The Art of Embroidery Design

A Workshop for Developing Your Own Original Stitching

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By Christi Johnson

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An acclaimed embroidery designer and the best-selling author of Mystical Stitches, Christi Johnson teaches how to create original stitch designs and expand creativity, with sketchbook and sampler exercises and inspiring examples from a wide range of embroidery artists, both historical and contemporary.

This colorful sourcebook, packed with practical technique instructions accompanied by inspiring examples from a wide range of embroidery artists, is sure to jump-start every stitching enthusiast's creativity, and build the skills for making original designs. Written for all levels of stitchers, The Art of Embroidery Design teaches the value of establishing a creative practice, with hands-on sketching and stitching exercises to help anyone build confidence in their design skills, whether or not they can draw. Author Christi Johnson breaks the design process down into approachable steps including: developing a vision; choosing a color palette; using variations in line weight to create dimensionality; and achieving a range of textural effects. Dozens of photos of the author's own work are accompanied by historical examples from artisans in Mexico, India, Peru, China, Nigeria, and more. Profiles of some of the most inventive contemporary embroidery artists illuminate the sources of their inspiration, and round out the rich, full offerings of this complete workshop in a book. 


  • "Christi Johnson has created a book that not only gives you the foundation to start embroidering but to also look at design and patterns within cultures around us, and how to use these to make our own stories. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learning to embroider or expanding their knowledge." 
    Arounna Khounnoraj (bookhou)
  • "This beautiful book is equal parts design guide, art inspiration, and hand-stitched love poem. Christi’s enthusiasm, artistry, and heartfelt approach to embroidery are true gifts to all who stitch.” 
    Katrina Rodabaugh, author of Mending Matters and Make Thrift Mend
  • "Christi’s instructions are so clear and her writer’s "voice" is so friendly and encouraging, I felt almost as if she was by my side. When I read her explanations of line, texture, color, and composition, key design features in embroidery, a lightbulb went off—all of a sudden I felt more confident in my ability to explore my own ideas in thread."
    Melanie Falick, author of Making a Life: Working by Hand and Discovering the Life You Are Meant to Live
  • "Christi is a trustworthy guide for anyone seeking new approaches to embroidery for self-expression. You will want to keep this gem close at hand!” 
    Zak Foster, quilt-maker and host of the QUILTY NOOK
  • "Visually stunning. Clearly drawn stitch diagrams. Christi invites us into her home, her wardrobe, and her creative process in this guide that balances innovation and tradition.”
    Heidi Parkes
  • "Christi is a gentle guide on the path of producing original embroidery art; she does so with empathy and has accessible advice and suggestions for people of all skill levels to build confidence and tap into your creativity.” 
    Sara Barnes, author of Threads of Treasure

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Christi Johnson

Christi Johnson

About the Author

Christi Johnson is an embroidery and textile artist and the author of Mystical Stitches. Johnson studied Fashion Design at Otis College of Art and Design and honed her craft in the Los Angeles fashion industry for nearly a decade, designing limited-edition embroideries for boutique brands. Now residing in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, Johnson teaches workshops in natural dyeing and embroidery and develops kits and booklets for aspiring artists and DIY enthusiasts. Johnson's garments, booklets, kits, and embroidered artwork are sold in maker studios and boutiques nationwide. Find Christi Johnson online at, and tune in to her podcast, Stitch Wish, for more inspiration. 

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