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Zonal Marking

Zonal Marking

How the Dutch Backpass, the Italian Defense, and Portuguese Tricky Wingers Made Modern Soccer

A masterful tour of the most influential soccer tactics that continue to shape the beautiful game.

Zonal Marking traces the development of soccer in the modern era: the game has become globalized, but what are the differences in how soccer is played in the major leagues? To what extent do nations retain something of their “traditional” values? By analyzing the nature of soccer styles across the major European soccer nations — Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal and Holland — Michael Cox will answer these questions and more.

Each of these nations have a strong top-flight, regularly produces top-level players and managers, and have a national team that has tasted success. More importantly, they each have a strong soccer identity, a particular way of playing the game. From the backpass law to the start of the Premier League, the last quarter century has ushered in the modern era of soccer. Michael Cox is the perfect guide to the unique contributions of some of the game’s most innovative teams.
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Genre: Nonfiction / Sports & Recreation / Soccer

On Sale: June 25th 2019

Price: $25.98 / $33.98 (CAD)

ISBN-13: 9781549119132


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