Everyone in Clade City knows the Great Big One is coming–a tsunami guaranteed to decimate the West Coast and sink their small coastal town. If they manage to live that long. Nuclear strikes seem increasingly likely. Wildfires. Solar flares, and a growing chance of apocalyptic horsemen. And Griff learns from the sudden loss of his brother that you can’t drop your guard for even a second. So he and the Lost Coast Preppers will be ready. Canning. Stockpiling. Monitoring radio signals. To survive, one must expect the unexpected. But the songs catch Griff by surprise.

On a late, unlicensed AM broadcast, Griff discovers strikingly beautiful music. Songs that make you want to sing and dance and howl at the moon. He and his closest friend, Thomas, resolve to track the elusive signal to its source. As they angle their survival skills on a new quest, the mystery expands to encompass Griff, his brother, his whole town–until it’s clear they’re chasing more than music. It’s a matter of life or death.

As Griff wrestles with grief, love, and a haunting secret, he’ll have to come to terms with who his brother was, and who Griff wants to be.

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Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year
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