Seeds of Hope

Seeds of Hope

Wisdom and Wonder from the World of Plants


From world-renowned scientist Jane Goodall, as seen in the new National Geographic documentary Jane, comes a fascinating examination of the critical role that trees and plants play in our world.

SEEDS OF HOPE takes us from Goodall’s home in England to her home-away-from-home in Africa, deep inside the Gombe forest, where she and the chimpanzees are enchanted by the fig and plum trees they encounter. She introduces us to botanists around the world, as well as places where hope for plants can be found, such as The Millennium Seed Bank. She shows us the secret world of plants with all their mysteries and potential for healing our bodies as well as Planet Earth.

Looking at the world as an adventurer, scientist, and devotee of sustainable foods and gardening–and setting forth simple goals we can all take to protect the plants around us–Goodall delivers an enlightening story of the wonders we can find in our own backyards.
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Genre: Nonfiction / Nature / Plants

On Sale: April 8th 2014

Price: $30

ISBN-13: 9781478927556

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Praise for Hope For Animals and Their World:

"These accounts of conservation success are inspirational." --Publishers Weekly
"Goodall's intimate writing style and sense of wonder pull the reader into each account... The mix of personal and scientific makes for a compelling read." --Booklist