer. The couple in the van applauded—and then the driver suggested that we all park off the road ahead so he could get closer to what he had been watching me play with.

When the light turned green, I pulled ahead and parked at the curb. The van stopped right behind us. The couple got out, walked up to the door on Betty's side and opened it. Betty, meanwhile, had not changed position, so she sat facing the door with her crotch and titties exposed. The couple, after introducing themselves as Harvey and Lucy, just gaped for a few moments at Betty's naked parts. Harvey then began playing with her breasts with one hand while reaching with the other for her cunt. He soon had a couple of his fingers inside her hole. Lucy figured that looked like fun, so she reached over and slipped one of her fingers into Betty's pussy, fondling her tits with her other hand.

By this time, Betty was writhing on the seat. She was being simultaneously finger-fucked by Harvey and Lucy. In a few minutes she started bucking against their fingers, faster and faster, and then—bang!—she came in a wild orgasm. It lasted almost a minute, and then, I would guess, she had a series of three or four smaller orgasms before calming down. Harvey and Lucy rubbed her cunt and titties a little while longer and then said they wanted to show us something.

Harvey pushed Lucy up close to me and then sat on the other side of her. Lucy reached over, unbuckled his pants and, as Harvey arched his back to help her along, pulled them down to his ankles, along with his shorts. Grabbing his prick, she rubbed it vigorously until it was hard as a rock. Then she slowly engulfed his cock, sliding it inch by inch into her mouth. Her pace quickened as her lips slid up and down the length of his cock until it was glistening with saliva. She poised herself over his erection, facing forward, and pulled her skirt up and her panties down. She leaned forward, giving all of us a good view of her pussy. Harvey played with her pussy awhile, and then she slid down onto his rigid cock. Up and down she went, getting wilder with every second. Harvey helped by pushing his cock into her each time she slid down.

I was so excited that I reached over and pulled Lucy's sweater up to her neck. Betty and I both played with Lucy's titties while she was being screwed, and Betty put one hand around Harvey's prick as it went in and out of Lucy's cunt. Finally, Lucy climaxed and Harvey came immediately afterward.

We all then rested awhile. When we got our breath back, our new friends drove off and Betty and I drove home to a fantastic lovemaking session. Needless to say, it was one night that neither of us will ever forget.


I am a senior citizen who lives a few miles from the center of Baltimore. On the day in question, I was driving down to visit friends near Annapolis, a beautiful old colonial town some forty miles away. Along the way, I pulled into a shopping center to get a sandwich and a soda. I parked next to a compact car and noticed a very attractive woman standing in front of it with her hands on her hips. When I got out of my car, she looked at me and shook her head. "Trouble?" I asked.

"I've done some dumb things in my time," she replied, "but locking my keys in the car has to be the dumbest."

I noticed that she had a nice ass and good-looking legs, but her frilly blouse and her jacket kept me from seeing her tits. I guessed she was probably about fifty years of age.

I said, "Well, let's see if I can help you."

About two weeks earlier, I'd found a large ball peen hammer on a road and thrown it into the trunk of my car. Now I opened the trunk, picked up the hammer and jokingly said, "Does it make any difference which window I break?"

"Oh, no," she said. "Don't do that. I'll get a cab and go home to get my other set of . . ." She stopped talking for a moment, then said, "No, I can't do that because all my other keys are in my purse—and that's locked in the car, too."

I laughed and put the hammer back in the trunk. Picking up a Slim Jim, I said, "I'll take care of it."

She looked at the tool in my hand and said, "You mean you are going to break one of the windows with that?"

"Stand in back of the car, look the other way, put your hands over your ears," I told her. "I'll let you know when you can look. I'll give you my wallet to hold, just so you'll know I won't steal your car." I tried the door on the driver's side a few times, but with no success. I then went around to the passenger's side and, on my second try, I sprang the lock, opened the door, removed the keys from the ignition and said in my most gallant tone, "Here are your keys, madam. I'll take my wallet back now, thank you. It has some secret telephone numbers in it that I wouldn't want you to see." I said it with the most friendly smile I could muster.

She couldn't get over how quickly I'd opened the door, so I showed her how a Slim Jim works. She was ever so grateful and offered to pay me for being "such a wonderful locksmith." When I refused to accept her money, she asked where I was headed. I told her that I was driving down to Annapolis to see friends. "That's not very far," she said. "Please, let me buy you lunch before you continue your trip." She told me that the restaurant in the shopping mall served a terrific bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. I accepted her invitation and we walked to the restaurant, where the waitress knew her. Besides a BLT for each of us, she ordered a bottle of wine. My new friend and I engaged in a lot of small talk, during which I mentioned that I like to go crabbing on the Eastern Shore in the summertime. She told me that she knew where to catch really big blue crabs near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.

Then she told me that she was the caretaker of a large shore home that was situated only about three miles south of the shopping center. She also told me that her employer did a lot of crabbing. "If you like," she said, "I'll show you the place."

She was a very good-looking woman with a winning personality. When I asked if I might encounter a jealous husband, she replied, "Hardly. I've been a widow for over six years."

When we got to the place, I saw a spacious bungalow. The grounds were large and well-kept. In the two-car garage sat a pretty, two-tone Cadillac. She told me that her employer used the Caddy only for things like business meetings and special occasions.

At the rear of the house, the grounds sloped down to a shaped pier that extended about sixty feet from shore, and she pointed out the swimming area to me. About thirty feet to the left was another pier. An adjoining boathouse contained a twenty-eight-foot cabin cruiser that was out of the water, suspended by slings. The boat had recently been painted and was ready for the summer, still three months away. My hostess showed me how the boat could be lowered and raised on the slings, and when she closed the winch controls and turned around, we were standing face-to-face. Without a word she put her arms around me, and we were locked in an embrace. We kissed passionately, and then she said, "I decided during lunch that I wanted to do that. I hope I don't have to apologize for being so forward." My answer was to lean forward for another kiss, and I noticed that her lips were parted to receive my eager tongue. As she Frenched me, I let my right hand drop lower and lower, until I was holding the left cheek of her ass—and it felt great! She apparently was enjoying it every bit as much as I was. Next I went to work on the interior of her mouth with my tongue. She began moaning and groaning. She moved her groin against mine and her breathing became irregular. I really think that she had at least one orgasm just from these preliminary activities.

We finally let up, and she said, "Come on. I'll show you the rest of the place." Beyond the boathouse was another building that housed two rowboats, a couple of outboard-powered vessels, and a whole lot of tackle and gear for crabbing, fishing, waterskiing and various other water sports, all of it neatly stowed in its proper place.

The house itself was spotless. The basement contained a utility room for washing clothes, a bathroom, a Ping-Pong table and a standard-size pool table. She mentioned that the owner liked to shoot pool and was a pretty good shot. I said that I'd like to challenge him to a game someday, to which she smiled enigmatically and said that such a match was a very distinct possibility.

The ground floor of the house included a beautiful kitchen-dinette, living room, bathroom and one large and one medium bedroom. Everything was clean and attractive. In the large bedroom I noticed a picture of a handsome man on the bureau. A few minutes later, while I was examining an old print of a sailing ship, I saw her put the picture of the man into a bureau drawer.

We got into another clinch, but not before she had removed her jacket and I'd seen that her tits were small. That was entirely okay with me, however, because I prefer small boobs. During lovemaking, I like to be able to fit a whole breast in my mouth.

She was really getting excited as I French-kissed her and played with her tits. When we finally broke, she said, "My bust isn't very big, but it sure is sensitive. In fact, it's one of my weak spots." I assured her that her breasts were just right for me, which seemed to make her very happy. As we moved toward the bed and lay across it, I continued kissing her and removed her frilly blouse and bra. Her firm tits had beautiful rose-colored nipples that were getting harder by the second. I kissed her forehead, her eyes, her neck and then one of her tits, causing her to moan and her body to tremble. I know that she had another orgasm then.

I started kissing her from her tits down across her stomach to her sweet-smelling mound. When I got there, she covered her pussy with one hand and pushed my head away with the other, so I worked my way back up to her tits and started all over again. The same thing happened again when I got down near her cunt. The next time, as I was kissing her belly all over and she was moaning with pleasure, I put my hand into her panties and, with her cooperation, slid them off. I think she must have thought I was going to fuck her then and there, because she raised her legs high in the air. But I quickly put my middle finger into her pussy, simultaneously kissing her pearly love button. At that, she lifted her ass at least a foot off the bed and screamed, "Oh! Oh! Oh!"

I worked on her clit and cunt hole with my fingers, causing her to have orgasm after orgasm. She held me there so firmly that I couldn't have pulled away gracefully even if I had wanted to. When I finally let up, she put her hands on my face and said, "What you just did to me was wonderful. I enjoyed every moment of it, but we'd better stop." She told me that she had been celibate since her husband passed away six years ago. She added that she sure didn't want to get pregnant at this age. Rubbing my hard-on against her leg, I told her not to worry, that I'd go out to my car and get a rubber. She said she would wash up while I was gone, and I ran out to my car as fast as I could.

She was still in the bathroom when I returned. After another fifteen minutes or so, she emerged in a pretty negligee. (I think she had taken a douche.) We promptly got into it again and it wasn't long before her negligee was off. I started kissing her pussy again, and she didn't deny me this time. After I tongued her awhile, she lifted her ass again. I kept running my tongue from her clit to her absolutely delicious cunt hole, sending wave after wave of excitement through her body. She kept moaning and pressing her crotch against my busy mouth until she must have come three or four times.

Finally, I put the rubber on, coated it with K-Y jelly and started to enter her, inch by inch. I was surprised at how tight she was, considering her age and the fact that she was so wet. So I took my time, and it felt exquisite. After I got all the way in, I stopped to let her cunt adjust to my size, but then she took over and started humping me hard. She kept it up, using everything she had, and I started to pound into her, too. She locked her legs around my back and went right along with me, never missing a stroke.

Finally, when she started pumping faster and let out a hell of a scream, I knew she was peaking. I kept pumping away. When she screamed again, I let go of my wad.

Afterward, I just lay there for a few minutes to regain my composure. She did the same. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. For a moment, I thought she had passed out, but then she opened her eyes and looked at me. She pulled my head down and gave me a long kiss. My flaccid cock was still in her. "You have made me do something that I haven't done in an awfully long time," she said. "I enjoyed every second of it. In fact, it was fantastic. I'd never had sex like that before." She said she had no idea of how many times she had come, since she hadn't bothered to count. When I pulled out of her, she moaned a soft sound of disapproval. I lay there, cuddling her and talking, and I found it hard to believe when she told me she was sixty-three years old. She told me that her late husband would kiss and hug her awhile, rub her titties, run a hand around her crotch a little and then put on a rubber and screw her. He'd been okay in bed, she said, because be nearly always gave her an orgasm. But he had rarely kissed her on the mouth, the titties or anywhere else. Certainly he would never have done what I had just done.

I began kissing her and playing with her tits again, and it was obvious that she was getting aroused. She asked if I had another rubber. When I said yes, she said, "Why don't you take a quick shower in the basement while I shower here—then we can continue our discussion?"

That's just what we did, and, when we reconvened, she had on an even sexier negligee, but I took that off pretty quickly. Again I started at her forehead and kissed my way down her body. Before I even got to her nipples, she was squirming and moaning and groaning with passion. When I got to her clit, I kept pulling on it with my lips, which really set her on fire. Her clitoris was almost an inch long. As I mouthed it, I couldn't believe the jumping and bouncing she was doing on that bed—the sheet was soaking wet from the juices that flowed from her cunt.

I had some difficulty getting another full erection. Even so, although I was only about half hard, I told her to get on her hands and knees. She was reluctant at first. But when I promised not to hurt her, she did get down—and I entered her pussy slowly, doggie-style, and only then did I get a full erection. I must have pumped in and out of her for more than twenty minutes while playing with her clit and titties. It was unbelievable how she kept having orgasms. When it appeared that she was about to collapse on the bed, I held her up by her hips until I unleashed my jism, filling the entire reservoir at the tip of the rubber.

After we'd rested awhile and gotten dressed, she told me she could not believe that she'd ever have another sexual experience to match this one, but she looked forward to doing it again in the near future. She reminded me that the crabbing season was still a good ways off, but that was no reason for me not to pay her a lot of visits. I took her phone number and promised to keep in touch so she could let me know when the owner was away again. "I am the owner," she confessed. "I didn't lie to you. All I said was that the owner was away, which was true." She told me that her husband had owned a trucking company that he'd built up from scratch and it now belonged to her. She had a fleet of eighteen dump trucks. Her brother ran the business. He and his wife resided next door to her. He'd often suggested that she should go out with some nice fellow once in a while and enjoy herself, but she hadn't followed his advice. She had gone out with one guy, but he came on too strong, trying to run his hand up her dress before they even sat down to dinner. She just wasn't ready for anything like that so soon after her husband had passed away.

As I was getting into my car, her brother arrived and she introduced me to him. He was a good-looking, well-built man who gave me a firm handshake. He said he had seen my car in the driveway and thought he'd better check it out. She told him that I would be coming back to go crabbing when the season began. I think he suspected that his sister and I had been intimate that afternoon. When he left, he seemed to wink at me.

As soon as her brother was out of sight, she gave me another big hug and kiss. She said she hoped I wouldn't forget her too soon. I assured her that I would be back real soon. I could never forget a wonderful woman like her.

Oh, one more thing. She never asked me if I was married, which I am.


The October afternoon was warm, the sky cloudless and blue—an ideal Indian summer day. I was on vacation and headed for what we in Wisconsin refer to as "up north," a mythical land of pristine wilderness that exists primarily in people's imaginations. Still, it is possible to find pockets of solitude there during this time of year. I was headed for one now, a small national-forest campground that is seldom used after the summer tourist season.

Anticipating a leisurely week of fishing, canoeing and hiking, I drove unhurriedly, stopping often to enjoy the weather and fall foliage that was now at its prime. Crimson maples, golden birches, terra-cotta oaks, all glowing in a final blaze of glory before the snows of winter fall to lock the land in mystery and frigid silence.

It was dark by the time I reached my destination. I was disappointed to find that a single tent was pitched in the otherwise vacant campground, a two-person mountain tent set up next to a Toyota that bore a canoe on its roof. Probably a couple or two guys out for some fall fishing, I thought. My favorite spot was unoccupied and well away from the other tent, so my good spirits returned as I pitched camp by the light of my gas lantern. I erected my four-man tent and stowed my gear inside. I hung a tarp over my small picnic table. The food and cooking gear remained in the back of my car as a precaution against furry things that go bump in the night. Then I hauled my canoe to the lake, leaving it on the shore. Finally, I visited the rustic facilities and retired to my tent to grab a few Z's before dawn.


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