My Washington, DC


By Kathy Jakobsen

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Welcome to My Washington, DC!

Vibrant, lush paintings full of elaborate detail bring the capital city to life! A young girl and her friend explore all their favorite places in Washington, DC, from the White House to the Lincoln Memorial. They peek inside the National Air and Space Museum, glimpse the Declaration of Independence at the National Archives, and bask in the beauty of the cherry blossoms surrounding the Tidal Basin.

With two giant foldout pages, a map of the city, fun facts, seek-and-find challenges, and a poster of the Bill of Rights on the underside of this jacket, My Washington, DC is endlessly fun and educational. Kathy Jakobsen’s lavish paintings invite readers to return again and again to this dazzling tribute to America’s capital!


  • Praise for My Washington, DC:

    *"Even children too young to read the text can get lost in these illustrations and become engrossed in searching for the three travelers as well as the cat that can be found in each scene... A star-spangled introduction to the nation's capital."—Booklist (starred review)
  • "Jakobsen depicts Washington attractions in intricately detailed oil paintings, especially striking foldout image of the Washington Monument.... Crowded scenes invite close inspection (and readers are invited to locate particular items in the pictures), while ornate border artwork adds further visual dimension.... The rich illustrations provide a gratifying and grand tour of the nation's capital."—Publishers Weekly
  • "This merry work is a good choice for young readers who are curious about our capital as well as educators who want to introduce Washington, DC, before a trip or lesson."—School Library Journal
  • "The visuals and rather challenging hide-and-seek component will make this a popular introduction to or souvenir from the nation's capital."—Kirkus Reviews
  • Praise for My New York:
    "A splendid tribute to the city that never sleeps."—Publishers Weekly
  • "The marvelously detailed illustrations and the excellent range of places paints an exciting and informative picture of the best of New York City life and activity. A visual treat for children from all around the country."—School Library Journal
  • Praise for Johnny Appleseed
    "Jakobsen's captivating illustrations, rendered in deep tones of rustic blues, browns and golds, are reminiscent of detailed folk art."—Publishers Weekly
  • "This homespun book provides the perfect vehicle for the story of the legendary Johnny Appleseed... It's a treasure."—School Library Journal
  • Praise for This Land Is Your Land:
    "An ambitious tribute to a popular song that will live as long as the American spirit."—New York Times
  • "This beautiful homage to America and to a favorite folksinger is sure to be a family treasure."—Publishers Weekly
  • "This effort is what great picture books are all about."—School Library Journal

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Kathy Jakobsen

About the Author

Kathy Jakobsen is one of the premier folk artists in the United States. She is the creator of My New York, This Land Is Your Land, and Johnny Appleseed, and her oil paintings have been exhibited across the United States, Europe, and Japan. The American Folk Art Museum called Kathy “one of the best landscape folk painters of the century” in their Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century American Folk Art and Artists. In 1984, she was commissioned to create an “Easter at the White House” painting, and she is delighted to return to such an inspiring city with My Washington, DC. Kathy invites you to visit her online at

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