Brainpower Puzzles Page-A-Day® Calendar 2025

A Year of Games to Sharpen Your Mental Fitness


By Dr. Gareth Moore

By Workman Calendars

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Power up your brain with a year of entertaining puzzles from brain-training and puzzle expert Dr. Gareth Moore to help strengthen vital cognitive functions. Enjoy logic puzzles, number and word games, visual brainteasers, and more for a daily brain boost. Improve your concentration, focus, and short-term memory with Pattern Recall. Sharpen your attention to detail, logic, and observation with the number game Futoshiki. Word games like Change a Letter exercise your executive function, language, and working memory skills. It’s a workout so fun, you won’t break a sweat—but you will keep your brain nimble!
​Printed on responsibly sourced paper and 100% recyclable.

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Aug 6, 2024
Page Count
640 pages

Dr. Gareth Moore

About the Author

Dr. Gareth Moore, "Britain's king of puzzles" (The Sun) is the author of over 250 bestselling international puzzle and brain-training titles with worldwide sales of over 5 million copies. He is a director of the UK Puzzle Association and a former board member of the World Puzzle Federation, and is the creator of Brained Up, a cutting-edge brain training site.

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Workman Calendars

About the Author

Rob Battles is Senior Vice President of Creative Services for Rainbow, a cable network company.

Harry Prichett is a former member of Chicago City Limits and the creator of the off-off-Broadway one-man show, Work=Pain=Success.

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