She Will Rise

Becoming a Warrior in the Battle for True Equality


By Katie Hill

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Former Congresswoman Katie Hill shares her experience with misogyny and double standards in politics to help women topple the longstanding power structures that prevent them from achieving equality.

Powerful women who dare to make mistakes still face swifter and more brutal consequences than men, as the events that precipitated Congressional representative Katie Hill’s resignation, in which she was the victim of revenge porn, clearly demonstrate. But Katie Hill does not want women to be discouraged from taking positions of power — in fact, the rampant misogyny we see is all the more reason for women to lead, to work to change the systems that have kept old, wealthy, white men in power for far too long.

In this book, to be published on the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment (which gave women the right to vote), Katie Hill looks back on the progress we’ve made and outlines her battle plan for our future. She details how we can overcome the obstacles holding women back from achieving equal representation in positions of power to create the change we want for the next century. What challenges do women face in the modern era, and what battles will we need to fight in the years to come? Katie Hill is ready to equip readers for the front lines of leadership in all arenas, to guide women in becoming the warriors we need to shape this country for the better.

  • "So many of us feel disenchanted with the lack of gender equality in public office and high positions of power. We know that things feel imbalanced, but we don't know what to do about it. Katie has endured many trials and tribulations in her fight for this battle. Using her experience, she provides real answers and a roadmap toward equal representation in She Will Rise. This book serves as an inspiration and a utility tool for anyone who thinks the current system in which we operate needs to shift."
    Kristen Bell, actor, activist
  • "A new wave of feminism needs new leaders. Katie Hill's She Will Rise recounts the brave and critical work of the feminists who got us to where we are today, and explains what we need to do next to achieve full equality, now that we have taken up the charge. For anyone concerned with finally having an equal society where women's voices are heard, this book is a must read."
    Alyssa Milano, actor, producer, author, activist
  • "As we mark one hundred years since women earned the right to vote, we take pride in our progress and reflect on all the work left to do. She Will Rise is a brave and honest look at the structural inequities that hold women back and the pathways to break down those barriers and make deep, lasting societal change. Katie Hill lays out a vision for women's rights while interweaving her own personal story about building power, taking responsibility for mistakes, and moving forward."
    Christine Pelosi, Chair of CA Democratic Party Women's Caucus
  • "As someone who has personally dealt with double standards in politics, I'm captivated by Katie's story. Even as men who have harassed and assaulted women walk the halls of Congress, Katie faced the ultimate double standard-being publicly shamed and forced to resign. What stands out most about Katie's story isn't the tragedy of what she endured, but the courage and resilience she showed in the aftermath. She Will Rise reflects that spirit and shows how, together, women can fight back and create a better and more equitable future."
    Lis Smith, democratic strategist
  • "Katie Hill has taught us that the only way to build endurance is to endure. In She Will Rise, we learn about one unstoppable woman and also about the unstoppability of women."
    Carrie Goldberg, victim's rights lawyer
  • "She Will Rise is a refreshingly honest assessment of the state of American women--both what she's overcome and what's standing in the way of progress. And Hill's personal story of triumph and tragedy will leave you angry, hopeful, and fired the f*ck up."
    Erin Ryan, host of Hysteria podcast by Crooked Media, contributorto The Daily Beast
  • "This unvarnished account turns a devastating setback into a powerful argument for change."
    Publishers Weekly

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Katie Hill

About the Author

Katie Hill wasn’t yet thirty when she embarked on her run for Congress. By thirty-one, she had become not only a member of Congress but a member of congressional leadership. Soon, she was the subject of an HBO docuseries entitled She’s Running, a frequent and ratings-generating cable news guest, and one of the Democratic Party’s brightest rising stars. Her campaign attracted the support of dozens of celebrities, including Kristen Bell, Chelsea Handler, Alyssa Milano, and Chris Evans, and she managed to flip a Congressional seat under decades of Republican control. She was the first woman to hold the seat, and the first openly LGBTQ woman to be elected to Congress from California. She resigned from her position less than a year after entering Congress, following a scandal that began a national conversation around questions of bisexuality, domestic abuse, cyber exploitation, workplace power dynamics, and what happens when regular people who live regular lives run for office.

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