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The U.S. Intelligence Community

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The role of intelligence in US government operations has changed dramatically and is now more critical than ever to domestic security and foreign policy. This authoritative and highly researched book written by Jeffrey T. Richelson provides a detailed overview of America’s vast intelligence empire, from its organizations and operations to its management structure. Drawing from a multitude of sources, including hundreds of official documents, The US Intelligence Community allows students to understand the full scope of intelligence organizations and activities, and gives valuable support to policymakers and military operations.

The seventh edition has been fully revised to include a new chapter on the major issues confronting the intelligence community, including secrecy and leaks, domestic spying, and congressional oversight, as well as revamped chapters on signals intelligence and cyber collection, geospatial intelligence, and open sources. The inclusion of more maps, tables and photos, as well as electronic briefing books on the book's Web site, makes The US Intelligence Community an even more valuable and engaging resource for students.

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Praise for the sixth edition

“This is an indispensable guide to a subject that has often been shielded by secrets and lies. Richelson brings order and clarity to the astounding complexity of US intelligence. Thoroughly researched and carefully documented, this volume is the best place to begin exploring the intelligence community as it exists today.”
Steven Aftergood, Federation of American Scientists

“For years now, Jeff Richelson's The US Intelligence Community has been the go-to book for experts and laymen alike who want to know the latest about espionage organization and tradecraft in the United States. Now with his sixth edition of this classic work, he reaches new heights of excellence in research and presentation. No one has ferreted out the details of this subject better than Dr. Richelson.”
Loch K. Johnson, Regents Professor, University of Georgia; Senior Editor, Intelligence & National Security
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