How to Think Like a CEO

How to Think Like a CEO

The 22 Vital Traits You Need to Be the Person at the Top

Drawing on in-depth interviews with hundreds of the nation’s top executives, D. A. Benton explains the 22 vital traits that make a CEO – the leader responsible for making decisions, guiding teams, selling ideas, managing crises, and conquering the mountains before them. You’ll penetrate the mystery of why some people make it to the top and some don’t, when they’re all equally good at their jobs. You’ll learn how to avoid getting fired and how to get promoted more quickly, how to enjoy the quality of life you want and deserve, and – if you decide you want to be the Big Boss – how to have the right character traits to get there. These are some of the traits that make a CEO. Are you ready to make them yours? You’re gutsy and a little wild – yet modest and in control. You’re competitive and tenacious – yet flexible and generous. You’re willing to admit mistakes – yet unapologetic. You’re secure in yourself – yet constantly improving. You’re original and straightforward – yet think before you talk. Make your ascent not only gratifying, but also exhilarating and fun. This is how chiefs run the show – and how you can act like a chief to become a chief, even sooner than you dreamed.
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