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HOW HOT CAN YOU GET?Plenty hot! This 16th collection of Letters to Penthouse proves that you can never get too much of a good thing…and the thing you get is steamy, lusty, daring, and outrageous sex that most people only experience in their fantasy lives. But these adventures aren’t fantasies.They happened to real people from all walks of life-teachers and preachers, plumbers and professors-who seized the moment (and much more) and acted out their most forbidden erotic dreams. Each true and orgasmic story divulges every titillating detail, every touch, and every delicious sensation from these hot and horny people who want to share their X-rated fun with you.YOU CAN’T GET TOO MUCH SEX…OR GET IT TOO HOT.The very fact that there’s a 16th collection of Letters to Penthouse confirms that there are millions of readers lusting for more. You’ll see why they keep snapping these true tales of erotic abandon off the shelves when you read about sex with strangers, strange ways to have sex and sex in the strangest of places.Each of these letters is completely authentic and sent in by readers of Penthouse who were so turned on by their own wild sex lives that they wanted to turn you on, too. Join these uninhibited adventurers as they dare to have sex in ways that most of us only imagine…or could barely even begin to imagine. You’ll be right in the middle of them as they couple, or triple, or quadruple in erotic encounters that leave them panting from pleasure…and that will leave you aching for more.



























My girlfriend Annie and I are both eighteen and seniors in high school, and like most people our age we fuck whenever we get the chance.

Annie is on the cheerleading squad. She has long brown hair, rather small breasts, and a cute little round ass that I dearly love to play with. She is a farm girl, and I spend a lot of time with her down on the farm, hunting, fishing and having a quick fuck in the barn.

I was visiting Annie over spring break. We were both very horny, so first chance we got we took a trip to the barn. Afer we had undressed and done some very passionate kissing, Annie got down on her hands and knees on the dirt floor and told me she really needed a good ass-fucking. I asked her to lick my cock first to give it a good coating of spit. I knew that if there was anything my Annie liked better than fucking, it was sucking cock. I stood in front of her as she crouched there on all fours, and she started licking my cock. She licked it all over, and then licked my balls for good measure. Then she took my dick into her sweet little mouth and began to suck it, moaning softly around the hard flesh. I looked down at her bobbing head and thought how lucky I was to have this gorgeous sex-crazy female for my girlfriend. I pulled out of her mouth before I lost control, then positioned myself behind her and slowly eased my boner into her tight little bum.

"Oh, shit!" Annie cried. "It feels so damn good in there! Give it to me, baby." I began to bang her butt like a stud dog fucks his bitch. Annie reached up and began feverishly fingering her clit. "Fuck me, fuck my ass, harder, drill me good!" she cried over and over, and soon she reached a violent orgasm. As she did, her ass muscles almost squeezed my dick off, which caused me to come deep inside her bowels.

After resting a while, we quickly dressed and went to the house to clean up. Annie had invited me to stay for supper. As we ate, Annie's mom, Gail, kept giving me strange looks. Gail is a very good-looking woman. When I first met her I thought she was Annie's sister. Like her daughter, Gail packs a nice ass; unlike her daughter, she also has a large set of boobs and waist-length blonde hair. I couldn't believe she was in her mid-forties.

After supper, Gail asked me if I could come to the farm the next day to help her with some chores, as both her husband and Annie would be gone for the day. I told her I would be glad to help, and that I would see her in the morning.

When I arrived at the farm the next morning, Annie and her dad were already gone. Gail was weeding her garden. She was wearing a very skimpy tube top which offered a good view of her big boobs and barely covered her nipples. She also had on a pair of super-short cutoffs that nicely exposed her ass cheeks, and when she bent over I could catch a glimpse of her pouty pussy lips. I had trouble hiding my hard cock as we worked in the garden.

After we had finished, Gail told me to come into the house. "I want to have a talk with you, big boy," she said as I sat down on the sofa. "Just how long have you been fucking my daughter?"

I felt a lump grow in my throat. "I-I don't know what you're talking about," I stuttered.

"The hell you don't," Gail replied. "I was in the barn yesterday, and I watched you fucking my sweet daughter's ass." Then, to my surprise and relief, she went on, "The two of you made me so fucking horny, I wanted to jump in and join you. It took all I had to keep from jumping your bones at the supper table last night. At least my husband got a good fucking after we went to bed."

With that she pulled me close to her, and we locked into a very hot, wet French kiss. Gail then pulled off her tube top. "It's time you sucked some real tits," she said. "I think you'll find them more filling then Annie's little A-cups." I sucked greedily at her fat nipples. "That's it baby," Gail cooed. "Suck me, suck me good!"

Quickly we removed the rest of our clothes. Gail laid me back on the couch, set her pussy down over my mouth and put her lips to work on my hard cock. I couldn't believe how good she was with her mouth. It seemed that a talent for oral sex ran in the family, except that Gail was, if possible, even better than her daughter. I had to exert all my control not to come immediately. I concentrated on licking and sucking her pussy while she sucked my dick and fingered my asshole. Even so, it didn't take long for me to flood her mouth with sperm, and soon her pussy juices flowed into my hungry mouth.

"Oh, baby," Gail said, "I can see what my daughter likes about you. You're one hell of a pussy eater!" I replied by telling her that she could suck cock better than Annie could.

"Maybe I'll have to give her lessons," she said laughingly. "Now let's see how good that young cock of yours feels in my pussy." She lay back, and I placed my cock into her slit and began to bang away at my girlfriend's mom's hot cunt. Gail dug her fingers into my back. "C'mon, big boy," she panted. "Do it hard, fuck me, fuck me please, oh yes!"

"I'm gonna screw your brains out, lady," I replied as I kneaded her tits and went on drilling her pussy hard and deep. She started to come, and she climaxed a couple of times before I seeded her steamy snatch with a load of sperm.

Gail and I fell asleep in each other's arms for at least two hours. She woke me up by sucking my cock back to life. "It's been a long time since I've had my ass fucked properly," Gail said. "Watching you butt-fuck Annie reminded me how much I miss it. Please do my ass."

I had her bend over the couch. I found some Vaseline and greased up my cock, then slowly slipped it up Gail's butt. I fucked her slowly at first; then I grabbed hold of her waist with one hand and fondled her twat and her clit with the other, as I proceeded to hammer her asshole good. "You like this, don't you, baby?" I panted. "You like watching me butt-fuck sweet Annie and then having me do it to you, don't you?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Gail cried. "I want to be your slut. I love watching you fuck Annie, now please fuck my ass off!" And she came again as I creamed her hot asshole.

Gail and I fucked for the rest of that day. Now when I fuck Annie I know her mom's watching, and needless to say, I take care of her too. I plan on asking Annie to marry me soon. Between Annie and her mom, I know I'll always have a place to bury my cock. It's best to keep things in the family.

R.T., Little Rock, Arkansas


This is a story that began fifteen years ago and has a happy ending.

My wife Ellen and I married when she was nineteen and I was twenty-two. I had had four sexual partners before her, but she was a virgin. After eighteen happy years of marriage, Ellen began to get a sexual itch, regretting that all her life she had never been with a man aside from me. At thirty-seven, she still had a gorgeous 36-29-35 body, and was a very attractive woman with long light brown hair.

I decided to solve the problem by hiring a male stripper. I called a service and asked to talk to the man before he came to our home. They referred me to a man named Chet, a twenty-four-year-old student in a graduate psychology program. When I spoke to him he told me he was six feet five, with a well-developed body and blond hair. He said he mostly took private calls, because he didn't like to strip in front of crowds. He sounded okay to me, and we arranged to meet the following Saturday night.

Ellen prepared for his visit by putting on a see-through negligee with matching panties. When Chet arrived, I could see that she was really impressed with him. He was as handsome as a Nordic god. After some preliminary small talk, I was prepared to leave the two of them alone, but Chet stopped me. He said that the show was for both of us, and that there should be no secrets. Ellen agreed. Chet suggested that I strip down to my underwear so that Ellen would not feel so exposed, so I took off everything but my blue boxers.

Chet put on a tape and started to dance a slow dance, and then asked Ellen and me to join him. The three of us danced, with Ellen in the middle. As the music got faster, Chet started to strip. He took off his jacket, his tie, his shoes and socks, and his shirt. Then he asked Ellen to undo his belt and pants. She looked at me, and I told her to go for it.

In a minute he was down to his briefs, and I was surprised when he asked me to remove them; but he said again that this show was for both of us. So I did it, leaving him in a G-string.

Chet put on a slower tape, and we started to dance again. After a minute I reached around and undid the front of Ellen's negligee. She rubbed her breasts against Chet's chest. Chet leaned down to suck on her nipples for a moment, then reached around her and pulled down my shorts. I reciprocated by pulling off his G-string.

I have a fairly normal seven-inch penis, but Chet's was enormous. Ellen gasped in amazement, and he smiled at her as he pulled down her panties.

Chet then said he wanted to worship her cunt, and asked me to suck on his penis while he did that. I had never done anything like that, but I did as he asked, and enjoyed it. After he brought Ellen to orgasm with his mouth, he asked me to fuck her, to open her up and lubricate her with my sperm. I took her doggie-style so she could suck his huge cock as I was fucking her. Soon I had one of the most powerful climaxes I could remember.

When I finished, Chet asked me to hold his cock and rub it all over Ellen's vulva. She started begging for it, so he asked me to put it in, and I did. He eased in slowly, inch by inch, until his balls were slapping her ass. Watching them made me hard again, so he had me kneel astride Ellen's face, and he sucked me off while he was fucking her. When I told him I was coming, he said to shoot down his throat, so I did.

After that I lost all my inhibitions. I got behind him and started to lick his balls and asshole while he went on fucking my wife. He finally came with a mighty roar, and Ellen climaxed again. Following Chet's suggestion, we then formed a triangle. I cleaned him off with my mouth, he cleaned Ellen off, and she cleaned me off.

Afterward we sat around in the nude and got to know each other. One reason Chet needed to strip was to pay his school expenses. Ellen and I had a very successful business and a large house, and we offered to help him out by letting him live and eat at our house. Chet was grateful, and we had many good times together. Ellen and I often took separate business trips, and with Chet there neither of us had to do without a sexual partner while the other was away.

This happy arrangement has lasted for fifteen years. Chet got his doctorate and is now a very successful psychologist. Ellen is still a good-looking woman even now, and our sex life still flourishes. Chet occasionally has outside adventures of his own, but we have no problem with that.

So my wife's sexual itch, and the good luck we had in dealing with it, ended up changing our lives for the better.

Name and address withheld


I am writing to tell you about a really wild encounter I had about six months ago. I was out driving on the freeway when I saw this cute black chick hitchhiking. It was getting dark out, so I stopped. When I told her where I was going, a small city about fifty miles away, she said she was headed there too, to see a friend. Her name was Beryl, and she was kind of thin but sexy-looking. When we got to the city I told her I was staying there overnight, and asked her if she wanted to have dinner with me, and she accepted.

During dinner she excused herself to make a call. When she came back she said there was no one home at her friend's. I then told her that if she needed a place to stay, she could share my motel room. I had stayed there before, and I told her it wasn't very fancy. In fact, it was an X-rated motel, with porno movies, mirrors on the ceilings and walls, and water beds. But I told her I wouldn't do anything to make her feel uncomfortable; if she just wanted to take a shower and change clothes, that was fine.

Beryl said it sounded like fun. She asked me why I stayed at this motel. I said it was in a quiet area, and also I enjoyed watching porno movies. I said I knew that my staying there alone might seem strange to her, and she said, "You're not alone now."

We drove to the motel, and as we approached the room we saw a nice-looking couple emerging from the room next door. We struck up a conversation, and they were very friendly. The woman's name was Lilly. She was blonde and had big breasts. The guy was Sam; he was tall and good-looking. Jokingly, I introduced Beryl as my wife. She gave me a funny look, but went along with it.

We said goodbye to Sam and Lilly and went into the room. Beryl said she was going to shower, and asked if I cared to join her. I said sure. I also told her that there was a hot tub out behind the motel that we might check out later. Beryl said that was fine, and started taking off her clothes with no self-consciousness at all. So I did the same.

In the shower I admired her body. Although she was slender, she didn't look as skinny naked as she had with clothes on. Her breasts were very firm and shapely, and she had a nice round ass and very curvy legs. She was the first black woman I had seen who shaved her pussy—not that I had seen that many black women. I was standing behind her and my cock was sticking straight out and touching her ass. She turned around and started soaping me up. I told her I was sorry if the hard cock bothered her, and she said that if I hadn't gotten hard she would have been disappointed. She said she wouldn't have invited me to shower with her if she didn't want to spark some interest. I said that in that case, maybe I would stay two nights, if she would. She just smiled at me and told me to rinse off.

After the shower I suggested we check out the hot tub. When we got out there, Lilly was in the tub, and she invited us to join her. She said Sam had gone out whoring around. A minute later I was sitting between two very sexy naked women. My cock was rock-hard and pointing straight out. Lilly reached down and felt it, then looked over at Beryl, who said. "It's okay, you can touch my husband's cock if you want."

I then asked Lilly if she was interested in having a threesome with Beryl and me. She said that could be fun. "Sam won't get mad, will he?" I asked.

Lilly said, "No, the only thing he'd be mad about was that I had my hand on your cock. Sam would rather have his own hands on it."

By now Beryl and Lilly were touching each other between the legs. I asked them if they were ready to go in and watch some movies. Lilly said she had some good coke, and she went to her room to get it. When she came back she said she had left a note for Sam. The note said, "Getting laid, might not be back."

As we went into our room, Lilly told us that the only reason she and Sam were at the motel was because he knew she would meet someone to have sex with. "It's like I told you," she said. "He's more interested in cocks than women." She said that if I were to visit their house, Sam would offer me the chance to fuck her while he watched and jacked off, as he'd done many times before.

"So you would fuck my husband if he came over?" Beryl asked.

"Sure, if he wanted to," Lilly replied.

Beryl said, "Honey, why don't you give Lilly some of that great loving you're so good at? She seems not to be getting enough, and I get it all the time." She turned to Lilly. "And I mean all the time," she went on. "The man can't get enough. After the fifth time in one day, I have to tell him to take a break, but he still jacks off two or three more times after that. In a seven-day period, we have fucked as many as fifty times. The only time I get a break is when it's that time of the month, and then it's blow jobs five times a day."

Lilly said she was getting really hot. She got on all fours, and I got behind her and slid my cock into her pussy. She moaned with pleasure and started rocking her body, fucking me back. I told her that Beryl would love to suck her tits and lick her clit while I had my cock in her pussy, and Beryl did. Lilly lasted only a little while before she had a really powerful orgasm. I kept fucking her, and she came again and again. Then I asked her if she would like to eat Beryl's pussy. She was really getting into eating Beryl out when I shot a load of come into her body.

Beryl cleaned out Lilly's cunt with her tongue. Lilly started sucking my cock, but I said I wanted to stick it into Beryl. Beryl presented her ass to me, and I slid my saliva-slick tool into her anus. Lilly licked her pussy and clit as I fucked her. She stopped licking long enough to say that she loved taking it in the ass, and she could see that Beryl did too. She said, "You both know so much about pleasing each other."

After switching between Beryl's ass and pussy, I finally shot a big load in her cunt. Then the two of them gave me a great double blow job. I fucked Lilly in the ass. Beryl sucked me off. We all three fucked again. I shot come in Lilly's mouth. Finally, about three in the morning, we all fell asleep.

When I woke up about eight, I found that Beryl was gone. She had left a note saying that said she'd finally got hold of the person she'd been trying to call. It was her husband, and he was picking her up down the street.

I showed the note to Lilly. She said she couldn't believe that Beryl and I had just met. Then she went to see if Sam had come back. It turned out he had found her note and left her another. It said, "So you're getting laid and might not come back. Well, that's fine, you fucking whore. Have the stud give you a ride home."

I said, "Lilly, how would you like to take the scenic route to the coast? I could have you home in a week."

"Sure, why not?" Lilly said. Then she added, "Listen, if I wasn't married to a cocksucker, would you be interested?"

"Hell, yes!" I said.

Lilly is no longer married to Sam. We are living together now, and we fuck all the time. Recently Lilly told me she was pregnant. I guess we'll get married, and maybe we'll spend our honeymoon back at that motel where we first met. I wonder if Beryl will be around.

J.S., New Castle, Delaware


As I left my local park after an afternoon of playing basketball, I was approached by two women. The taller one introduced herself as Sharon, and said she and her assistant, Gloria, were photographing men, and wondered if they could use me as a subject. Flattered by the offer, I accepted. They then escorted me back to Sharon's apartment, with a quick stop at a deli for beer.

Sharon's place was simple but very comfortable. The only decoration was a series of photographs hung on the wall. Most of them were of people in everyday situations, but a few were nudes, both men and women. Gloria handed me a Becks, and explained that Sharon wanted her photos to show how sexy men could be at work and play. The two had seen me playing hoops, and thought the sweat on my face and chest was attractive. I thanked her for the compliment, took a swig of beer and asked her what they wanted me to do.

Gloria led me back to Sharon's bedroom, which doubled as her studio. Sharon, a tall, curvaceous redhead, had set up the camera and asked me to stand next to a white chair she had placed against a wall. She took several pictures of me standing by the chair, and leaning on it, and a few of me just sitting on the ground. Before each shot Gloria would come over and adjust my arms or legs slightly to get the pose she wanted. She was short-haired and athletically built, and I began to get turned on by the feel of her hands on my body, and the way she'd look at me and ask if I was comfortable.

Sharon asked me to take off my shirt, shoes and socks. She then asked me to flex the muscles in my arms, chest and back. For the last sequence, she had me face the wall and extend my arms outward. Gloria came over and moved them up slightly, and then ran her fingertips down my back. Little jolts of pleasure shot down my spine and right into my penis. I began to wonder how far this would go.

Sharon and Gloria tried to make me feel comfortable by complimenting my body and saying how great the photos would be. All this attention from two very attractive young women was really turning me on.

Then Sharon asked if I would mind posing in just my jockstrap. I was hesitant, because I didn't know who might see these photos eventually, but Sharon said only she and Gloria would ever view them. And then Gloria walked over and said, "Besides, if you've got it, flaunt it, right?" Then she grabbed my ass. I decided to go for it, even though I knew my penis was beginning to strain against my jockstrap, and the resultant bulge would leave little to the imagination.

I dropped my shorts, then stood up to see both Gloria and Sharon looking at my crotch. "Very nice," Sharon said, and took a few shots. "Now turn around." I did, showing them my bare ass. I heard the camera click a few times, and then Gloria came up and turned the chair to face the wall. She asked me to move behind the chair, then bent me over it. Then she stroked my ass playfully and asked if I was enjoying this. I said yes, but my breath was getting short. Gloria said that was good, and then ran her hand down the crack of my ass, brushing her fingertips against my asshole.

After a few more shots, Sharon asked me to turn around. "If you don't want to do this, I'll understand," she said, "but I'd really like to take some shots of you nude."

"Oh, he'll do it," Gloria chimed in. "He's getting turned on. Look at how big his dick is."

I didn't know what to do. I was incredibly turned on, but also incredibly self-conscious. Here I was, practically nude in front of two fully clothed women. As I hesitated, Gloria walked up to me and kissed me. "If you won't do it, then I will," she said, and she grabbed my jockstrap and pulled it down to my ankles. My cock swung free and brushed her hair as she stood up. She looked down and said "Nice cock. I like it hard like that."

Sharon's camera began clicking. She moved in closer to focus on my dick. "Hold it all the way up," she instructed. "So I can see your balls."

Before I could move Gloria grabbed my dick, saying, "I'll help." She gave it a few long slow strokes, and a few drops of pre-come emerged. "Have you ever tasted yourself?" she asked me. I lied and said no. Gloria rubbed the pre-come onto her fingers and put them to my lips. "I think you should try it," she whispered. I took her fingers into my mouth and heard the camera click. "Not too bad, right?" Gloria smiled. I nodded. Then she stuck her hand down into her shorts, and after a moment brought it out and stuck her glistening fingers back in my face. "Which do you prefer?" she whispered. I sucked on her fingers and tasted her sweet, salty fluid. "See," Gloria said. "You're not the only one getting turned on around here."

The camera clicked again. "You guys are hot," Sharon moaned from behind the camera. I looked up at her. Here I was, absolutely naked and hard, with one woman sticking her hand in my mouth, and another catching it all on film. Sharon rubbed herself and looked at Gloria. "Put that thing in your mouth. Let's make some porno."

Gloria looked up at me and stroked my dick. Then she put her mouth on mine and gave me a long French kiss. When she pulled her mouth away she dropped to her knees and began kissing my thighs. Her tongue darted at my balls, and I let out a moan. She licked my cock from base to tip, then slowly wrapped her lips around its head. She stopped for a second as the camera clicked.

"How far can you take him, Gloria?" Sharon said. In reply, Gloria slowly moved down my cock until she had it entirely in her mouth. "Deep throating, Gloria?" Sharon said huskily. "You're a horny little thing, aren't you?"

Gloria breathed through her nose and flicked her tongue around my balls. I felt myself welling up, but so did Gloria. She pulled my dick out of her mouth and grasped the base hard. "I don't want you to come yet," she panted.

She stood up suddenly and pulled off her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra, and the nipples on her firm B-cup breasts stood out sharply. Then she stepped out of her shorts, and I was startled to see that she wore no panties either. She kissed me again. "Will you eat me?" she asked.

I laid her down on the ground and dove in. I sucked on her clit and shoved my tongue into her cunt. She was very wet, and began to moan gently. As I devoured her, Sharon moved in with her camera, asking me to pull Gloria's cunt lips apart and to lick her down to her ass. I complied with every request, feeling like a porn star. Gloria kneaded my shoulders with her hands as her orgasm began to build. She moaned more loudly, and then I felt her contract. She came with a yell, and I felt my mouth flood with her juices. She looked up at me, and then at Sharon. "God, I feel good," she sighed.

Sharon put the camera down. "I have to get more film," she said. "Don't do anything until I reload." I stood up and caught her as she walked away, putting my hands on her breasts from behind. She moaned and rubbed her ass against me, but she said. "No, wait, I have to shoot you." I told her Gloria and I needed more stimuli, and pulled her shirt over her head. Her C-cups, cradled in a lacy bra, came into view. "Okay," she said. "I'll undress." She removed her shorts and panties and stood there naked, her red pussy moist with excitement. I dropped to my knees and started licking her crotch, but she reluctantly pushed me away. "No, not yet."

I felt a tug at my arm. It was Gloria. "Fuck me," she pleaded. "Fuck me now. I want you in me."


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