Scorched Earth

Restoring the Country after Obama


By Michael Savage

Read by James Edward Thomas

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Michael Savage predicted the chaos that is Obama’s legacy. Now he tells us whether the destruction can be stopped! The prophetic author of the bestselling Government Zero, Dr. Michael Savage is back with his most urgent and powerful work.

Listeners to Dr. Savage’s top-rated radio talk show, The Savage Nation, know him to be an articulate and engaged spokesman for traditional American values of borders, language, and culture.

Now, after eight divisive years of Barack Obama, Dr. Savage lays out an irrefutable case for how our nation has been undermined by terrorists from without, by anarchists from within, by a president and politicians with contempt for the Constitution and the law, and by a complicit liberal media.

With words and topics that are as insightful as they are timely, he makes an ironclad case for the dangers we face from Hillary Clinton and her fellow travelers in the progressive movement. He also explains why Donald Trump may be one of the two best hopes for America’s future as we try to regain control of our government, our country, and our national soul.

The other hope? As Dr. Savage explains in some of his most heartfelt and passionate words, it is we, the people: the ordinary “Eddies,” as he calls them-motivated, roused, and engaged.

This book is about much more than an election. It is a veteran commentator and celebrated raconteur providing a blueprint for how to regain our cherished freedoms and our national identity . . . before they are lost forever.


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In my book Government Zero, I warned that our nation is in danger from two forces: liberals and their progressive agenda, and radical Islamists with their murderous visions of jihad. Each group is working toward similar ends: to destroy Western civilization and remake it in their own respective images of socialism and sharia law.

When I published that book last fall, those two dark forces were well on their way to transforming our once free republic into a third-world dictatorship ruled by Government Zero: absolute government and zero representation.

Today, the situation is even more dire. We are not just being ripped apart by terrorists and socialist politicians, we are seeing pockets of our once great population descending into anarchy.

Inspired by a president and an attorney general who openly censured our brave police, a band of black supremacist, white-hating lunatics ambushed and executed heroic officers in Dallas this past July. It happened again days later in Baton Rouge.Shortly before that, claiming allegiance to ISIS, a Muslim terrorist shot up a gay nightclub in Orlando, murdering scores of people. The end of Western civilization is no longer a vision for enemies within and without. It is operational. They are doing it.

The misguided, deceitful, often hateful policies that brought us here are explained in this book. The players in this horror—Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and now Hillary Clinton—are exposed as the fear-mongering opportunists they are, filled with contempt for success and tradition, pandering to the manufactured cry of "diversity" in order to divide and erode this once great nation. Their goal? To consolidate power forever in their corrupt oligarchy.

But there are also solutions within these pages, though we had better act swiftly if we are to survive.

You see, there is a glimmer of hope. Not a bright one, but a start. We—the people, the patriots—are beginning to fight back. The unprecedented rise of Donald Trump has been the spearhead of this rebellion. Whatever the outcome of this election, we have told the entrenched liberal establishment that we don't like the direction the country is headed in. We can, and will, fight as hard as the enemy to preserve our union.

But those of you who are regular listeners to my radio program, The Savage Nation, know that this cause, the fight on the barricades, did not begin with Donald Trump.

It began with Michael Savage.

I'm not being immodest. It's a fact. For twenty-two years my message has been borders, language, and culture. My last three to four nonfiction books, if you look at them, were my solutions for saving America. Many of their bullet points or talking points have been and are being used by the Trump campaign, to the credit of Donald Trump and, of course, to the benefit of the United States of America.

I'm going to take credit—not for getting out the vote, I certainly wouldn't take credit for that—but for being the architect of Trump's messaging. Donald Trump first appeared on my radio program in 2011. During his many, many appearances on the show over the years, and also on his campaign positions page, he has reiterated several of my longtime signature themes, including U.S.-China trade reform, Veterans Administration reforms, tax reform, Second Amendment rights, and immigration reform, as priorities. On the day he announced he was entering the ring for the GOP presidential nomination, he hit hard the idea that illegal aliens coming into the United States across the southern border sometimes bring crime with them. That statement, maligned by the corrupt, leftist mainstream media, gave his campaign traction. It was the launching pad that propelled him over his pandering, politically cowardly rivals.

Yet three years earlier, I had said the same thing to a listener on that very issue.

"Wouldn't a sane and rational society select the types of immigrants it wants, rather than a willy-nilly wholesale amnesty for thirty million, many of whom don't even work?" I asked.

I went on to talk about the 30 percent of prisoners in the United States who are illegal aliens. This message was picked up and repeated by the Trump campaign. And we saw it in action in the Brexit vote, when the United Kingdom voted to save itself from the one-way ticket to oblivion which is the Soviet-style European Union. Seventeen million voters said "enough" to setting out the welcome mat for people who call themselves refugees but many of whom are in reality Islamic terrorist infiltrators or sharia-law supporters and took the United Kingdom out of that suicidal scheme.

Don't be fooled, by the way, by the claims that Great Britain has isolated itself economically from the rest of Europe. That's nonsense, and everyone knows it. The United Kingdom is going to go the way of Switzerland. Switzerland isn't part of the European Union because the Swiss are smart. They always remain neutral, and their borders, language, and culture have remained intact. And here's the most important thing: they've negotiated treaties with the European Union. They trade with it. They just don't take orders from a bunch of autocrats sitting in Brussels. They don't want to be told how a small chocolate shop in Zurich should be run!

Some pundits are saying that there is no parallel between the Brexit vote and the Trump revolution here. They say that the demographics are different. Really? Anger is anger anywhere in the world, but I can play the demographics game too: when Donald Trump runs against Hillary Clinton in November, anarchy, crime, chronic joblessness, ongoing terrorism, dysfunctional government, and everything else that fueled Brexit will fuel the electorate. Unless the Republicans shoot themselves in the foot as they did with Mittens Romney, this one is theirs to lose.

I mentioned borders, language, culture. That's been my message for twenty-two years. Tell me how that differs from Donald Trump's defining slogan, "Make America Great Again"? It's almost the same message. Fundamentally, "Make America Great Again" means we must secure our borders, conduct our business and vote in the same language—English—and embrace a common culture. We all know that. Except for the 30-plus million illegal—excuse me, "undocumented"—aliens who are in our country collecting welfare and food stamps, turning communication into a Tower of Babel, and spurning our traditions while promoting their own. Remember the Mexican children who were waving the flag in our homeland while cursing Donald Trump in Spanish during the primaries? Welcome to the new America. Welcome to the new revolution.

My warnings are finally being heeded—hopefully in time.



I was recently in an antiques store in Beverly Hills. I was looking at this and that, Chinese stuff, French stuff. As many of you know, my tastes are very eclectic. Everyone else on the street was closed during the holiday—it was open. The owner and I talked over a Chinese incense burner, the price of it, for a while. By the way the owner looked and the way he spoke, I knew he was from the Middle East. As we talked, one word led to another and the guy finally told me he had been in an Iranian prison for two years. I don't remember exactly how it came up.

I said, "What, during Khomeini's reign of terror? The one that Jimmy Carter brought on by failing to stand up to that zealot?"

The man didn't believe that I knew all of that. He didn't know who I was.

He seemed reluctant to answer at first. It's a habit people acquire when they live in brutally repressive regimes. So I repeated, "Ayatollah Khomeini did that to you?"

He finally said, "Yes."

His answer made me sick. Not just because there are ideological tyrants running nations like Iran but because cowardly liberalism had put him in jail for two years.

"I was twenty years old," he went on. "Do you know what my crime was?"

I asked, "What? What did you do?"

He said, "At the time, Israelis were being killed by Palestinian murderers, suicide bombers, so the Israelis were trying to raise money for bomb-sniffing dogs. I sent four hundred dollars to Israel to help them train a bomb-sniffing dog. Then," he continued, "my second crime against the state of Iran when the Muslim murderers took over was this: they shot the most successful Iranian Jewish businessman in Iran, killed him for no reason, and I went to retrieve his body. They charged me for the bullets, and then they tried me for crimes against the state. The two stated charges were: I paid for a bomb-sniffing dog in Israel, and I retrieved the body of a traitor. They put me in a dark cell for two years. I came to America in 1979 with three hundred dollars in my pocket. I've been working every day of my life to survive since then—and I don't complain about it."

I looked into this man's eyes, unashamedly and openly admiring his unbroken spirit, and I asked, "Sir, how many years had your family been in Iran?"

It caught him by surprise because it's an odd question for an Iranian, as any Persian or Iranian would understand. It's the kind of question you ask in America, where most families have been here only a few generations.

"I don't know," he said. "About twenty-five hundred years?"

If you think of the magnitude of the question and his answer, you can begin to understand what could happen to you in this country because of the community organizer Barack Hussein Obama and women like Hillary Rodham Clinton. If a family can be shattered and displaced after two and a half millennia for a politically unsanctioned act, think of what can happen in a younger country with an equally rabid ideology of sociopolitical correctness.

If you think it can't happen here, my friends, think again. Those who do not know their history are condemned to repeat it.




Barack Obama has spent nearly eight years working to undermine the United States. And what is astonishing to me is that in spite of his criminal behavior, Hillary Clinton had the nerve to say to Donald Trump, "Start behaving like a president." She was the secretary of state for this dictator! And now she wants four more years of Obama policies.

But let's begin at the beginning. Mao Tse-tung is the model for several of Barack Obama's chief staff members. They've even said so. Oh, people have called them Marxists. They've called them Leninists. This is true, as far as it goes: they're communists. But those commentators don't quite understand that the Obamaists are more politically associated with Mao Tse-tung than anyone else.

Many of you have come out of colleges where you were subjected to brainwashing. This goes back to your elementary school days: brainwashing on what to think about gays; brainwashing on what to think about global warming; brainwashing on what to think about illegal aliens. But it's all brainwashing. The president himself has said that his daughters know that global warming is real and that the future generation will embrace this more than the current generation. That concept comes right out of Mao.

What does that have to do with Barack Obama? After all, if we buy the popular mythology perpetrated by the press, he's a nice Christian man. But is he really a nice Christian man? Is that why he's flooding America with illegal aliens? Is that why he's flooding America with Muslims? Is that why he doesn't follow the law? Is that why he gets away with virtually anything? Because he's a nice Christian man?

There's only one man who's telling the truth about this issue, and that's Donald Trump. How much longer Trump will get away with it, given the hatred coming at him from the low-life coelenterates in the media, is a question of how strong he really is.

I hope he can take it. I have had to build up a resistance to the hate from the vermin on the left, the hatred from the George Soros–generated machines of hatred such as Media Matters for America. They are front groups for Maoist organizations that want to destroy the opposition. I have learned how to put up with those insects. But when you take a man like Donald Trump—who is used to being revered and is a member of society and respected at the highest levels, and then suddenly has the media turn on him because they're all a bunch of jackals and cowards—how long can even he stand being ostracized? If not for the Constitution, which Obama has shredded time and again, Trump would not be a beacon; he would be a prisoner in a death camp.

There was a man at a Trump campaign rally saying "Obama's a Muslim," and Trump said, very reasonably, "We're gonna be looking at a lot of different things. A lot of people are saying that. A lot of people are saying bad things are happening out there." Right away, the vermin in the media started saying that Trump is a bad man. And there Hillary was, the head of the Clinton machine—doyenne of the most hide-in-plain-sight criminal activity I've ever seen in my life, which occurred under her watch—daring to say that it's Trump who should start behaving like a president. Well, there is a lot to be said about that, but it's not about Trump. It's about her refusal to confess her own crimes, it's about her refusal to tell us where she was the night Benghazi burned and the ambassador was killed, and many other avoidances. What about the hundreds of millions of dollars funneled into her husband's library from foreign governments and people in America who want favors? Like the Saudis, who don't want their role in the 9/11 terror attacks made public.

Obama is, by definition, a Muslim, unless he converted to Christianity and I don't know about it. His father, Barack Obama, Sr., was a Muslim from Kenya. His stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, was a nominal Muslim. So what is Barry? Well, according to Islamic law, he is a Muslim. It is handed down through patrilineal descent. Now if one in five Americans or more still think he's a Muslim, is it not a valid discussion point? When did he convert to Christianity? When was he last seen going into a church—one other than the forum abused by that hate-baiting anarchist Reverend Jeremiah Wright? Don't you think it's an issue that is worth discussing in a predominantly Christian nation? A more important question might be, why don't the media think it's important? What, do we have to hide the religion of the nation? The founding religion of America has to be hidden? Why is it not hidden in Iran? It's because atheist Maoists run the country. They'd like you to think there is no religion until, one day, the Muslims are the majority and Obama can sit back in his rocking chair, reading the Quran, and finally announce what we've all known for decades.

There's no crime in being Muslim. But how do you argue with facts? If your father is a Muslim and you go to a Muslim school as a child, you are a Muslim unless you convert to another religion. So he obviously had to have converted to Christianity somewhere along the way because he was a devout churchgoer. For twenty years he went to Reverend Wright's church, where he learned to hate America and learned to hate everything about America. So he is a Christian of that order, which would be a liberation theologist—a communist—along the order of Pope Francis, which is why that pope was invited to America. But not Benjamin Netanyahu, who is the leader of another state being assaulted by hateful Muslims.

Now, unlike the Obama administration, let's be fair and clear on this point: Not all Muslims are against the principles of democracy. Many of them are trying to destroy ISIS. The Muslim president of Egypt, the sixth largest Muslim country in the world, is trying to destroy ISIS. But Obama will not help him. The king of Jordan is a Muslim. But Obama will not send him the heavy weapons he needs to combat ISIS. He will not arm the Kurds in Iraq, who are heroically fighting ISIS.

Why is that? Can someone really hate America and Christianity so much that he is willing to stand by and let them be decapitated and crucified rather than send arms to regional allies?

It's not a question of whether Obama is a Muslim. It's a question of what kind of Muslim he is. Many have said he's a front man for the Muslim Brotherhood, the outlaw terrorist group that briefly held power in Egypt. I've gotten emails from people in the highest levels of the intelligence world who are no longer in the government, having all been purged as was done under Josef Stalin, who swear that the Muslim Brotherhood is running this country.

When this kind of fear starts to bubble up from the people, I've got to tell you there's a prairie fire, to use a leftist phrase. Yes, my Democrat leftist friends, there is a prairie fire burning, not on the question of whether Obama is a Muslim but about which side he is on.

So on to the next question: what kind of Islam does he practice? Well, let's see. He's the only president who doesn't even pretend to go to church on Sunday. I mean, you have to give credit to Hillary and Bill. Despite shattering most of the Ten Commandments, Bill would chuckle his way into a church on Sunday. At least he pretended to be a practicing Christian to satisfy all the little people out there who in his mind actually go to church and believe in it.

Obama doesn't even make the pretense. He doesn't pretend to be a Christian. How would you know he's a Christian? By what act? Tell me how you would know what his religion is. Does it matter? I think it does matter, especially when we're under assault by radical Islam and he won't even say it's radical Islam. I think it's an important question, at a time when radical Islam is on the march, to know where our president stands.

I asked my housekeeper, who's from El Salvador and speaks Spanish and some English, "Do you think that Obama is a Muslim?" She's a devout Christian, a churchgoer, believes in Jesus. She said, "He is a serpent." She used the Spanish word for "serpent." I was actually stunned. So maybe he isn't a Muslim or even a Maoist. Maybe he's a serpent, like the one that slithered through the Garden of Eden.

So where does Maoist, Muslim Barack Hussein Obama leave us when he finally leaves office to make another apology tour through the Muslim nations, this time as a paid speaker instead of as president? Maybe he'll stop in London and apologize to its new Muslim mayor for the American Revolution. He likes bowing to Muslim leaders.

Obama will leave us at a dangerous crossroads as a nation. And many of us know it. We know that the lowly night crawlers who run the new world order spearheaded by Soros and the anarchists of Black Lives Matter and other nihilists have chosen America for a certain destiny and that we, the people, are the last chance we have to save ourselves. Who is there to choose the right path for America? It's certainly not the corrupt Hillary Clinton, who never met a lie she couldn't embrace. It could be Donald Trump. If he can survive the onslaughts of the left wing, he just might save the nation.

You might remember the dialog I alluded to earlier between one of Trump's supporters and Trump. The supporter asked a question: "We have a problem in this country. It's called Muslims. We know our current president is one."

"Right," Trump said.

"You know he's not even an American," the supporter went on.

"We need this first—we need this first question . . ." Trump said.

"But anyway, we have training camps growing where they want to kill us."

"Mm-hm," Trump said.

"That's my question. When can we get rid of them?"

"We're going to be looking at a lot of different things," Trump told him. "And you know, a lot of people are saying that, and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there. We're going to be looking at that and plenty of other things."

What's wrong with that? Maybe the better question to ask is, is anything wrong with that exchange? How many years have we talked about the Muslim training camps around America, the camps where they're training with guns on country properties? It's a fact. There are several in New York State. We've reported on them. New York state troopers know about them.

So Trump is on to Muslim Obama, and so is a large segment of the rightly concerned American population. What about in Washington? Many people in the intelligence community say Obama's helping the Muslim Brotherhood, that they're running the country, instructing the FBI, and instructing the CIA. We could probably confirm it if it became a big enough issue. Trump is the only one who didn't say, "Oh, no no no no. Oh, get that guy out of here. No no no. We can't even touch that question." It shows you that Trump's not afraid of any question. He's a freethinker. He's a free man. And so those who belong to the kingdom of Obama, those who have created the new empire, will immediately say that's an illegitimate question. He said, "Well, we'll look into that." And there are plenty of other things out there to look into.

That's why Obama and his minions are fiercely opposing Trump, because he's not using the same playbook, which is in danger of becoming the prayer book of America. The playbook of a one-man, Maoist Muslim governance. He is the only one who's saying, "No, I'm not playing by your rules. I'm playing by America's rules. I'm not playing by the rule of Mao Tse-tung under Obama. I am going to make sure that America is great again, not that I am great again."

Barack Obama. Maybe we should just call him Maobama. Or Obamao.

Like Obama, Mao never admitted he was wrong. He killed his lieutenant who had been with him from the early days, the man who had gone on the Long March with him. He saved the most horrendous torture for his closest ally, who told him, "What you've done is wrong. You've killed twelve million Chinese through your agricultural policies. Your plans are not working. Whatever you've touched has turned to garbage."

Sort of like Obamacare and the fake war on ISIS, right? You see the pattern here?

This is why frightened but right-thinking people turn to someone like Donald Trump, who will protect their ideals. If you were to define Donald Trump's politics, you would not say that he's a nativist; you would say that he's a nationalist. Nationalism respects national traditions and calls for duty and sacrifice. At its best, it's like religion in its ability to inspire a strong, charitable sense of community in its followers—far more effectively than the community disorganizer who became president. All that, I have to tell you, is anathema to the new world order. It's why Trump scares its members.

Getting back to something I mentioned earlier: if you put the pieces together, you can see why Obamao hates Israel. The answer, as I've been saying, is that Trump and Israel stand for nationalism. The only nationalisms permitted in Obamao's world view are Muslim nationalism and black liberation nationalism. Islamo-nationalism is acceptable because there are too many Muslims for Israel to take on right now. But, you see, Israel's small. There are not that many Jews.

So there's one presidential candidate who's a nationalist, and his opponents are holding back nothing in trying to destroy him and his candidacy.

Let me tell you a tale of two countries. The two countries are the free and prosperous United States if Donald Trump is elected president and the soulless welfare state the United States will become if Hillary Clinton wins. On one level, I can't even believe we're discussing the prospect of Hillary winning. Remember when Clinton said to Trump, "Start behaving like a president." Well, Michael Savage says to Clinton, "Stop behaving so high and mighty when you are a liar and perjurer."

If Hillary wins, she'll be one thing more. Like her boss before her, she'll be a dictatorial traitor. The Fourth Estate was afraid to attack a black president. Do you think it will be any better with a woman in the Oval Office? She won't have to censor the media to take control and create a state-run press: they'll do it for her. Look at the New York Times, which self-righteously proclaimed at the end of June that the GOP Benghazi commission had found no evidence of "wrongdoing" by Hillary. Now, there's a slippery word. Did it mean legal wrongdoing or moral wrongdoing? It couldn't have meant the latter, because that report was full of reprehensible neglect for the safety of our diplomats and undercover military on the ground there. How can you think otherwise when you learn that not a single military asset was moved to the region when our compound was under assault?

So what happens on day one of a Trump administration? The economy-crushing burden of Obamacare: gone. The small-business-crushing taxes of Obama: gone. The threat of ISIS: on the way out. Our porous borders: sealed. As a result of those acts, the jobless rate starts to shrink. The debt shrinks, too.

What happens on day one of a Hillary Clinton administration? None of the above. Did you hear me? Those things that even a kid in elementary school knows are so urgently needed do not happen.

She will continue the Obama doctrine, which has determined that America will no longer exist as a sovereign nation. It's being gutted from within, not so much by political figures but by thieves using political operatives called senators to do trade deals that are against the best interests of the nation. That's how China grew so quickly. It grew on our back. Remember when Clinton was exporting factories to China? The Chinese were buying whole factories out of the Midwest. They took every machine tool to China. You don't remember how Clinton sacked America, do you?

What else happens on day one of a Hillary Clinton administration? How about an energy supply disaster? Under Hillary, coal and natural gas will vanish as energy sources. Hydrofracking and coal burning will be made illegal. What will we get instead? Solar and wind energy. The solar and the wind companies, which contribute heavily to the Democrats, are going to get their payback. And look what happens if you don't invest in solar and wind energy: you go to jail. Businesses and private individuals who don't pay the carbon tax will go to jail. And all the electronic locks in the prisons will be solar powered.

Most private individuals, home owners, can't afford and don't get enough benefits from solar and wind energy to make it worth their while. If this goes through, though, there are going to be fewer private individuals. All the jobs from natural gas and coal are going to go away, along with the small businesses that will have to struggle to meet payroll after the Bernie Sanders minimum wage boost goes into effect.


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