The New York Times–bestselling author of Rise of the Robots shows what happens as AI takes over our lives 

Imagine it’s 2030. You call a bank to discuss your loan application, but you don’t get to talk to a person. The bank’s AI has spoken: you are denied. At home, feeling stressed, you take pills both invented and prescribed by AI to keep your blood pressure in check. You stream a video starring “actors” generated by machine. And before you turn in, you wonder if collaboration between Big Tech and China means you should choose a new AI provider for your home. 

As Martin Ford shows in Rule of the Robots, AI will soon flow through our lives like electricity does today, remaking every sphere of human activity. Yet even as Ford maps out AI’s disquieting future, he shows how we can prepare for it, advocating for policies such as universal basic income and educational reform. It’s crucial that we take his words to heart. 

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


“Probably the most compelling single-volume book so far on AI’s advance and the opportunities and challenges associated with its multi-faceted impact on the world. Those in AI and those outside it will get a lot out of his clear-eyed and critical perspective. I highly recommend it.” —James Manyika, Chairman and Director of the McKinsey Global Institute
“There is no technology more important today than AI. Martin Ford continues his tradition of clear insights and observations about this important topic in a well-researched page-turner.  A delightful book!” —Erik Brynjolfsson, Director of the Stanford Digital Economy Lab and co-author of The Second Machine Age
“The best up-to-date, go-to book on the social and economic implications of artificial intelligence.” —Tyler Cowen, Professor of Economics at George Mason University
“An incisive, balanced, and well-informed discussion of where AI stands today, how it may evolve, and the risks it poses to human society.”—Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley and co-author of Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach
“Writing about the future of robotics is a dangerous endeavor, since it illuminates every aspect of our lives with a startling, unchartered perspective. Ford navigates this challenge admirably, with an exceptional blend of depth, rigor and clarity.” —Judea Pearl, co-author of The Book of Why
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