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Top Secret America

Top Secret America

The Rise of the New American Security State

After 9/11, the United States government embarked on an unprecedented effort to protect America. The result has been calamitous: after ten years of unparalleled spending and growth, the result is that a system put in place to keep America safe may in fact be putting us in even greater danger-but we don’t know because it’s all Top Secret.

In TOP SECRET AMERICA, award-winning journalists Dana Priest and William M. Arkin lift the curtain on this clandestine universe. From the companies and agencies keeping track of American citizens and the military commanders building America’s first “top secret city” to a hidden army within the U.S. military more secret than the CIA, this new national security octopus has become a self-sustaining “Fourth Branch” of government. A tour de force of investigative journalism, TOP SECRET AMERICA presents a fascinating and disturbing account of government run amok and a war on terrorism gone wrong in a post-9/11.
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Genre: Nonfiction / Political Science / Intelligence & Espionage

On Sale: September 11th 2012

Price: $17

Page Count: 368

ISBN-13: 9780316182201

What's Inside

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"One of the many strengths of Top Secret America is that Priest and Arkin take nothing for granted. They ask basic, even faux- naïve questions about the purpose, accountability, and effectiveness of the acronym soup of covert programs, companies, and Pentagon commands created or expanded after September 11. Their analysis is neither naïve about the threat posed by al-Qaeda and similar groups, nor credulous about the generals, spies, and bureaucrats who have so dramatically expanded the country's defenses in response to September 11."—Steve Coll, The New York Review of Books
"Priest and Arkin fully flesh out how the Byzantine security maze actually works, breaking down its components....The authors' arguments are compelling."—Lydia DePillis, Washington City Paper
"Despite the sobering subject matter, Top Secret America makes for lively reading....[and is] full of the authors' remarkable insights, anecdotes and encounters."—Stephen Aftergood, The Secrecy Blog of the Federation of American Scientists