Percival Priggs wants to be the perfect child in order to please his seemingly perfect parents.

But even when Percy gets his family into a mess of a situation, his parents’ love for him remains absolute perfection.

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


"The mayhem itself is solid slapstick, and the buildup is well-paced. . . . Decidedly delightful."
—Kirkus Reviews

“Graham's sweetly odd characters, goth-lite vibe, and gift for exaggeration may remind readers of offbeat fare such as Coraline or James and the Giant Peach…

"[R]eaders will come away recognizing the value in not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good, as well as investing energy in pursuits one actually enjoys.”
—Publishers Weekly

“This story is witty and reassuring and features brilliant visual details.”
—Horn Book Guide Reviews

“Hilarious details are scattered cleverly throughout this story, which is sure to become a favorite.”
—Foreword Reviews

“The mixed-media illustrations create a world that is quirky yet familiar as Percival learns about acceptance.”
—Skipping Stones magazine

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