Brew Chem 101

The Basics of Homebrewing Chemistry


By Lee W. Janson

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Understand the science that goes into making your favorite beverage. This crash course in brewing chemistry makes it easy for every homebrewer to make better beer. Using simple language and helpful diagrams, Lee W. Janson guides you through every chemical reaction in the brewing process and explains how you can avoid potential problems. Steer away from common mistakes in taste, fermentation, and alcohol content, and use your newfound knowledge to successfully brew your most delicious beer yet.


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Jan 10, 1996
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128 pages

Lee W. Janson

About the Author

Lee W. Janson, author of Brew Chem 101, is an experienced homebrewer and a certified beer judge. A Texas resident, he is a member of the Bay Area Mashtronauts, a homebrewing club, and was head judge for two years in the the Lunar Redezbrew homebrew competition. Janson holds a PhD in biological sciences and biochemistry from Carnegie Mellon University.

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