The Parties Respond

Changes in American Parties and Campaigns

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As a survey of the most current and significant issues affecting party politics in the United States, The Parties Respond has become a standard for reference and college course use. Mark Brewer and L. Sandy Maisel draw together leading scholars for thirteen original essays. The topics addressed include partisanship in the electorate, parties and the media revolution, the campaign and election process, and parties in government. The fifth edition is significantly revised with twelve new chapters, bringing each of these topics up to date for the modern political arena and highlighting the many changes in party politics over the past ten years.

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Reader Reviews


"A consistently excellent reader on U.S. political parties just got better. As either supplement or main text, this volume provides students with a thorough overview of political parties in both their historical and contemporary contexts. Maisel and his contributors continue their outstanding job of discussing the changing role of parties in the electoral and institutional arenas."
Peter Galderisi, Utah State University

"This fine collection of essays by many of the leading scholars of the subfield is perfectly suited for an upper-level undergraduate class on political parties. With four completely new chapters and nine revised selections, this book contains an impressive array of original scholarship on the recent developments and ongoing concerns regarding the place of political parties within the political system. Most undergraduates have very negative views of political parties. This book will help them understand the central role that parties play in American politics."
David T. Canon, University of Wisconsin, Madison
"No volume does a better job of bringing together contributions from such a wide range of leading scholars of American political parties. In this era of increasing partisan polarization, the study of political parties is more relevant than ever. Students and scholars alike will benefit from a careful reading of the research presented here."
Laura R. Olson, Clemson University

"I am thrilled that Brewer and Maisel have put together a new edition of The Parties Respond. Students still come to college thinking that parties are weak and meaningless, even though they are stronger now than they have been in 100 years. In bringing together the best people to offer essays on the most up to date controversies, Brewer and Maisel have assembled their best edition yet."
Marc J. Hetherington, Vanderbilt University

"Each reading in this remarkable book is filled with insight and information, as exemplified by ‘Boehner's Dilemma'—a penetrating analysis at the electoral and governing consequences of the Tea Party's influence on the GOP. The Parties Respond is a ‘must read' for courses on political parties and campaigns/elections."
Thomas E. Patterson, Harvard University

From the Fourth Edition:
"This latest edition of a well-established and wide-ranging collection of essays about political parties raises the question of what is old and what is new. The book is so comprehensive that it could be used as the basis for a course in American political parties. Once again Maisel has provided a valuable service by bringing together a solid and well-written collection. Highly recommended."

"The Parties Respond is an excellent collection of works that are both analytically insightful and accessible to an undergraduate audience. Examining the American two-party system from numerous angles, this book illuminates the complexities of our particular brand of democracy. The new edition includes chapters on two important developments, the 2000 election and the ever-evolving campaign finance system."
Jennifer Steen, Boston College

"The Parties Respond combines excellent coverage of both the fundamental issues in political parties research and the important topical issues of the day. The articles are written by some of the top scholars in the field, but at a level accessible to undergraduates. Now in its fourth edition, it remains an important resource for scholars and students alike."
Ron Rapoport, College of William and Mary
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