Peter Powers and the Rowdy Robot Raiders!


By Kent Clark

By Brandon T. Snider

Illustrated by Dave Bardin

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If you like the Avengers, Justice League, or The Incredibles, then you’ll love this family of superheroes! This new chapter book series is perfect for reluctant readers.

Everyone in Peter Powers’ family has super awesome superpowers–except Peter. All he can do is make ice cubes and flash freeze little stuff. At least his brother and sister have finally stopped picking on him–mostly. But at school, an even more menacing bully has it out for Peter and his friends. As if that wasn’t enough, Boulder City is being raided by robots!

When his parents are captured, will Peter and his siblings be able to work together and save the day? Or will the town–and possibly the world–be iced? Join Peter Powers and his fantastic family for their second action-packed and fun-filled adventure to find out!

Peter Powers and the Rowdy Robot Raiders is the second in a new chapter book series of exciting stories about a young boy who has the worst superpower ever. Each story is full of humor, action, and fun, but the charm can be found in the heartfelt message about the power of family, friends, and having confidence.



Backyard Barbecue

My name is Peter Powers. You've probably never heard of me. Most people haven't. But one day, I'm going to be the world's greatest superhero—or maybe the lamest. My superpower is super crummy. All I can do is make ice cubes with my fingers. Not cool.

Though I did defeat a supervillain! That's progress, right?

Even with the world's silliest superpower, I could still be a superhero. I mean, not anytime soon, but one day. Sure, I need training and a code name and a costume and… Ugh. Definitely not anytime soon.

"Why the long face, son?" my dad said. My family was gathered in the backyard having a barbecue.

"I'm just bummed about my powers," I said.

"Don't be. When I was your age, all I could do was make my fingertips light up like birthday candles."

"Really?" I asked. Maybe there was hope for me.

"Yup. Now look at me!" My dad tossed some hot dogs on the grill, then held his hand over them. His hand made a big burst of flame, and in two seconds, the hot dogs were scorched! My dad loves to cook. He's also a full-fledged superhero who can control fire. It's pretty great.

"Those wieners need buns," Mom said, floating down from the sky with a plate of fresh bread. She's a superhero too, with the ability to fly. Super fast and super tough—I wish that was my power. "Fit like a glove," she said, grabbing the well-done hot dogs with the buns.

"Gavin, put your duplicates away and come eat!" Mom called out. Gavin is my older brother. He's definitely not a superhero, though he does have pretty rad powers. He can make exact duplicates of himself. Then there're two or four or even six versions of my brother running around being annoying. He's the worst.

"Hey, Felicia, can you put your phone down and join the family?" Dad asked. My younger sister, Felicia, rolled her eyes and acted like it was the end of the world. Since she couldn't text on her phone, she picked up a solid-steel beam and began bending it back and forth like it was a sheet of paper. You guessed it: She's super strong.

"OUCH!" Mom gasped. "I burned my finger on the grill."

I grabbed a towel and ran over. My fingers conjured up four perfect ice cubes. "Here, Mom, put this on it."

"Quick to the rescue," my dad noted. "Just like a hero."

I couldn't help but smile.

"Thanks, Peter," Mom said. "Hey, how did your class presentation go?"

And then my smile went away. It was such a simple question—with a not-so-simple answer. How could I tell my mom (a superhero!) that the presentation got totally messed up when Zack (the new kid—and BULLY—at school) totally destroyed my report (on purpose!)? I didn't want to admit that I was a big loser and an easy target for bullies.

"Greaaat!" I said, my voice cracking. I didn't feel like telling the truth in front of Gavin and Felicia. They would totally make fun of me.

"IT'S WIENER TIME!" Grandpa said, rolling his wheelchair into the backyard. My baby brother, Ben, sat on his lap. Grandpa Dale used to be a superhero, but now he mostly watches TV at home. He's a little crazy, but in the best possible way. For an old person, he's actually really cool. He's kind of my best friend. He did a 360 spin in his wheelchair, and Ben laughed.

"Dad! Be careful with Ben," Mom said, scooping up Ben and taking him into her arms. Ben has powers too, if you can believe it. He loves getting into trouble like any other baby, but he also can turn invisible, which makes him extra naughty. Grandpa likes getting into trouble and being naughty as well, though his powers are completely different. He has bird powers. He can sprout big wings and has super eyesight, or something like that.

"Time to stuff our gullets!" Grandpa cried out.

The entire Powers family sat down at the picnic table and ate. Family meals are the best. At least until Gavin or Felicia says, "I don't have enough ice in my drink. Refill, Peter?" Instead of going to the fridge, they make me put more ice in their cups.

Yup. That's what my powers are used for: I'm a walking ice cube tray.


Zack Attack

"What are we going to do about the Zack situation?" asked Chloe, throwing her lunch tray on the table. She was pretty stressed out about Zack, the new kid who also happened to be a total bully. "He stole my homework yesterday. He's not even in my class—he did it just to be mean."

"Zack took a candy bar right out of my hand," sniffed Sandro. My buddy loved food. And if there was one thing Sandro loved most, it was sweets. "It had peanut butter inside, Peter. PEANUT BUTTER!"

"What do you want me to do about it?" I asked. "He kicked me the other day when I was walking in the hallway. I tripped, dropped all my books, and fell into a trash can. Zack is a bully, case closed."

"Were you wearing a Kick Me sign?" Sandro asked. "Because if you were, that might be why he did it. Always check your back for signs, Peter. I do."

"I wasn't wearing a Kick Me sign," I said. "I was minding my own business."


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Dec 6, 2016
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Kent Clark

About the Author

KENT CLARK is a superhero by day, and a writer by night. When he’s not getting cats out of trees or saving the world from monstrous alien supervillains, he’s reading a book. He also has a terrible weakness-he can’t say no to tacos, comic books, or video games.

BRANDON T. SNIDER writes books about Transformers, Minions and even Batman! When he’s not writing superhero stories, he’s either on TV or eating as much cheese as possible in order to unlock cheese-related superpowers-which is not working.

DAVE BARDIN is an illustrator by day and, well, night too. When he’s not drawing in his Stronghold of Seclusion he patrols the streets, protecting the innocent and vanquishing evil. Strangely, the source of his powers is also his one weakness–MASHED POTATOES!

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Brandon T. Snider

About the Author

Brandon T. Snider has authored numerous books for Little Brown featuring pop culture favorites such as the Transformers, Minions and My Little Pony. He has also written for and appeared on Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer. Brandon lives in New York City, where he’s a member of the Writers Guild of America.

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