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When Everything Changed

When Everything Changed

A Keepsake Journal: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present

A Keepsake Edition of the national bestseller, now with space to preserve and share personal memories of the way things were.

When Everything Changed begins in 1960, when most American women had to get their husbands’ permission to apply for a credit card. A comprehensive mix of oral history and Gail Collins’s keen research–covering politics, fashion, popular culture, economics, sex, families, and work–When Everything Changed brings vividly to life five decades of cataclysmic transformation. It is a dynamic story, told with the down-to-earth, amusing, and agenda-free tone for which its author, a widely admired New York Times columnist, is renowned.

This special Keepsake Edition of the book is both for women who want to record their own recollections of decades past and for their daughters and granddaughters who may want to interview their elders for posterity–and to see their history in a rich new way.
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Genre: His020060

On Sale: April 1st 2014

Price: $20 / $22 (CAD)

Page Count: 336

ISBN-13: 9780316369824

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


"Splendid...Collins is a masterful storyteller."—Glenn C. Altschuler,
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"Did feminism fail? Gail Collins's smart, thorough, often droll and extremely readable account of women's recent history in America not only answers this question brilliantly, but also poses new ones about the past and the present."—Amy Bloom, The New York Times Book Review
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"Riveting and remarkably thorough in its account of this tumultuous period."—Rasha Madkour, Los Angeles Times
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"Compulsively readable."—Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News
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"Gail Collins has an unflaggingly intelligent conversational style that gives this book a personal and authoritative tone all at once."—Cathleen Schine, The New York Review of Books
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"Exhilarating, accessible, and inspiring."—Katha Pollitt,
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"Gail Collins is such a delicious wrter, it's easy to forget the scope of her scholarship in this remarkable look at women's progress."—People
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