The Extreme Team: Roller Hockey Rumble

Roller Hockey Rumble


By Matt Christopher

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When Bizz and her friends arrange a high-stakes roller hockey game with another team, Bizz is reminded about the importance of friendship.


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"Hey, dudes, what's up?" Belicia "Bizz" Juarez swooped into the park and braked her inline skates to a stop in front of Jonas Malloy and Charlie Abbott. "Why aren't you riding the ramps and rails?"

Jonas shook his head. "They're crammed full of newbies," he said glumly. "It's Beginner's Day, remember?"

Bizz's face fell. "Oh, yeah," she said. Beginner's Day was when kids still learning about inline skating and other extreme sports — newbies — got the skatepark all to themselves. Newbies were paired with older, experienced skaters who watched over them as they tried out different equipment and moves. Bizz had nothing against kids improving their skills. She just wished they wouldn't get in her way when she wanted to skate!

Jonas shaded his eyes against the bright November sun and pointed. "Hey, isn't that Savannah by the pyramid, with Alison?"

Bizz followed his gaze. Sure enough, Savannah Smith stood next to the pyramid ramp. She checked her inlines, then skated hard up one slope of the pyramid. When she reached the top, she gave a little hop, made a quarter turn in midair, and rolled down another slope. Alison Lee, the teenager who watched over the skatepark, applauded.

"What's Savannah doing out there on Beginner's Day?" Charlie asked. Charlie, a newcomer to town, was still getting to know the other kids. "I thought she was a good skater already."

"She is," Bizz replied loyally. "She's way better than those newbies out there! I'm going to rescue her." Bizz took off full tilt to the pyramid.

"Yo, Bizz, hold up." Alison stepped in front of Bizz. "You know you're not supposed to be out here today."

"I'll clear out in a sec," Bizz said, "but I'm taking Savannah with me. She's too good to be out here!"


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Matt Christopher

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