Immigration in the Twenty-First Century is a comprehensive examination of the enduring issues surrounding immigration and immigrants in the United States. The book begins with a look at the history of immigration policy, followed by an examination of the legislative and legal debates waged over immigration and settlement policies today, and concludes with a consideration of the continuing challenges of achieving immigration reform in the United States. The authors also discuss the issues facing US immigrants, from their reception within the native population to the relationship between minorities and immigrants.

Immigration and immigration policy continues to be a hot topic on the campaign trail, and in all branches of federal and state government. Immigration in the Twenty-First Century provides students with the tools and context they need to understand these complex issues.

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


“If you are looking for a course text that provides a succinct overview of U.S. immigration policy, and the controversies surrounding it, this book is it. This text provides important historical context, a summary of current policy and its controversies, insightful political analysis of the prospects for comprehensive reform, and an in-depth examination of the political incorporation of immigrants in the contemporary era.”
Ron Schmidt, California State University, Long Beach

Immigration in the 21st Century painstakingly catalogues the many proposed federal and state immigration policies since 2000 as well as the numerous contentious debates that now characterize immigration politics in the 21st century. So much has happened in the context of immigration politics over the last decade and this book offers an authoritative reference on these modern developments.”
Natalie Masuoka, Tufts University
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