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Street Smarts from Proverbs

Street Smarts from Proverbs

How to Navigate Through Conflict to Community


STREET SMARTS FROM PROVERBS reveals Solomon’s steps to divine wisdom while providing tools to navigate out of conflict into community.

Mitch Kruse learned the hard way that going to church three times a week while growing up did not answer the question:

Have you ever thought about changing the scorecard of your life from money to wisdom?

His pursuit to find the answer sparked a lifelong journey through the ultimate wisdom book, Proverbs, one that connects God’s heart with street smarts.

STREET SMARTS FROM PROVERBS introduces Solomon’s twelve words to the wise:

  • righteousness, equity, and justice
  • wise behavior, understanding, and wise communication
  • prudence, discretion, and wise counsel
  • discipline, knowledge, and learning

Each is paired with a real-life story of someone who experienced God’s miraculous restoration after humbling their heart to Him. It explains, illustrates, and applies one of the twelve words, providing an easy-to-understand, yet life-transforming step-by-step process to assimilate each respective trait of wisdom.

STREET SMARTS FROM PROVERBS gives memorable prompts for the reader to recall every point with the purpose of applying it to conflict at work, with family, among friends, and in ministry. It provides tangible tools to be shrewd, yet harmless, in business dealings; to separate wisdom from foolishness through discretion; and to seek wise counsel for life’s decisions.

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Genre: Mind, Body, Spirit / Religion / Christian Life / Relationships

On Sale: June 26th 2017

Price: $11.99 / $14.99 (CAD)

Page Count: 320

ISBN-13: 9781478921387

What's Inside

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"I love the book of Proverbs. Mitch Kruse has done a terrific job of bringing Solomon's wisdom right down to our level. Read and then apply to your daily walk."—

Pat Williams, author of The Success Intersection, Senior Vice President and Co-Founder, Orlando Magic

"Mitch builds a beautiful, yet pragmatic bridge between age-old wisdom and real-life application. For anyone seeking to be closer to God and to find more peace here on earth, this bridge is worth walking!"—

Jim "Soni" Sonefeld, Hootie and the Blowfish

"STREET SMARTS FROM PROVERBS is a gold mine of truth-the strongest, most challenging, most convicting book on unlocking wisdom you will ever read. I have witnessed first hand the incredible impact of Mitch's journey from money to wisdom and he has inspired and motivated multitudes who will never be the same...and neither will you after you take the opportunity to absorb this fantastic book!"—Gregg Bettis, Assistant to the President of Kanakuk Ministries

"Mitch aligns leadership with biblical principles in a way that people in all vocational walks and callings can relate to. STREET SMARTS FROM PROVERBS brings alive valuable tenets of Scripture within a context of practical principles of discipleship, active followership and mentorship."—

Dr. Sherilyn R. Emberton, President, Huntington University

"I highly recommend Mitch Kruse's book STREET SMARTS FROM PROVERBS. Mitch's ability to connect life experiences with Scripture is amazing. I highly recommend his new work. I know you will enjoy it."—

Ed Placencia, Purple Heart, Bronze Star, and Silver Star recipient as Squad Leader Sergeant E5, 173rd Airborne Brigade

"If ever there was a need for a succinct and applicable description of Proverbs, it's today! Mitch has a gift of breaking down truth in a way that makes God's word and wisdom come alive. What a welcome challenge in a world of confusion and anxiety!"—

Bay Forrest, co-director of FOCUS Ministries, evangelist, and former center for the Phoenix Suns

"Life is a journey of discovery, and Mitch takes the reader on a memorable trip revealing practical principles for handling conflict in every aspect of life, personal and professional. Every business owner, corporate executive, and team member should read this book. The timeless truths Mitch shares about wisdom can be applied at all levels of every organization."—

Chuck Surack, founder and president, Sweetwater Sound, Inc.

"Biblical wisdom is rare in our world today. In STREET SMARTS FROM PROVERBS, Mitch not only takes us to God's Word to point us to the truth-he gives us present-day examples of people whose lives demonstrate that wisdom and embody that truth."—

Kraig Cabe, Indiana State Director, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

"The main reason I love and recommend this book is because I know Mitch has personally experienced what he has now written for you and me. He changed his scorecard and now challenges us to do the same. The focus on Proverbs, principles, and practical steps will guide all of us to wisdom and new insights. Let's throw away that old scorecard and start afresh."—Larry Lance, CEO, Youth for Christ of Northern Indiana

"Mitch does an outstanding job helping the reader to understand how biblical wisdom applies to real life today. The complexities of today's world can distract Christians easily, but Mitch shares with us how God's Word is our guide for real Christian living. Great read!"—Marlin A. Stutzman, former U.S. Congressman

"What strikes me most about Mitch Kruse is his humility, his wisdom, and his passion for God's power of restoration. Mitch deeply understands our innate need for Godly wisdom-by virtue of his numerous years of corporate success, overwhelming adversity, and faithful ministry. Mitch has graduated from the 'School of Hard Knocks' with vibrant colors and proven 'Street Smarts.' Devour the wisdom contained within these pages, for they are inspired from the very source of Wisdom that formed the Earth. As these timeless treasures of Proverbs helped sustain me after all five of my family members drowned in a 2003 Kansas flash-flood, these stories and treasures will help sustain, restore, and propel you towards your divine destiny."—

Robert Rogers, founder of Mighty in the Land Ministry and author of Into the Deep, 7 Steps to No Regrets, and Rise Above

"Wisdom is such an important character trait, yet so elusive to so many of us. Building on his life experiences, Mitch Kruse takes us on a journey through the wisdom of the book of Proverbs, applying eternal truths to real life situations today. I highly recommend you read this transformational book."—John S. Pistole, president of Anderson University, former administrator of the TSA, and former deputy director of the FBI

"One of the wisest and most knowledgeable men I have been blessed to know, Dr. Mitch Kruse is just as captivating with his writing as with his speaking. STREET SMARTS FROM PROVERBS uses Dr. Kruse's classic technique of taking biblical truths and delivers them in a fashion that not only helps you better understand Solomon's timeless book of wisdom, but also gives step-by-step practical ways to live them out in every aspect of your life."—

Alyssa A. Welch, Indiana University School of Medicine

"In STREET SMARTS FROM PROVERBS, Mitch presents wisdom as the principle thing. Weaving in the stories of everyday believers, Mitch shows why we so desperately need God's wisdom in every area of our lives. This is a must read!"—

Shirley Woods, founder of the Euell A. Wilson Center

"No matter where you are in the 'journey of life,' we all have faced some form of adversity or trials. I believe that STREET SMARTS FROM PROVERBS will connect with and impact you in some way, shape, or form as Mitch Kruse reveals his experiences by applying Solomon's 'twelve words.' Wisdom is a priceless gift that should never be taken for granted. I hope this book impacts the reader's heart."—Jody Martinez, women's basketball assistant coach, University of Illinois

"The stories and experiences that Mitch shares while applying Solomon's twelve words to the wise in his new book, STREET SMARTS FROM PROVERBS, will transform your heart forever. They are timeless, practical experiences for your life, family, and relationships. They are the keys to unlocking wisdom."—Gordon D. Bell, author of Discover Your Next Best Step: 10 Proven Principles of Servant Leadership Wisdom

"Mitch Kruse brilliantly articulates why all the street smarts in the world is meaningless if you are a godless fool. He clearly and concisely addresses why a gullible fool is still formable, but the godless fool has no hope unless he/she repents. This is a must-read book for anyone challenged with a personal conflict between choosing a life that is self-centered, or a life that is God-centered."—Duane DuCharme, Indiana State Representative for Celebrate Recovery, business entrepreneur

"If you are looking for a shrewd understanding of how to survive or succeed in any situation - whether it is a seemingly impossible situation or just everyday life, you need this book! Mitch Kruse has condensed the book of Proverbs to 12 keys that will unlock your world in a way you never dreamed!"—Dr. Garth W. Coonce, founder and CEO of TCT Network, author of A Voice, A Vision, A Victory

"While educating struggling teens, we utilize the book of Proverbs daily for wisdom and discipline. We are more than excited to utilize STREET SMARTS FROM PROVERBS as one of our key resources in transforming lives through teaching what is right, just, and fair."—

Robert R. Staley, founder and CEO, Crossing School of Business & Entrepreneurship

"From a professional athletic perspective STREET SMARTS FROM PROVERBS outlines amazing concepts (four chambers) that athletes overlook when striving for success. You must have the drive (will) to succeed, know what you are doing (intellect), and have a peaceful mind (spiritually and emotional) to be successful. Dr. Mitch Kruse and D J. Williams artfully show readers how to use these concepts to strike a meaningful balance in their lives as they work hard to achieve success."—

Joe Odhiambo, 14-Time Guinness World Record Holder & World Renowned Basketball Freestyler

"It's been said that if you know the man, you'll love the book. Mitch Kruse is a dear friend and I loved his book. He's one of the few people in my circle of friends where every time he speaks, I take mental notes. Mitch is that wise. He has a bit of Solomon in his step, which is one of the reasons this book will resonate with readers: Mitch had it all, lost most of it and then asked God to recalibrate. STREET SMARTS FROM PROVERBS is multifaceted: it will not only give you a different lens to look at life, but it's also a must-have for the workplace, marriage and family."—David Dean, comedian

"As a professional athlete, coach, and business owner, I have experienced first-hand, the priceless value of wisdom from Proverbs taught by Mitch Kruse. In STREET SMARTS FROM PROVERBS, Mitch conveys these timeless truths in a relevant manner that will help anyone wisely manage conflict both on and off the court. These amazing truths have shown to be extremely applicable and successful, in the spiritual development of our elite level athletes at Empowered Sports Club. I look forward to sharing this book with all my professional teammates, business associates, players and coaches."—William Robbins, Professional Athlete, Coach, and CEO of Empowered Sports Club, Volleyball Academy, and Pro Beach Juniors

"You''ll find yourself ready to persevere through any challenge after reading what Mitch Kruse reveals from the words of wisdom found in the book of Proverbs and how those words apply to real-life events. This is a fantastic spiritual guide for not only those that are just now beginning their walk with Christ but also for the lifelong followers that desire to learn even more."—Cam Tribolet, author of Dead 13 Times

"Mitch has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Bible and an incredible ability to relate its messages to the everyday lives of people today. His insight is amazing, and this book will inspire you to draw closer to God."—Curtis Smith, Director Community Outreach, Parkview Health

"Having just re-read Proverbs, I am very excited to see Mitch's real-life applications in his new book. My spiritual journey began with humbling myself before the Lord. Jesus meets us at the bottom - only then can He begin to use us for His Kingdom purpose. I am sure STREET SMARTS FROM PROVERBS will provide a map to continue this life-long journey."—

George Del Canto, founder and co-owner of Kingdom Racing

"God has used Mitch's insights on humility and wisdom to challenge and change the hearts of Mid-Morning's listeners. STREET SMARTS FROM PROVERBS offers that same treasure to others who long to know and live like our wise and humble Lord."—

Lynne Ford, Mid-Morning Executive Producer and Host, the WBCL Radio Network

"The book of Proverbs is one of my favorite books and Mitch Kruse is one of my favorite authors. Together, the two make a winning combination! His humble, down-to-earth style draws the reader into each passage and story. I have been enamored with antique and classic cars as long as I can remember and no one understands the wisdom required for the restoration process better than Mitch. In a similar manner, he carefully brings to light the redemptive power of Proverbs that can bring restoration to our lives if we will heed God's wisdom for the ages. STREET SMARTS FROM PROVERBS is a must read!"—

Tom Ellsworth, author and minister

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