What the "Experts" May Not Tell You About(TM)...Buying a House or Apartment

ebook / ISBN-13: 9780446567053

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ON SALE: September 26th 2009

Genre: Nonfiction / Business & Economics / Real Estate


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Trade Paperback
In this eye-opening book from an expert in the field, take an insider look into the real estate market — and find the tools you need to make important housing decisions.

Before investing in owning a home or apartment, readers should know what their real estate agent or broker is doing. The possibility for mistakes and dishonesty will always be there, and consumers need to be fully armed to make sure their dream of owning a house or apartment doesn’t become a financial or domestic nightmare.

Readers will be much more confident about the sale knowing — for themselves — how to get the best price for property and mortgage rates, the pros and cons of hiring a broker, and how to determine if property values will rise or fall.

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