In the vein of Dopesick, a gripping narrative exposé about the people fighting back against Coca‑Cola's attempts to manipulate scientific consensus and conceal the deadly truth about soda.

Coca‑Cola is the most popular beverage in America, almost as ubiquitous as apple pie or baseball. But Coca‑Cola doesn't advertise the deadly health effects from one of its main ingredients: high fructose corn syrup. Two‑thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, and soda is a root cause, misleading Americans with front groups that are diluting important findings with Coke‑funded junk science that claims all calories are equal.

In Carbonation, investigative journalist and soda industry expert Murray Carpenter tells the incredible story of the scientists, doctors, and health‑conscious advocates leading the charge to get the facts straight. We follow the court cases against Coca‑Cola, brought by nonprofits like Praxis Project, an organization dedicated to healthy equity, and two Washington, D.C. pastors fighting for the lives of their congregations. With an insider's perspective, Carpenter reveals the sinister secrets behind the world's favorite beverage that can't be seen through plastic bottles.

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