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Scream for Me

Scream for Me

For her exciting debut in hardcover, New York Times bestselling author Karen Rose delivers a heart-stopping suspense novel that picks up where DIE FOR ME left off, with a detective determined to track down a brutal murderer.

Special Agent Daniel Vartanian has sworn to find the perpetrator of multiple killings that mimic a 13-year-old murder linked to a collection of photographs that belonged to his brother, Simon, the ruthless serial killer who met his demise in DIE FOR ME. Daniel is certain that someone even more depraved than his brother committed these crimes, and he’s determined to bring the current murderer to justice and solve the mysterious crime from years ago.

With only a handful of images as a lead, Daniel’s search will lead him back through the dark past of his own family, and into the realm of a mind more sinister than he could ever imagine. But his quest will also draw him to Alex Fallon, a beautiful nurse whose troubled past reflects his own. As Daniel becomes attached to Alex, he discovers that she is also the object of the obsessed murderer. Soon, he will not only be racing to discover the identity of this macabre criminal, but also to save the life of the woman he has begun to love.
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Genre: Romance / Fiction / Romance / Contemporary

On Sale: January 1st 2009

Price: $7.99

Page Count: 608

ISBN-13: 9780446616928

What's Inside

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"From the first rousing chapter to the last, SCREAM FOR ME is intense, complex, and unforgettable."—James Patterson
"SCREAM FOR ME has everything a great suspense novel should have: cold chills, hot thrills, and characters that come alive."—Allison Brennan
"Rose paints her characters with a flesh and blood brush, bringing life to their every word and gesture. SCREAM FOR ME loudly announces that there could well be a new thriller sheriff in town."—Lorenzo Carcaterra
"Karen Rose writes blistering, high-octane suspense that never lets up. Before I could finish SCREAM FOR ME, I had to get up and make sure my doors were locked. Don't miss it!"—Karen Robards, New York Times bestselling author of Obsession
"Mesmerizing. Fabulous suspense. Masterful writing."—Betina Krahn, New York Times bestselling author of The Marriage Test
"Rose makes her hardcover debut with this terrifying followup to last year's DIE FOR ME. That evil can survive and flourish in a town is the horrifying premise. Intricate plotting and rich characterization ensure that the tension and thrill factor hit at gut level and never let go. Rose is a force to be reckoned with!"—Romantic Times BOOKclub magazine