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By Guillaume Musso

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The new thriller from #1 international bestselling author Guillaume Musso.

PARIS, CHRISTMAS 2021. After a heart attack, Mathias Taillefer wakes up in the hospital with a stranger at his bedside. The mysterious girl reveals herself to be Louise Collange, a volunteer who has come to play the cello for patients.

When she finds out that Mathias is a cop, she asks him to look into a very special case. Her mother, a former ballerina at the Paris Opera Ballet, died last year after falling from her balcony, and Louise has a hunch she was pushed. Though hesitant at first, Mathias agrees to help her, sending them both headfirst into a deadly chain of events. And at the centre of it all, a woman named Angélique, whose angelic intentions may not be all they seem.

Feverous, surprising and uplifting, Musso's newest novel is a labyrinth of emotions where nothing is certain from one page to the next.

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Jan 7, 2025
Hachette Audio

Guillaume Musso

About the Author

Guillaume Musso is the number one bestselling author in France. He has written nineteen previous novels, including the thrillers The Stranger in the Seine; Central Park; The Reunion, which was made into an international TV series; and Afterwards..., which was made into a feature film starring John Malkovich and Evangeline Lilly. His novels have been translated into forty-seven languages and have sold eleven million copies worldwide. In 2021, he became the first French author to receive the prestigious Raymond Chandler Award for lifetime achievement in the thriller and literary noir genre. He lives in Paris.

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