Putting Makeup on Dead People


By Jen Violi

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Since her father’s death four years ago, Donna has gone through the motions of living: her friendships are empty, she’s clueless about what to do after high school graduation, and her grief keeps her isolated, cut off even from the one parent she has left. That is until she’s standing in front of the dead body of a classmate at Brighton Brothers’ Funeral Home. At that moment, Donna realizes what might just give her life purpose is comforting others in death.


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ISBN 978-1-4231-5313-9

To my father, Alfred D. Violi,

with gratitude and love.

This is for you.

Lila Cardoza, 17

Cause of Death: Heart attack

Surviving Immediate Family:

  • Mother: Carmen
  • Father: Sammy
  • Brother: Junior
  • Dog: Sunshine (bichon frise)

Makeup: Lavender Shimmer eye shadows, black eyeliner, Mocha lipstick, Pink Seashell blush

Clothing: Woodmont Warriors basketball jersey

Casket: Cherrywood, ivory silk lining

Special Guests in Attendance: Tiki Cardoza, founder of Cardoza’s Old Time Taqueria

Funeral Incidents:


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