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SEXXX On the Job


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Burning up with hot love fever? This over-the-counter collection of erotica is the only prescription you need. If you fantasize about the very personal bedside manner of that sexy surgeon, the beautiful patient who’s getting drilled in the dentist’s chair, or the sweet taste of the nubile candy striper, these masters and mistresses of the healing arts have the Rxxx ready. They guarantee to raise your temperature, make sure that swelling never goes down, and keep the physical therapy so intense you’ll be feeling it night after delirious night. Let the healing begin.


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Penthouse readers are about to show you how sick our sexual healers can get. You'll meet the dreamy doctor who makes an intimate house call on the naughty nurse… the robust sperm donor who finds a surprisingly eager recipient… the female pharmacist who fills a personal prescription for smoldering lesbian love… and the dozens of others who keep visiting hours hot around the clock. Insatiable lust is the diagnosis. This book—and total satisfaction—is the cure.


Dashing young doctors and angels of mercy have long populated television dramas, with their smoldering glances and illicit encounters firing up the imaginations of eager audiences. But forget about the small screen. These striking characters are starring in a much more entertaining show: the erotic fantasies of men and women all across America. This collection of steamy letters to Penthouse is proof of that and so much more.

In addition to lusty liaisons and wild fantasies, there are plenty of tales from naughty nurses and sexy surgeons themselves. They may spend their shifts engaged in noble, life-saving endeavors, but they're also quick to let loose, finding that the best way to relieve their stress is with some delicious debauchery.

From hospital hijinks to desktop sex romps, there are plenty of kinky couples, torrid trios, and amorous encounters to set your pulse racing.

The diagnosis? It's definitely dirty—and this book will make it even more so. It's your personal prescription for pleasure, straight from the pages of Penthouse.

Barbara Pizio

Executive Editor

Penthouse Variations

Hospital Hijinks—Patient Watches Doctor and Nurse in the Bed Next to His

I got out of the hospital last week after some minor but necessary surgery, and I'm feeling better than ever. Now, for most people, a hospital stay is not what you'd call a thrilling experience, but for me it was truly memorable because of what happened late one night. I doubt I'll forget it if I live to be a hundred.

I guess it was around one in the morning, and I was having trouble getting to sleep. I'd been given a sleeping pill, as usual, but it didn't seem to be working this time. I had just turned over for the umpteenth time when into my room comes a young doctor—a resident, I suppose—accompanied by a beautiful blonde nurse whom I guessed to be in her early twenties.

They didn't so much walk as sneak in, and I heard the nurse whisper, "Don't worry, he's out like a light. The sleeping pill works really well on him." I had to stifle a chuckle at that, even as I quickly screwed my eyes shut and pretended to be sound asleep. I heard the door close gently and then some rustling on the unused bed next to mine as the overhead reading lamp was turned on. Very carefully, I opened my eyes to see the good-looking doctor and the lovely nurse in a passionate embrace, kissing wildly. She was sitting on the bed with her back to me, and he was standing right in front of her.

For a fleeting moment, I thought that the sleeping pill had finally taken effect and that I was having a sexy dream. But no, now he was licking the side of her neck and nibbling on her ear, causing her to moan softly as she rubbed the front of his pants with her left hand, while her right hand squeezed his ass. I wondered how far they intended to go. They wouldn't actually fuck—or would they? It occurred to me that somebody, perhaps one of the nurses on duty, was keeping watch for them, making sure they weren't interrupted. Still, it was real ballsy of them to carry on with me right there in the room, even if they did think I was asleep.

I had to close my eyes quickly when I thought the doctor was looking at me over the nurse's shoulder, but then, when I thought it safe, I opened them just as quickly. Hell, I didn't want to miss anything. I prayed that they wouldn't think to close the curtain around that bed, for then I'd have to be content to only hear them going at it—which wouldn't be all that bad either, I realized.

Well, by this time the doctor and the nurse were on the bed, fumbling with each other's clothes. And by this time I had a nice boner and was slipping a hand under the covers down to my crotch. Stroking myself while lying on my side like that was somewhat awkward, but since I was supposed to be dead to the world I had to stay in that position. I could have quietly turned onto my back, I guess, but then I wouldn't have been able to see anything. Anyway, having stripped down to their underwear, the doctor and the nurse were ready to get down to business.

With the doctor flat on his back on the bed, the lovely blonde nurse crouched between his spread legs, pulled his swollen cock out of his boxers, and began licking it all over. Looking up at him, she gave the mushroom-shaped head a good tongue bath and then slowly slid her lips down the length of the shaft. Soon her pretty blonde head was bobbing up and down as she sucked hungrily on her doctor friend's cock.

"Oh, baby," he groaned, forgetting himself. "You suck cock better than any nurse on this floor."

Immediately, the nurse took her mouth off his cock to shush him with a nod in my direction. The sheepish look on his face lasted only moments, until her lips were once again sliding wetly up and down his boner. I continued to stroke my cock under the covers, doing so very carefully because I didn't want to come before they actually began screwing. I wondered in what position they'd fuck or if they'd do it several different ways. Not that it really mattered to me—provided the good doctor didn't come prematurely.

The doctor whispered to the nurse that he wanted to taste her pussy, so they changed positions, with the nurse now on her back and the doctor between her legs. Drawing aside the crotch of her white panties, he plastered his face to her cunt and began licking up and down her slit. "You're soaking wet," he whispered, and again she shushed him. Moments later, however, she was having trouble keeping quiet, at one point covering her mouth to smother moans of pleasure as the doctor continued his artful tongue-work on her pussy.

After a few minutes, he straightened up and shuffled into position to fuck her. Placing the head of his erect cock at the entrance of her pussy, he pushed inside her, and this time she bit down on her lower lip to keep from making noise. The hospital bed rattled a bit as the couple fucked, for which I was glad, because I had started to worry that they might hear the rapid beating of my heart as I watched them in action!

As quietly as possible, I shifted my position a bit and got a little more comfortable, all the while keeping a firm hand on my hard-on and my eyes on the doctor and the nurse. I watched him pause just long enough to draw her legs up and drape them over his shoulders before resuming the old in-and-out. I couldn't be sure, but I thought I heard the nurse whisper, "Harder, do it faster." In any event, the good doctor picked up the pace moments later, ramming into the nurse with such vigor that I could hear his balls slapping against her ass cheeks with each forceful thrust of his manhood.

It would soon be over, I thought—thinking, too, that I could time my orgasm with theirs since I was near the bursting point. I was surprised when the doctor pulled out of the nurse and she quickly flipped over onto her tummy and then lifted herself up onto her hands and knees. They were going to finish up doggie-style, which had always been a favorite of mine.

Again I was taken by surprise when the doctor, preparing to enter his nurse friend from behind, looked over at me as if to satisfy himself that I was still dreaming sweet dreams. My eyes blinked shut, and when the seconds passed and I didn't hear anything to suggest I had been found out, I slowly opened them again. I had stopped stroking myself when the doctor glanced my way, but now I resumed playing with my cock as I watched him pound the nurse's pussy from behind.

The nurse's face, half hidden by the pillow she was holding on to, was flushed, pure desire written all over it. The doctor's face reflected his passion as well, and I knew it wouldn't be long now—for me, too.

Moments after I had started stroking my cock with more urgency, the doctor gasped that he was coming and then, obviously struggling to keep from crying out, shot his load into the nurse's pussy. My eyes turned to her, and when I saw her biting down into the pillow I could only assume that she, too, had come. That was it for me. Only later would I start thinking about the semen stain on the sheets and hope no one would notice—all that mattered at the moment, though, was that I get off, which I did, like a house afire, drenching my hand with come.

The doctor and the nurse got out of bed, rearranged their underwear, and put their clothes back on. They smoothed the sheets on the bed, fluffed the pillow, and then left, closing the door quietly behind them after a final kiss in the room.

"Un-fucking-believable," I said softly to myself.

The next day, in the morning after breakfast, my doctor stopped by to see how I was doing. He asked if I had had a good night.

"It was real good, Doc," I answered. "In fact, one of the best."

Mr. G.S., Albany, New York

Hospital Volunteer Comes to the Rescue of a Snowbound Nurse

I caught Renee with her pants down—literally. She gasped, sat upright, and clutched her pubic mound when I opened the door to my apartment. She was on the couch with her white pants nearly to her knees and her blouse open. One ample breast was out of her bra; the other remained confined. Her face reddened. I couldn't tell whether she was embarrassed or aroused by my intrusion.

I shut the door and turned my back on her while I closed the deadbolt. I fumbled with the lock for a moment, and then turned to face her. She hadn't moved. I was amazed that she hadn't taken the opportunity to cover herself while my back was turned. Renee gazed at me. Her expression was blank, her breathing very even.

She didn't seem to notice that I had her purse. She had sent me back into the snow, where I had been much of the day, to retrieve it from the hospital; obviously, I had returned sooner than she'd expected.

I was one of several volunteers who ferried essential employees to the hospital during snowstorms. Renee, an emergency-room nurse, had pulled a double shift. She expected more overtime the next day, so I had offered to let her stay at my place, which is within walking distance of the hospital. I fully expected to sleep on the couch while she snuggled up with a pillow in my warm bed.

Renee looked me over carefully, and I felt myself blush. An urgent and satisfying warmth flooded my loins as my cock firmed. I stepped toward her, held out the purse, and dropped it beside her on the couch.

"I, uh, I," she stuttered, her pretty face blushing. "I, uh, I thought I'd be through before you got back."

I nearly moaned as I looked at her exposed breast. I opened my mouth to speak, but I closed it without saying a word. Renee freed her other breast, and the nipple quickly stiffened. She lifted her left breast to her lips, kissed the nipple and licked it. I groaned softly as she began sucking her own nipple. Then she released her left tit and gave the right one the same treatment.

I knelt in front of her. She continued to lick, suck and fondle her beautiful tits. As I removed her shoes and socks, she cooed softly and made no effort to stop me. I slid off her pants and panties. Meanwhile, she removed her blouse and bra. Renee moaned softly as I stroked her thighs. I stared longingly at her glistening pink pussy lips. Her light-brown pubic hair was silky and fluffy, like the hair on her head.

I stuck my head between her legs and kissed her slit. She shivered, sighed, and squeezed her breasts together. I slurped at her moist seam. Her rich, earthy scent flared my nostrils as I licked her clitoris and slid a finger into her clutching sex.

"Yes," she gasped. "God, yes. Oh, baby, yes."

Renee squealed, and her pussy tightened around my finger. She arched her back and howled as I brought her to a devastating climax. I pulled my finger out of her and grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands, continuing to lick and suck her pussy. Her hips shifted erratically as she practically humped my face. She cried out again, her voice high-pitched and guttural. She beat the couch cushions with her fists as her orgasmic convulsions reverberated through her.

Renee grabbed the back of my head, held it tightly for a moment, and then pushed me away. I tumbled onto my back. Renee was panting; her green eyes glowed and her well-formed breasts heaved as she struggled to catch her breath.

I took off my shoes, stood, unfastened my pants, and slid them down with my briefs. My erection sprang into the air. Renee sat up straight at the sight of my prick. When I finished undressing, she leaned forward, opened her mouth, and swallowed my boner. She sucked me with gusto, her breasts swaying this way and that. I moaned softly and caressed her soft hair as my cock slid in and out of her hungry mouth.

I reached down, cupped her breasts, and brushed them against the underside of my cock. The feel of her soft, supple flesh made me tremble. The erect nipples tickled my tightening balls, and my cock jerked.

"Oh, baby, I want you so bad," she whispered when she released my erection. She kissed the tip of my cock, and then stretched out on the couch with her legs open. I got on top of her.

"Oh, fuck me now," Renee cried. "Fuck me now, baby."

We gasped together as I plunged into her. Her urgent warmth engulfed me completely and totally—it was as if we had achieved some kind of mystical union. Renee locked her ankles around my buttocks and urged me with her heels to thrust into the heart of her incredible desire. The delicious friction between our fully aroused genitals made my load boil over in my balls. I licked and sucked her stiff nipples, then strayed to her armpits. Renee squirmed beneath me and whispered exciting gibberish into my ear. We were both on the brink of wrenching climaxes.

Renee stiffened, arched her back, and cried out as her pussy clamped down on my straining dick. Her cunt convulsed with a series of powerful spasms and basted my meat with simmering juices.

"I'm going to shoot," I gasped.

"Give it to me, baby," she cried out loudly. "Please give it to me good."

An exquisite tickling sensation consumed my cock. I plunged in to the hilt. I exploded and pumped jet after jet of hot cream into her spasming sex. I collapsed on top of her, and she hugged me tightly. Her pointy nipples poked my chest, and her pussy continued to clutch my softening cock.

Later, after Renee had enjoyed a refreshing bubble bath, we sat watching television and sipping cups of bisque. The weatherman declared that the snowstorm had paralyzed the region, but a new front would bring warmer temperatures and clearer skies in two or three days. Renee sighed her relief. "I don't know how many more days like this last one I can stand," she said.

I nodded. The snowstorm had brought us together, and I was grateful for that, but it would have been all right with me if the snow suddenly vanished.

Well-fucked and fortified with bisque, Renee opened up about her life. She had always, she told me, masturbated to relieve tension. Indeed, she had nearly rubbed her clitoris raw during the turbulent days that surrounded her breakup with her last boyfriend. But she had managed to pull herself together and earn her nursing degree. School was difficult at times, but now she was making good money and on track to become a nursing supervisor. She said she hoped to move into hospital administration eventually.

"And I'm still only thirty-four," she said proudly.

"You don't look it," I said.

"You're too kind," she said softly.

She dropped her head into my lap, and my cock twitched as she sucked it into her mouth. I groaned and grunted as my dick swelled between her lips. She fondled my nuts with one hand and fingered herself with her other hand. I pinched her nipples, caressed her hair, and sighed. Renee moaned around my cock, sending thrilling tremors through my loins. But then she abruptly stopped sucking me. Her eyes glazed over with raw lust as she stared at my throbbing boner.

I stretched out on the couch. She mounted me and drove my hard-on into the heart of her simmering pussy. She humped me relentlessly, bouncing urgently on my upstanding erection. She leaned forward until her wildly swaying tits were slapping my face. I caught them and squeezed them, but she grabbed my wrists and pinned me to the couch. Her facial expression was absolutely maniacal as she rode me for all she was worth. She released my wrists, and I grabbed her ass cheeks, squeezing them as her grasping pussy massaged my surging cock.

"Oh, baby," she cried. "You're going to make me come, baby. You're going to make me come." Renee fell on top of me, her breasts mashing against my chest. We embraced desperately as her pussy convulsed.

"I'm going to come, too," I gasped.

"Yeah, baby, yeah," she cried. "Shoot your load. Shoot it."

We kissed, hugged, trembled, and sighed as our wild spasms subsided. I actually did sleep on the couch that night because I knew I would have to get up long before she did. Snow and ice remained obstacles to travel, and I had plenty of pickups to make. A new weather system arrived two days later, however, and wiped away all traces of the crippling snowstorm.

Mr. B.T., Appleton, Wisconsin

Happiness Is Finding a Great Roommate with a Hot Boyfriend

I had thought that having to get a roommate would be the worst thing ever for my social life. Since my ex-boyfriend moved out, I needed to get a roommate to share the rent and expenses with, so I put an ad in the local paper looking for a responsible, nonsmoking woman who could move in by the end of the month.

A few days later, I met Tracy. She was an emergency-room nurse and worked odd hours, but we got along great and she quickly moved in. She warned me in advance that her boyfriend, Stan, might be hanging around the place, but I figured that would be good, because you never know when you might need a man to fix something or change a light bulb with our high ceilings and all, and boy, did I end up enjoying having a handyman around.

Tracy was very comfortable with her body—with a body as well-toned and fit as hers, she should be—and would often walk around the apartment in the nude, showing off her barely there blonde pubic hair, her fabulous ass, and the perfect round orbs of her breasts. At first, I felt shy around her, but she was so at ease that her attitude soon made me feel fine. Gradually I, too, got used to walking around in only my underwear, even when Stan was around.

Stan was really hot, too. He was in his late twenties and worked construction, so he had these great masculine, callused hands, and I couldn't help salivating over them whenever I'd ask him to open a tight mason jar for me, or something else silly like that. He was over six feet tall, and had wavy brown hair and green eyes that crinkled in the corners. Tracy teased me about flirting with him, and I giggled in response because it was so obvious, but they had a pretty open relationship, so it never seemed to bother either of them.

I would often end up spending my Saturday nights with Stan because Tracy had to work, and I wasn't ready yet to date again. So the two of us would watch movies, make popcorn, and sit on the couch talking, eating, and even snuggling a little until Tracy got home or we fell asleep in front of the TV. The living arrangement was working out well for all of us, but looking back, it seems like nothing compared to the situation we've got going now.

One Saturday night, Stan came over and said he'd picked out a very special movie for us. I was excited, thinking that it was that hot new release I'd been dying to see. It was hot all right, but not the Matt Damon flick I'd had in mind. As soon as he popped the disc into the player, he sat next to me on the couch and held my hand in his. I could hear the movie before I could see it, and the sounds of moans and groans filled the room. Then the screen flashed brightly to three people going at it wildly. A tangle of flesh was all I could see, and I was shocked but admittedly excited at the same time.

"What do you think?" he asked me.

I was speechless, and all I could do was smile and try to hold back my laughter. I didn't have to try long, because soon Stan's mouth was covering mine and we were kissing passionately. I was so stunned that there was hardly a thought in my head as he slipped his hands under my T-shirt and rubbed my breasts, pinching my nipples as they hardened between his fingers.

Soon my shirt was lifted over my head and Stan was alternately sucking each of my sensitive nipples into his mouth and flicking the sharp points with his tongue as I held his head tightly to my chest. I was so lost in the moment that I didn't hear the turn of Tracy's key in the door, but soon enough I felt another pair of hands running through my hair from behind the couch. I looked up and saw Tracy smiling at me.

"Hello, darling," she said. "How are you enjoying our little surprise?"

I groaned deeply and smiled, and she smiled back at me, then lowered her head and kissed me on the mouth, snaking her tongue around mine and reaching forward to grab my breasts. I leaned all the way back to give her more access, and as I did, Stan pulled off my jeans and began massaging my pussy over my underwear. It felt so incredible to have two pairs of hands pleasuring me at once. My pussy was getting wetter and hotter as he rubbed me through the thin cotton of my panties, and I was yearning to play with someone myself.

Tracy pulled away from our kiss and came around the couch. She stripped off her nurse's uniform and stood naked before us for a moment before pushing Stan out of the way and quickly yanking down my panties, revealing my dark muff of pubic hair.

"I've been wanting to do that ever since I moved in," she said.

I managed to eke out a whispered, "Me, too," as she dove face-first into my mound and began licking me between my legs. I was in heaven when she gently spread my labia and rubbed her fingers firmly around my clit. I quivered at her touch and reached out for Stan, who was naked now, too, his hard cock sticking straight up in the air. I licked my lips and beckoned him to me. I lay back completely on the couch, and he straddled my chest so that his cock was inches from my mouth. Tracy swerved with us so that her mouth was still plastered to my cunt.

I grabbed Stan's rigid pole and then slid my hand along its veiny shaft, feeling all of its wonderful ridges. I reached between his legs for his balls and rolled them in my palm before pulling him closer to me and kissing the very tip of his penis. A noticeable tremor traveled through him, and as I gulped the head of his cock into my mouth, I felt Tracy's tongue dart into my pussy, all stiff and hard so she could fuck me with it.

I could hardly believe this was really happening. The moans from the movie playing on the television were still echoing in the background, but soon our own moans were nearly drowning them out because both Stan and I were getting close to coming. I kept my eyes wide open, watching Stan as he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. When he seemed to be really close, he pulled out of my mouth and leaned forward and licked the deep valley between my breasts before gliding his cock between my fleshy mounds. I cupped my tits together tightly as he slid back and forth between them, and I nipped at his cockhead each time it surfaced from the gorge between my flesh.

Tracy was lapping away at my pussy and finger-fucking me good and hard, making me cry out each time her tongue lashed my clit. My orgasm surprised me as my pussy walls spasmed around her fingers and a huge explosion of pleasure surged through me. As I came, Stan lurched forward and grunted as he splashed my chest with his pearly come. I rubbed the hot cream into my skin as Tracy moved up to my breasts and started licking the sticky whiteness off my chest.

When she kissed me again, I could taste my juice on her lips and tongue mingled with the taste of Stan's come, and it got me even more excited to taste her pussy. I finally sat up and pushed her down on the couch, kissing my way down her neck and her perky breasts—all the way down to her glistening cunt. I'd never tasted another woman's pussy before and her musky scent was drawing me in. As I kissed her pretty pink lips for the first time, I felt Stan's hand at my crotch, which was raised high in the air. He was seeking out my slippery folds and began stroking me gently as I licked up and down Tracy's moist slit, drinking down her succulent juices. I couldn't believe how good she tasted and how my own slit dripped with excitement as I licked and sucked her.

As I buried my face in Tracy's cunt, Stan's prodigious erection began nudging the entrance to my vagina, and I moved my hips back to help him push his way inside me. He eased in inch by inch until his heavy balls were slapping against my ass each time he drove into me. I heard Tracy's moans, and I increased my laving of her pussy, stiffening my tongue and sliding it into her hole. She writhed around, but I held her hips still as her boyfriend plowed into me from behind. He grabbed hold of my waist and started to really slam it home, sending waves of pleasure through me each time he buried his hard cock in my cunt.

Tracy stroked my hair as her body started to shake, and then she gripped a chunk of my hair to hold on to as an orgasm wracked her body. I lifted my head from her cunt and pulled away from Stan to move up the length of Tracy's body until my pussy was just above her face and I was straddling her chest. Stan followed behind me and pushed his cock back into my pussy as Tracy swiped my clit with bold lashes of her tongue.

We had a nice fucking rhythm going, but then, suddenly, Stan pulled out of my cunt and dragged his stiff cock along my asscrack, easing my ass cheeks open with his hand. He lined his cockhead up with my asshole and slowly pushed against it. I'd never had a dick buried in my ass before, but the sensation of it up against my tight hole was completely exhilarating.


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