Two Kinds of Truth

Two Kinds of Truth

Harry Bosch searches for the truth in the new thriller from #1 NYT bestselling author Michael Connelly

An NPR Best Book of 2017

A Times Critics’ Top Book of 2017

A Barnes & Noble Best Book of 2017

A South Florida Sun-Sentinel Best Mystery of 2017

An Amazon Book of the Month

Harry Bosch is back as a volunteer working cold cases for the San Fernando Police Department and is called out to a local drug store where a young pharmacist has been murdered. Bosch and the town’s 3-person detective squad sift through the clues, which lead into the dangerous, big business world of pill mills and prescription drug abuse.

Meanwhile, an old case from Bosch’s LAPD days comes back to haunt him when a long-imprisoned killer claims Harry framed him, and seems to have new evidence to prove it. Bosch left the LAPD on bad terms, so his former colleagues aren’t keen to protect his reputation. He must fend for himself in clearing his name and keeping a clever killer in prison.

The two unrelated cases wind around each other like strands of barbed wire. Along the way Bosch discovers that there are two kinds of truth: the kind that sets you free and the kind that leaves you buried in darkness.

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Genre: Mystery & Thriller / Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense

On Sale: October 31st 2017

Price: $29

Page Count: 416

ISBN-13: 9780316225908

What's Inside

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"[Connelly's] immaculate plotting and gift for
bringing procedural intricacies to life now seem as strong as ever...he writes
the best detective novels around."—Charles Finch, USA Today

"The 20th novel in Connelly's Bosch
series is one of its best."—Entertainment Weekly

"Harry Bosch is a one-of-a-kind hero who started
out pretty wild when he returned from Vietnam to become a cop, but over the
years he's developed into someone you want to ride with."—Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review

"Connelly's immaculate
plotting and gift for bringing procedural intricacies to life now seem as
strong as ever...he writes the best detective novels around."—USA Today

"A book as powerful and engrossing as any in Connelly's nonpareil series."—Jack Ratten, Toronto Star

of Connelly's darkest and most powerful stories yet about Bosch."—Colette Bancroft, Tampa Bay Times

"The best crime fiction writer alive today...The interaction between the trash-talking, playful
Haller and the stoic, moody, mission-driven Bosch is wonderful. The brothers
are two kinds of crafty, masters in their own realm...Gut-wrenching...The final
courtroom scene will make longtime Connelly fans stand up and cheer."—Marcie Everhart, The Oklahoman

"[Two Kinds of Truth] is a reflection of
Connelly's talent that after 19 books chronicling Bosch's
career, this iteration feels fresh and authentic. This is Bosch at his
F-you best, pursuing his mission, seeking justice and speaking for the dead."—The Arizona Republic

become an annual refrain - but Connelly truly is one of the finest mystery
writers. And that's the truth."—Oline Cogdill, Sun-Sentinel

"If you're into detective thrillers, this is an
obvious choice, it doesn't get any better than Michael Connelly."—Brendan Cooney, In the Sheets

"Expertly juggling both plots, Connelly mines the double murder for fascinating and frightening details...Connelly remains atop a heap of contemporary crime writers thanks to his rare ability to combine master plotting and procedural detail with a literary novelist's feel for the inner lives of his or her characters. Both talents are in abundant display this time."—Booklist

"TWO KINDS OF TRUTH is a sterling example of the
full potential of [Bosch and Ballard] fully realized. Anyone interested in
their literary exploits can jump on this particular offering without difficulty
and enjoy the ride from beginning to end."—Joe Hartlaub, BookReporter