From the powerhouse author of  The Memo, the essential self-help book for women of color to heal—and thrive—in the workplace  

In workplaces nationwide, women of color need frank talk and honest advice on how to deal with microaggressions, heal from racialized trauma, and find relief from invisible workplace burdens. Filled with Minda Harts’s signature wit and warmth, Right Within offers strategies for women of color to speak up during racialized moments with managers and clients, work through past triggers they may not even know still cause pain, and reframe past career disappointments as opportunities to grow into a new path. Through action points, exercises, and clear-eyed coaching, Harts encourages women to summon hidden reserves of strength and courage. She includes advice from therapists and faith leaders of color on a full range of ways to heal. Right Within will help women of color strengthen their resolve across corporate America, ensuring that we can all, finally, rise together.


“Harts argues that we need to understand that racism kills both people and careers, and that workplace injustices do incredible harm. She goes on to explain the labor involved with being the only Black woman in the office, facing microaggressions from colleagues and a lack of support from human resources. This vital guidebook for women of color in the workplace… urges readers to understand there are paths forward, and to remember that they are not alone.”—Booklist
“If you want to be a better champion for your colleagues who have experienced racism at work, or a boss who creates a work environment that heals rather than retraumatizing your employees, this is the book you need to read. Now.” —Kim Scott, New York Times-bestselling author of Radical Candor
Right Within compels women of color across generations to address racialized trauma by speaking up, healing from the inside, and identifying triggers. You will benefit greatly from putting its wisdom into practice.”—Melonie Parker, Chief Diversity Officer, Google
“A moving guide to healing and equity— Harts is a voice to be reckoned with. Everyone needs to read this book.”—LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter
"Harts highlights that what matters most is valuing you, and trusting yourself enough to push through obstacles faced on a daily basis. A powerful, necessary read for women of color—and everyone—seeking to tap into their resilience from within." —Barbara Whye, VP of Diversity and Inclusion, Apple
“Harts puts so much that needs to be said into words, and her advice is priceless. This is the guide we’ve been waiting for.”—La La Anthony, TV producer, actress, and author of The Love Playbook
“With resilience and self-preservation, Harts guides the reader through her personal journey, providing expert advice on how we, too, can overcome and heal from ongoing racial discrimination.” —Dr. Sheila Robinson, Publisher & CEO, Diversity Woman Media
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