After Etan

After Etan

The Missing Child Case that Held America Captive


“A real-life thriller, which kept me up long past midnight…A heartbreaking story, scrupulously researched, well-constructed and well-written.” – The Daily Beast

On the morning of May 25, 1979, six-year-old Etan Patz left his apartment to go to his school bus stop. It was the first time he walked the two short blocks on his own. But he never made it to school that day. He vanished somewhere between his home and the bus stop, and was never seen again.

The search for Etan quickly consumed the downtown Manhattan neighborhood where his family lived and became a national story – one that would change out cultural landscape forever. More than thirty years later, May 25 is recognized as National Missing Children’s Day in Etan’s honor. But despite the overwhelming publicity his case received, the public knows only a fraction of what happened.

This is the story of the relentless search for justice, drawn from hundreds of interviews and twenty years of research – including access to the personal files of the Patz family – to reveal for the first time the entire dramatic tale.
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Genre: Nonfiction / Social Science

On Sale: August 21st 2012

Price: $14.99

Page Count: 416

ISBN-13: 9781455528615

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"Every American needs to know Etan's story."—John Walsh
"Heart-wrenching . . . As true crime, this tragic tale is a standout."—Publishers Weekly
"Transfixing . . . a story that is stranger than crime fiction . . . [Cohen] has done a solid job of tracking the wayward details of the investigation."—New York Times
"Cohen covers the story from all angles and keeps the main thread of the investigation clear, even while sharing some of its most intriguing left turns and red herrings, including a series of child molestations by a former boyfriend of one of the boy's caretakers, and a trip, prompted by a psychic's vision, to Hell's Gate in the East River in search of Patz's body.
A masterful combination of deep human interest and detailed criminal investigation into a parent's worst nightmare."—Kirkus Review (starred)
"A real - life thriller, which kept me up long past midnight . . . A heartbreaking story, scrupulously researched, well-constructed and well-written."—The Daily Beast
"For the first time, Lisa Cohen finally unravels a complex and tangled mystery while seamlessly telling the heart wrenching story of a family trying to cope with every parent's worst nightmare. The vivid descriptions and the incredible detail make you feel like you are there every step of the way. The book pulls you in."—John Miller, CBS News Chief Investigative Reporter; former Assistant Director, FBI
"In the first-ever book on this celebrated case, Lisa Cohen finally gives us the answers behind the most vexing child kidnapping since the Lindbergh Baby. It's a harrowing portrait of a family's grief and an engrossing detective story. A powerful lesson in humanity tested and triumphant."—Nicholas Pileggi