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By Helena Greer

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USA Today bestselling author Helena Greer presents a swoony, sexy romcom where a no-nonsense lawyer fakes a relationship with her barista to avoid going solo to her ex-girlfriend's wedding. 

No-nonsense lawyer Tara Sloane Chadwick is perfectly fine with going to her ex’s wedding—the break-up was congenial, and Tara is nothing if not well-mannered. But after one too many reminders of her dismal dating track, Tara panics when asked if she'll need a plus-one and declares she's bringing her new girlfriend. One issue: Tara is seriously single. Thankfully, Holly, the waitress she's been crushing on, happily offers to be her fake date . . . 
Only Holly's offer isn't quite selfless—she's been lusting over Tara for ages, but Tara only dates women she can marry. And Holly has no interest in settling down with anyone or in any one place. A temporary arrangement is the perfect solution: Holly and Tara can enjoy a no-strings fling for the wedding and part ways after. However, between sharing kisses and hotel beds and cuddling under the mistletoe, Tara begins to dream of a life with Holly in Charleston . . . just as Holly starts wishing she could travel with Tara by her side. Soon, neither can see a future without the other, but can they find a path forward where they both can thrive?  


  • "A moving lifelong love story complete with a satisfying dose of personal growth for both protagonists. . . . Readers, like the charming supporting characters surrounding Hannah and Levi, will be rooting for this well-matched pair."
    Publishers Weekly, Starred Review, on FOR NEVER & ALWAYS
  • “Once again, Greer has written a gem of a book. FOR NEVER & ALWAYS is equal parts romantic and heartbreaking, perfectly capturing the experience of growing up and growing together, and of true love finally finding a right place and a right time. Could not be happier to be back at Carrigan’s.”
    Rachael Lippincott, #1 New York Times bestselling co-author of She Gets the Girl and Five Feet Apart
  • “FOR NEVER & ALWAYS is a story about a love that doesn't let go, doesn't ask questions and doesn't listen. Which means Helena Greer does a masterful job, penning characters you believe will do all three as they fight for themselves and the happy ending to their story they deserve.”
    Stacey Agdern, author of History of Us
  • “FOR NEVER & ALWAYS is an absolute dream of a second-chance romance! The pining and the tension leap off the page and will grab you right in the feels. Helena Greer has crafted a gorgeous sophomore novel with the most relatable characters and the most charming setting. Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down!”
    Falon Ballard, author of Just My Type
  • “FOR NEVER & ALWAYS captures the vibrancy of a 1940s black-and-white screwball film and displays it in bright, dazzling, inclusive color. Hannah and Levi’s love story is a jubilant reunion romance that deftly balances heartfelt angst and aching sweetness. A second trip to the enclave of Carrigan’s was just what my queer heart wanted!”
    Timothy Janovsky, author of Never Been Kissed
  • “Take the history and angst of both a marriage-in-trouble and second-chance romance, wrap it in the warmth and complications of found family, and you'll have just a little taste of Hannah and Levi Blue's epic love story in FOR NEVER & ALWAYS. It always feels like a special privilege to read a book like this one that clearly lives so deeply in its author's heart. Visiting Carrigan's feels like getting wrapped in a huge, queer, Jewish hug, and I cannot wait to return.”
    Anita Kelly, author of Love & Other Disasters
  • “Helena Greer’s second book FOR NEVER & ALWAYS packs a major emotional punch. It's got a love-struck, pining hero and a heroine who takes no crap but still can’t help falling hard. The book is delightfully queer and with small-town charm—and complications—aplenty, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into. Every page is a revelation of emotions and readers will find themselves completely lost in Hannah and Levi’s swoony love story.”
    Jodie Slaughter, author of Bet on It
  • “This book made me so happy. It was an absolute firehose of angst and drama, but in the sparkliest way — I love that our prickly asshole chef Levi is also pining so openly, and our clinically anxious hotel manager Hannah is a font of strength when the chips are down. I love how complicated and messy people are in this book: they make mistakes and they misinterpret and it’s all part of the roller coaster. I love the food and the side characters and the emotionally resonant haircut. Can we get a Carrigan’s book for every major holiday?”
    Olivia Waite, author of The Hellion's Waltz
  • “If you need the cozy feel of a Hallmark holiday movie in book form, visit Carrigan's! SEASON OF LOVE has all of the warm, queer, Jewish holiday vibes you could possibly want. It's a cup of cocoa with the perfect amount of marshmallows, it's a sweet kiss under the mistletoe. Helena Greer creates characters and settings that I never want to leave behind.”
    Jen DeLuca, USA Today bestselling author of Well Matched
  • “SEASON OF LOVE is a warm and witty romance with characters that leap straight off the page and a setting so cozy readers will ache to visit Carrigan's for real. Greer's writing is vibrant and she handles grief and complicated family dynamics with tenderness, treating her characters with the utmost care and affection. Readers will be absolutely smitten with Noelle and Miriam!”
    Alexandria Bellefleur, bestselling author of Count Your Lucky Stars
  • “A warm, cozy holiday romance, SEASON OF LOVE is a vibrant exploration of embracing that which is most unexpected in life . . . and in love. Best read under the glow of rainbow twinkle lights and a cup of cocoa.” 
    Ashley Herring Blake, author of Delilah Green Doesn’t Care

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Aug 27, 2024
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Helena Greer

About the Author

Helena Greer writes contemporary romance novels that answer the question, what if this beloved trope were gay? She was born in Tucson, and her heart still lives there although she no longer does. After earning a BA in writing and mythology, and a master’s in library science, she spent several years blogging about librarianship before returning to writing creatively.

Helena loves cheesy pop culture, cats without tails, and ancient Greek murderesses.

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