Spirit Riding Free: The Spring Filly!


By G.M. Berrow

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Join Miradero’s favorite PALs as they explore the frontier and beyond in the second installment of an adventurous original fiction chapter book series inspired by DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free.

Spring is the season of change, and things are changing in Miradero–Lucky, Pru, and Abigail will soon be heading off to Palomino Bluffs Riding Academy! Before they go, the PALs want to become Frontier Fillies Trail Trainers. But to do that, the girls need to find and train a brand-new horse–something Lucky has never done! It seems as if everything is coming together when the PALs fall in love with a mini horse named Sandy and are given the chance to train her before the Miradero Founders’ Day Parade. But training a horse turns out to be more difficult than Lucky could have imagined. Sandy likes kicking, doesn’t like being ridden, and refuses to listen to any of the PALs!

Can the PALs and their new friend Caroline find a way to reach Sandy and teach her how to be the best horse she can be before it’s too late?

DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free © 2020 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Chapter 1

Lucky Prescott snuggled in under her soft comforter. A fresh spring breeze blew in through the open bedroom window and rustled her new blue gingham curtains. The sun wasn’t even up yet, but it was already starting to get warm outside. Everyone was predicting that the next few months in Miradero were going to be warmer than usual, but Lucky didn’t mind. The weather made it feel as if it were already summer, even though it was still a few weeks away. Lucky couldn’t wait for the seasons to change. She was looking forward to spending the upcoming summer with her best friends, Pru and Abigail, riding their horses through their wondrous, well-trod trails before heading off to boarding school at Palomino Bluffs Riding Academy in the fall. They had it all planned out. The goal was to have as much fun as possible and go on even more horseback rides than last year. Plus, Lucky reasoned, what better way to beat the heat than feeling the wind in her hair when she broke into a gallop? Lucky was glad that her horse, Spirit, felt the same way.

After a quick yawn and stretch, Lucky quickly fell back into her sweet dreams of summer. She had barely begun snoring again when the clatter of something bouncing off her windowsill caused Lucky to bolt upright in bed. A small brown circle lay on her flowered rug, illuminated by the dim light of the early morning.

“What in the world could that be?” Lucky whispered to herself. She hopped out of bed and crouched down to inspect it. She picked up the circle and its crumbly edges began to break off in her hand. It was a biscuit! Not just any biscuit, either. It was one of Abigail’s homemade horse treats. Before Lucky could investigate any further, another treat came barreling through the window and hit Lucky right in the shoulder! The treat exploded into a hundred oaty bits and made quite the crumbly mess. But Lucky couldn’t help giggling as she shot over to the window and stuck out her head. “Abigail? Pru?” she whispered to her friends down below. “What are you guys doing here? It’s practically the middle of the night!”

“Lucky, did you completely forget our plan?” Pru whispered back. Lucky racked her brain. Admittedly, her mind still felt a bit foggy with sleep.

“Plan?” Lucky replied. “Were we going to have a slumber party?”

“No! We’re going on a dawn trail ride. I’ve been promising Boomerang that we’d watch the sunrise from his favorite spot for weeks!” Abigail answered, a little too loudly for the hour. “And we brought breakfast.” She patted the top of her wicker picnic basket. Lucky licked her lips, imagining what baked goodies Abigail had created this time. She knew it was still dark outside, but Lucky couldn’t help it. Whenever she woke up, she was immediately in search of a snack. It also didn’t hurt that Abigail’s knack for baking and sweets was unparalleled in Miradero.

“Oh yeah! Of course,” Lucky replied with a grin. “Just give me two seconds and I’ll see you downstairs!” Abigail and Pru gave a little cheer and clapped their hands in delight. “Shhh!” Lucky called out. She had already asked her dad and stepmother, Kate, for permission a few days ago, but she didn’t want to wake them or her new baby sister, Polly. Once that baby woke up, she was all sorts of adorable trouble.

“Okay, it’s been two seconds!” whisper-shouted Abigail in between fits of giggles. “Hurry up, Lucky!”

Lucky quickly dressed in her favorite outfit: saddle-worn jeans and a white top. But she waited to put on her shoes. She was careful to carry her cowgirl boots down the stairs, lest they clunk too loudly on the wooden steps. She grabbed her satchel and swept silently through the kitchen, tossing three crisp Rojo Delicioso apples, a block of cheddar cheese, and a canteen of water inside. Then she was out the door.

By the time Lucky, Abigail, and Pru arrived at the stables, Boomerang and Chica Linda were already making happy snorting sounds and pawing at their stall doors. Even Spirit had arrived and was pacing back and forth. Clearly, the horses were just as excited as the PALs and were gearing up to stretch their legs to ride free on the open trail.

“Don’t worry, Boomerang,” Abigail assured her pinto gelding with a loving pat. “We’ll be out there in no time! Well, maybe a little time because you’re not wearing your saddle yet. But it won’t be much time. Anyway, I’m probably wasting time right now talking about time this whole time.…” Abigail giggled and then nodded to Pru. “Let’s saddle up!” The two girls sprang into action, giving their respective horses a short brushdown and securing soft blankets at the top of the horses’ withers. Then they took the brown leather saddles off their racks and began to wrap the straps around the horses’ midsections. Spirit was actually a wild and free horse, so Lucky never used a saddle to ride him.

As Pru tightened the buckles on Chica Linda’s saddle, Lucky ran her fingers through Spirit’s silky mane. Even when he got little tangles in it, Lucky was always impressed by how soft it was. “There you go, Spirit. Ready to ride?”

All three horses whinnied and kicked in response. Luckily, the barn was far enough from the Granger house that they didn’t wake anyone. Lucky, Abigail, and Pru hopped on their horses and took off for the trails. Shivers of excitement ran down Lucky’s spine as the fresh spring air hit her face. What a thrill!

By the time the girls reached the crested ridge of Hideaway Hill—one of the PALs’ favorite secret spots—the sky was changing into a canvas of brilliant orange and three shades of pink.

“Over here!” Pru exclaimed as she lay out a blue-checked blanket. There was just enough time to set up the picnic breakfast before the sun began to peek over the horizon. Lucky was just about to bite into a warm biscuit slathered in butter when she felt a familiar muzzle and warm breath snorting in her ear. Spirit had bent down, sniffing her to signal that he was hungry, too.

“Whoops. How could I forget?” Lucky laughed. She reached inside her satchel and tossed the apples to Boomerang, Chica Linda, and Spirit. Three crunches later and the apples were completely gone. “Look, Spirit!” Lucky pointed at the painted sky. “Isn’t Miradero beautiful? I hope we get sunrises like this at Palomino Bluffs.”

“I’m sure we will, but we’ll probably be way too tired from all our new classes to wake up and see them,” Pru replied. “But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Have you seen all the new badges the Frontier Fillies have to offer?” Pru pulled a booklet from her bag and began to flip through it. “There are so many new activities to try! They even have dressage! Do you think I can earn the advanced badge?” Even though Pru was new to the sport, she’d had lots of experience training horses in the rodeo style.

“Absolutely!” Abigail chirped through a bite of cheese. “Your dressage skills have gotten better and better, Pru. Soon, you’ll be a rodeo and dressage champion. You’ll be so famous that people will want your autograph and Chica Linda’s hoof-stamp.”


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G.M. Berrow

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G. M. Berrow is a children's television screenwriter and author of numerous young adult novels and picture books, including Clueless: A Totally Classic Picture Book and Ghostbusters: The Picture Book. She lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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