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Celebrate the Rites of Passion


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Amazing Sex. It Happened to Them. It can Happen to You. Ready to turn up the heat in your bedroom? From Penthouse to your house comes another all-new, all-real collection of letters by readers of America’s favorite forum on human sexuality, guaranteed to astound and excite. Read them alone or with the one you love. Explore the endless facets of desire, and discover, one more time, that there are as many roads to pleasure as there are people who travel them. Whether like you or exotically different, they all have a fabulous story to tell. And it’s the sexiest story on earth.


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Like a lot of couples, my wife Dahlia and I spent the first seven years of our thirteen-year marriage getting over the sexual repressions instilled in us by our parents and the church.

Dahlia is thirty-one years old, five feet tall and a shapely one hundred twenty-five pounds. We both enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, biking and skiing, and this helps keep us trim. She maintains an allover tan, as do I. Although initially we both were a little uncomfortable with nudity, this inhibition was one of the first to disappear.

Like most couples, after about five years we were in a sexual rut. It took a while for us to open up to each other and talk about our fantasies. Predictably they ran the gamut of multiple-partner sex. Through various personal ads we answered in swingers' mags we were able to realize most of our fantasies. My two favorite fantasies are girl-girl sex and gang bangs. Luckily for me these are fantasies that my wife enjoys as well. I'd like to relate a memorable encounter that my wife and I had recently.

I planned to take a four-day boating trip with a group of about fifteen guys. Dahlia was going to make alternate plans, but when she heard that some of the guys' wives wanted to come along she decided she'd join us.

In the past we had swung with some of these people, but most were just friends or friends of friends. There was a lot of coordinating with so many people involved, but we managed to finally work out all the details.

We arrived about noon the day before we were to set out and joined the growing group. By late afternoon we learned that all the women except Dahlia had chickened out and two of the guys couldn't make it. Dahlia insisted that even though she was going to be the only woman she was still game for the trip. She had a certain gleam in her eye when she said that she had no problem going boating with thirteen guys, and I had a feeling we were in for an interesting trip. It turned out to be a weekend we will never forget.

The sun was already starting to heat things up the next morning when we started out just after sunrise. To keep cool, Dahlia decided to wear a pair of tight gym shorts and a halter top over a very skimpy thong bikini. By ten she had stripped down to her bikini and was lying on the deck sunning herself. Most of us guys had taken off their shirts and were just wearing shorts or swim-suits by then.

About that time we spotted a nice secluded little cove and decided to drop anchor and take a break during the heat of the day. Most of us gathered around the cockpit to have a few beers and shoot the breeze. As we talked I pulled Dahlia up to me with her back to my chest and proceeded to nibble on her ears and the back of her neck, which makes her really horny and causes her nipples to stiffen. I simultaneously stroked her belly and her legs, which is another way to get her horny, while I whispered in her ear that I wanted to fuck her.

When she started opening and closing her legs, a couple of guys sitting across from us said it was no fair for us to make out unless there were enough women to go around. Well, I didn't quit and neither did Dahlia. When I cupped her tits she didn't protest, so I went on to unhook her bikini top. I told the guys we were used to sunbathing nude and asked then if they wanted us to show them. To a resounding "Hell, yes!" I exposed her 34C tits and gave each nipple a tweak, then looked around to see just what the guys' reaction was. Dahlia's nipples were really swollen and when she spread her legs you could clearly see her slit outlined through the material of her bikini.

I tugged the crotch of her suit up into her slit, which exposed her shaved pussy lips and a small patch of pubic hair above them. By this time the head of my cock was poking out of the leg of my shorts. Dahlia felt it pressing into her, so she reached back and started stroking it. She told me later that at this point she was ready for things to go as far as I wanted them to. As I looked around at all the bulges surrounding me, I realized that I was going to have to share her with all of them if I was going to get any kind of relief myself.

When I stood her up and pulled her bikini bottoms down, every eye was focused directly on her crotch. When I pulled my shorts off, I immediately guided her to my cock. My cock is thin and a little over seven inches long, but she had no problem deep-throating it. I know she's had bigger ones, but she can handle what I have quite well. I reached around to play with her tits and to probe her pussy. As I ran a finger up and down her slit, I realized it was dripping with juice! Not wanting to pass up a golden opportunity, I simply turned her around and backed her pussy onto my cock.

As my cock slid in to the hilt I looked around at all the staring faces and reminded the guys that her mouth was still available. The first one to respond just walked up to her and dropped his pants. In just a few minutes there were three very fine cocks lined up in front of her face awaiting their turn. One guy sat next to her and began sucking on her tits. The other seven just sat where they were, completely naked and stroking their cocks for all they were worth as they waited for an opening.

With all this activity going on around me I soon lost it and shot what seemed like a quart of come into her pussy. The spasming of my cock brought on her first climax. As soon as I pulled out of her the guys guided her down to some sleeping bags they had spread out on the deck. After they positioned her on her back, one of the guys immediately climbed into the saddle. She had come leaking down her thighs and she had to divide her attention between four cocks—one in her pussy, one in her mouth and one in each hand. One of the cocks in her hands and the one in her mouth exploded at the same time. She gulped down one load of sperm while the other flew into the air, raining down on the deck in pearly drops. I kept moving around, checking out the action from every angle. I was already sporting another hard-on, which I planned to soak in Dahlia's come-filled pussy after everyone else had come in it at least once. She was just getting ready to take another cock into her mouth when the guy in her pussy pulled out and shot his load on her pubic hair. With her eyes glazed over, her hair all in disarray and a nine-inch cock about to sink into her mouth, I could see she was drifting into a suck-and-fuck trance.

About an hour later I was finally ready to park my cock in her mouth. As I fucked her face I looked at her red lips caked with dried come. She also had several hickeys on her neck and tits. It made me so proud and excited all at the same time to know that my sexy wife was satisfying all these guys. When the guy in her pussy came, I told the next guy on line that I wanted to switch places with him so I could fuck her again.

By about one in the afternoon we had all come at least twice each—in most cases, once in Dahlia's pussy and once in her mouth. Dahlia was exhausted, so I decided it was time to take a break. I suggested we clean up, eat some lunch and head down the river a little way. We set up a cot on deck so Dahlia could get some rest, and no one was surprised when she fell right to sleep. She was stretched out on the cot, completely naked, but that didn't bother me in the least. After all, I wanted her to be ready for anything.

After we went a ways downstream, we came upon a swimming hole complete with several ropes for swinging tied to tree branches above it. The sun was still shining when we pulled to the side and dropped anchor. As we settled in for the night some guys went swimming while others set up camp. Dahlia and I opted to go swimming and she had quite a group of admirers around her. Since we wouldn't let her put on a swimsuit, she insisted that all the guys skinny-dip as well. They were happy to oblige.

When we walked into camp a little while later it was clear by the way things were set up that the guys were expecting a repeat of the afternoon's activities. The tents were all set up in a circle, but the sleeping bags were spread out in the center of camp. As we took in the sight I slid my finger into her pussy to check her response. She was already wet and her nipples were swelling. Dahlia whispered that it seemed like the more cock she got the more she wanted, and she was certainly up for one more round. I figured that this would be a good time to give her a thorough pussy-licking to lubricate her for what was to come. Fifteen minutes later her juices were flooding into my mouth as she came wildly.

Two nights later we were on a sandbar about two miles from our final destination. Dahlia had had two days and nights of fabulous gang-bang sex and was having a great time. The most clothing she had worn the whole time was that skimpy thong bikini. We had taken lots of photographs to help us remember our trip, but I have a feeling that even without any mementos we would be able to remember this vacation. I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing her take someone else's cock into her mouth or watch someone else's come leak out of her pussy. Her pussy seemed to gape open continuously, and what I thought was a sun-tan on her neck and chest was just a permanent sex flush.

On our last night out we all agreed we should repeat the trip next year with the same people if Dahlia was up to it. She assured us she'd be more than ready and even suggested that next time we make it a week-long trip.—Name and address withheld


My wife Lucy is five feet six inches tall and weighs around one hundred eight pounds. She has medium-size breasts and long blondish-brown hair. She has always expressed an interest in having sex with several partners at the same time.

This past winter Lucy and I planned a two-week vacation to Florida. During the few months leading up to our vacation she brought up the topic of group sex several times, asking what my thoughts were on her fulfilling her fantasy. I told her I would go along with just about anything as long as I was included in the fun, because one of my fantasies has always been to share my wife with other men. I'm not the type of guy who wants to sit back and watch my wife get screwed—I want a piece of the action!

We had been at the hotel for a couple of days, just lying around the pool relaxing. One afternoon on our way back from the beach we saw a notice posted informing guests about a poolside party that the hotel was throwing that evening. Lucy and I talked about it and decided to go. Lucy also decided that she was going to go out and buy a new bathing suit to wear at the party.

She went down to a boutique in the lobby to look for a new suit. She had not been gone that long when she returned with her new purchase: a two-piece swimsuit that covered very little of her body. I told her that she would definitely attract some attention with that on and she said that was exactly what she was hoping for.

We arrived at the party a little early to ensure that we got a table close to the dance floor. We had been sitting there talking and drinking for an hour or so when three somewhat older gentlemen came over to out table and asked if they could join us. We asked them to sit down and struck up a conversation. Vincent was tall and looked like he was in pretty good shape. He later admitted that he worked out a lot. Herman was much shorter and somewhat overweight. The last guy, Wayne, was black. He was tall and also looked physically fit.

I told them that we were here on vacation. They said they were in town for a golf tournament sponsored by one of the local hotels. They were not staying at our hotel but had heard about the party and decided to check it out.

I excused myself to go to the rest room, and upon returning to the table I noticed that Lucy had removed her coverup. I was not at all surprised to see that she was attracting considerable attention—not just from the guys at our table but from a few tables around us. We had been drinking pretty heavily, and even Lucy, who is not usually a big drinker, was pounding them back.

Wayne asked if it was okay if he danced with Lucy. I told him to go right ahead if Lucy was agreeable. As I sat there watching them dance I noticed how nicely her tan body contrasted with his ebony skin. I began to get somewhat horny as I watched her press her body into his as his hands caressed her bare skin. After a few dances they returned to the table, and Lucy asked if Vincent or Herman wanted to dance. Vincent led her onto the dance floor, his hands rubbing her ass-cheeks.

When Vincent and Lucy returned to the table, Herman suggested that we go over to their hotel where he had a suite complete with a bar and finish the party over there. I agreed and Lucy said it sounded great to her as she was getting a little bored with the party.

The guys told us that they had come over in a taxi, but I told them that we had a car and would be glad to give them a ride back. I went up to the room to get the car keys and Lucy took them out to the car. I got into the front seat with Vincent. Lucy, who was pretty drunk, climbed into the backseat with Wayne and Herman. As Vincent gave me directions I glanced in the rearview mirror and saw that Wayne's hand was creeping between Lucy's thighs from the left and Herman's was starting to do the same from the right.

A few minutes later we arrived at their hotel and headed up to Herman's suite. We all had another beer, and Vincent suggested that Lucy make herself comfortable by taking off her robe. Lucy stood up and said that she'd feel most comfortable if she just removed all of her clothes, and proceeded to do just that. First she unhooked her bikini top, exposing her firm round tits and dark brown nipples. But before she even had a chance to pull down her bikini bottoms, Herman was tugging them down over her hips. When they were down around her ankles she simply stepped out of them.

Wayne took her by the hand and led her over to the love seat. He sat her down, stood in front of her and began to take off his shorts. As his shorts dropped to the floor I noticed he was not wearing any underwear. When he turned around to motion for the rest of us to join in, I could see that he had a very large dick. Lucy had already begun to fondle it as Vincent and Herman walked over. Vincent began to cheer Wayne on, saying, "Give her that big black cock. Let her suck it. Give her a taste of your love."

With that Lucy took his cock into her mouth and began licking and sucking on the head. I almost couldn't believe that here was my wife, giving a blow job to an almost total stranger—and a black man with a big dick at that. Wayne cradled her head in his hands and began to fuck her face in earnest, gradually sliding his dick into her mouth deeper and faster.

By now both Vincent and Herman had removed their clothes and were getting ready to join in. Herman's dick matched his body size—short but very round and fat. Vincent's was about average size. Vincent and Herman watched for some time while Lucy continued to suck on Wayne. They finally interrupted, saying that they wanted to join in.

Wayne instructed Lucy to get on her hands and knees on the floor so he could fuck her from behind while she sucked off Herman and Vincent. As Wayne entered her with very fast, hard strokes, Lucy began to moan loudly. At the same time Herman slid his dick, which was becoming fatter and longer, into her mouth. She began to take turns on Herman and Vincent, sucking one dick at a time into her mouth. This lasted for several minutes until Herman warned her that he was about to come. Wayne sat Lucy on the couch with her head hanging over the back and Herman positioned himself so that she could continue to suck him off. Within minutes he was shooting a huge load into her mouth.

As she lay there with come leaking out the corners of her mouth, Wayne crouched down in front of the love seat, spread Lucy's legs as far apart as they would go and stuck his long black cock back into her wet and waiting pussy. He was fucking her very fast and hard, pushing his cock all the way in on each stroke. Lucy was going nuts. After several minutes he stood up, told her to lean forward and open her mouth wide, and began jacking off, aiming his cock at her mouth. I could tell by the way he was moaning that he was about to explode at any moment. He told Lucy he was going to shoot his come down her throat, and he proceeded to do just that.

Vincent, who had been standing on the sidelines the whole time, quietly watching and stroking his cock, reached down and picked up an empty glass. At first I had no idea what he had planned to do with it, but when I saw him hold it down next to his cock I knew exactly what he had in mind. He jerked off into the glass, filling it at least a quarter of the way with come. Then he wiped his dick around the rim, handed it to Lucy and said, f#8220;While I am fucking you I want to see you drink every last drop of my come."

At that he positioned himself between her thighs and rammed his cock into her pussy. After the first few strokes he told her to go ahead and drink down his come but to take her time and savor each drop. She raised the glass to her lips, licked the rim a few times and began to sip the come from the glass. This not only excited me, but I could see that the other two were riveted to the performance in front of them. Once the glass was empty, Lucy made a show of sticking out her tongue to lap up the last few remaining drops.

I watched for a few more hours as they each took a turn fucking her again. I finally wanted to have a little action, so I took a turn fucking my wife. When we left they gave us their phone numbers and said to give them a call if we ever were in their part of the country.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that weekend that we have since joined a swingers' club. Now we frequently swap partners or invite men over to the house so that we can continue to fulfill our fantasies.—V.D., Knoxville, Tennessee


My wife Beth has curly, raven-black hair, flawless olive skin, classic features and a beautiful body. In my opinion she rivals any Greek goddess. We've been married for three years and have always been faithful to one another. Beth and I have had an exciting sex life since the day we met. For some reason I've always had a fantasy of watching her fuck another man, especially someone with a bigger dick than mine. Beth has told me tales of her experiences with bigger-sized lovers, one who had a nine-incher and another who had a ten-inch cock. The thought of them fucking Beth has always excited me.

Last weekend Tracy, one of Beth's college friends, and Seth, her new husband, came in from out of town to visit. Tracy is a tall blonde with an absolutely stunning ass and mile-long legs. Seth has an athletic look, svelte and muscular. When this couple had first started dating, Tracy confided to my wife that Seth had the biggest tool she'd ever seen. Beth told me that since Tracy always tried to date men with big dicks, Seth's must be a whopper.

Our house has squeaky wood floors throughout so it's easy to hear everything that happens around the house. That night Beth and I became quite aroused listening to our guests fuck in the bedroom down the hall. I asked Beth if she ever missed being overstuffed by cock and she just smiled in a funny way. Although my cock is very fat, it is just under seven inches in length, and I've often wished I could give her more.

The next evening we were relaxing after dinner when the topic of sex came up. Seth was wearing a pair of jeans that clearly outlined just what he was packing. Beth is a bit mischievous at times, and that night was no exception. After eyeing Seth's crotch for a few minutes she blurted out, "So, Seth, Tracy tells me you're very well endowed. Is that true?"

Seth tried to ignore the question, but Tracy egged him on. "Come on, Seth, show them what you give me." With that Seth stood up, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out a flaccid cock that hung to his mid-thigh. Beth just stared in awe, then her hand slipped down and started massaging between her thighs. Tracy went over and started sucking and stroking Seth's cock, and it started hardening and lengthening.

Even flaccid, he was several inches bigger than me when I'm hard, but as it thickened it was unbelievable. I had to ask how big it was, and as I did Beth was already searching for a measuring tape. His cock was over eleven inches long. Unlike my cock, which stands upright when erect, Seth's stuck straight out with a slightly downward curve and pulsed with each heartbeat. It was just too heavy to go any higher. Beth gave me a questioning look, indicating she wanted to join in, and I nodded my assent.

She and Tracy kept sucking his cock and playing with him until he told them they'd have to stop or he'd come. Tracy asked Beth if she wanted to feel him inside her. I gave her a nod and she lifted her miniskirt and peeled off her panties, tossing the soaked lingerie to me. She had a wild look in her eyes as she walked over to Seth and kissed him hard. She said, "Give me that big cock! Fuck me hard!"

Seth excitedly asked if he could fuck her from behind. Fortunately Beth loves it that way. Tracy came over to me and started sucking my cock, which I had been stroking. There in front of me was my beautiful wife with the first of eleven inches of meat sliding into her. With each thrust Seth slid in deeper. After a couple of minutes he was all the way in. His big balls were slapping against Beth's thighs. He turned to Tracy and moaned that he had all of his cock inside Beth. Apparently Tracy had never been able to fit his entire cock inside her.

While Seth fucked Beth, she reached back and fondled his big balls, which drove him nuts. Tracy released my cock and straddled me with her back to me so she could watch the show in front of us. Her pussy was pretty tight considering it was fucked regularly by Seth's big dick. As she rode me I watched Seth slam into my wife. He would pull back until we could see eight or nine inches slick with my wife's juices and then slam into her again. She was moaning, "Oh, Seth, fuck me with that pole. Give it to me." She was practically delirious. He finally came, pulling out and spewing his come in the air. He rested his huge cock on Beth's back and I could see just how far he had been in her. That was all I could take. I exploded inside Tracy. I watched as Seth pushed his softening tool back into my wife's pussy. Beth collapsed on the floor, exhausted but satisfied.

The sex continued on the rest of the weekend and the girls even put on a lesbian show for us. Tracy licked Beth's clit while Beth was riding Seth. Since then we've arranged to get together once a month. Beth says she really needs to be that full once in a while and Seth loves sinking all the way into a woman's pussy. That's okay with me, because Tracy and I get along pretty well too.—T.R., Chicago, Illinois


Some time ago my husband Russell and I placed an ad in the local paper in search of a compatible couple to fool around with. We found a couple who changed our sex lives forever. Russ and I have always been interested in the new and unusual, and Russell never ceases to amaze me with his easy acceptance of some of the most outrageous things.

Andy and Elizabeth took us far beyond our wildest dreams. Our first sessions, rather tame, just involved swapping partners. We soon moved on to all four of us groping and fucking each other silly. I had no idea how wonderful it could be to have three other people licking, sucking and fucking me while I simply lay there and enjoyed it. I discovered during these sessions that I am a voyeur. I just love to watch my husband getting screwed. It was terribly exciting to watch Elizabeth riding up and down his prick, but I nearly lost all control the evening Elizabeth and Andy both took him on.


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