Should We Fire God?

Finding Hope in God When We Don't Understand


By Jim Pace

Foreword by Rick Warren

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When the worst school shooting in history occurred, Pastor Jim Pace, a Virginia Tech alumnus, was front and center. Media, students, church members, and strangers asked him the same question: If God is loving, why doesn’t He stop disasters before they start? Shoudl We Fire God is Jim’s thoughtful, reasoned response to the idea that God isn’t doing His job very well. In conversational, nonpreachy prose, Jim explains why God allows pain and devastation to occur — and what the consequences would be if He didn’t. And he leads readers to question: if we fire God — who takes His place — woefully imperfect humans? Jim uses real-life examples and his own battles with faith to develop readers’ understanding of God, His true role in their lives, what they should do with doubt and fear, and what He feels when we ache. Richly informative and comforting, Shoudl We Fire God is a must-read for seekers everywhere.


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Apr 8, 2010
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Jim Pace

About the Author

Jim Pace is copastor at New Life Christian Fellowship at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. He helped found the Ecclesia Network, a group of emerging missional churches that are trying to figure out how to lead communities of faith in Jesus in our culture today. Jim and his wife have been married fourteen years and have three children. Should We Fire God? is his first book.

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