Letters to Penthouse XXXXIII

Letters to Penthouse XXXXIII

Go Sex Yourself

MAKING LOVE TO #1 It can’t be wrong when it’s not hurting anybody-and it feels so good. Now in delicious detail, happy addicts to the solitary vice reveal how, sexually speaking, they take matters into their own hands, whether as a steamy solo performance or a torrid team effort. Share the guilty pleasure with gals and guys, spies and showoffs, fetishists and toy lovers, mile-highers and auto-eroticists. See why in close encounters of the first kind, nobody does it better or hotter than Penthouse readers. And they’re eager to show you how.

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Genre: Fiction / Fiction / Erotica

On Sale: April 1st 2012

Price: $8.99

Page Count: 304

ISBN-13: 9780446583657