Mind Over Body

The Key to Lasting Weight Loss Is All in Your Head


By Nordine Zouareg

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The true secret to weight-loss success is all in your head.

Nordine Zouareg has helped thousands of clients get healthier, be happier, and lose weight for good. And in the process, he’s discovered something astounding: the mental work his clients do before they start their diet and exercise plan is actually just as (if not more) important than the plan itself.

In Mind Over Body, Nordine describes how everyone can find this mental motivation — what he calls our “core desire” — and then master the tools (visualization, meditation, affirmation) to keep on track with weight-loss goals. After readers develop this foundation, they move on to the inspiring nutrition and exercise plan–a simple, effective program developed to help shed weight and keep it off forever. You’ll learn:

The fool-proof method for preparing your mind — and your body — before you diet
Thirty delicious foods that are the staples of the Mind Over Body eating plan
When to cheat — without blowing your diet
How to get an effective workout in just 24 minutes a day
The 10 commandments of mindful strength training

As the fitness coach at Miraval Life in Balance spa, Nordine has worked with celebrities, business leaders, discerning travelers, and soccer moms all across North America. Rated the #1 spa by Conde Nast Traveler, the #1 destination spa by Travel and Leisure, and the top spa in American by Zagat, Miraval has become the premier destination for bringing people?s lives into balance and teaching them how to live mindfully. Now, in Mind Over Body, Nordine teaches the same program that has proven wildly successful for his clients (and himself!) for the past twenty years. Learn how to determine your true fitness goals…and get the tools you need to finally make it come true!


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Nordine Zouareg

About the Author

Nordine Zouareg, a former Mr. France, Mr. Europe, Mr. World, and Mr. Universe, is the fitness coach at Miraval Life in Balance spa and resort in Tucson, Arizona. A sickly infant not expected to survive his first year, Nordine overcame great personal hardships to become a champion bodybuilder — and went on to hold four fitness titles simultaneously at the age of twenty-four. Today he shares his unique mental techniques and fitness secrets at Miraval Life in Balance spa and around the world. He lives in Arizona.

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